Technology Management Degrees

The field of technology management deals with creating revolutionary solutions to age old problems and introducing creative and innovative solutions to various problems in virtually every field, from healthcare to entertainment to education. Technology managers are responsible for utilizing the available technology effectively in order to create new products that will best suit a customer’s needs. In addition to overseeing research & development, managers in the field of technology management are also responsible for quality assurance, marketing, resource allocation & management and a number of other administrative functions.

Technology Management Degree
Technology management degrees prepare individuals to assume key roles in the ever evolving world of information technology. In fact technology managers are a major requirement for all major organizations as the role of technology is increasing by the day in forms of businesses. To avail exciting opportunities in this field students can look for bachelors, associate or master level degrees. Certificates are a viable option for those who want to gain knowledge about a certain aspect of the field in a relatively short period of time. Some of the core areas of study in technology management are decision analysis, statistics and managing research and organizational behavior.

About the Degree
Students and professionals from almost any field, with nearly any type of undergraduate degree can enroll in a Master of Business Administration degree with a technology management specialization. Prerequisites include a four-year bachelor’s degree with relevant experience in a field of your choice. The MBA of technology management combines courses such as business law, corporate responsibility, financial management, environmental management and occupational safety with courses in entrepreneurship, product development and testing, systems engineering, technology strategy and human resource management. Together, these courses focus on giving you the ability to make a difference in the world by managing various technologies and introducing innovative approaches to social, environmental and technological issues.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How many credits are required to gain the Bachelor in Technology Management Degree?

A:The Bachelors in Technology Management degree program requires a total of about 120 credits.

Q:How long does it take to complete a technology management degree online?

A:The time taken to complete your degree program in technology management will depend on the level of degree. For bachelors, it takes about 4 years; for masters it takes 2-3 years and for doctoral level degrees time span varies from 2-5 years. These mentioned time durations are what these degree programs take generally. However, with the online degrees in technology management, you can take as much time as you require since you make your own schedule and complete your online degree program with flexibility.

Q:What specialization areas are offered by Information Technology Management schools?

A:Information Technology Management schools offer a plethora of specialization options for students to take up their desired area of focus. These include Information Technology Project Management, Information Systems and Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Information Systems, Decision Support System Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Systems Development Management, and Systems Analysis and Integration.

Q:What different types of jobs can be pursued with Online Technology Management Degrees?

A:Online Technology Management Degrees focus on providing students with knowledge of technology in business environments. Students with Online Technology Management Degrees can opt for careers such as network administrator, information technology consultant, chief technology officer, business manager, resource manager, and many more. These job positions can be pursued in many diverse business settings.

Q:My search about jobs for technology management degree mentioned an ITIL certification. What is the purpose of this?

A:ITIL certification stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This certification helps IT managers differentiate between administrative and technical tasks. This helps managers with efficiency and also assists them when delegating tasks. Although an optional certification, IT professionals with this qualification can improve their chances of getting employment with this on their resume.

Q:What are the advantages of pursuing an online bachelors information technology qualification?

A:There are a number of advantages associated with pursuing bachelors information technology. One of the biggest advantages is that students get an opportunity to study on their own without any fear of deadlines. The syllabuses for these programs are extensive with all topics comprehensively discussed. Distance learning programs are inexpensive as well with no travelling and living expenses involved. Students interested are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:What are the different areas of study usually included in a management of technology degree?

A:A management technology degree, whether at master's level or bachelor level will include the following main courses: principles of management, technology management, project management, microeconomics, business law, accounting, comprehensive project management, business competencies, and principles of marketing. Theses may vary slightly according to the level of degree program and college/university.

Q:While going through technology management courses I came across the subject of marketing strategies. Can you tell me about this subject?

A:Technology management courses can be varied and cover a range of subjects designed to equip you with the necessary skills to help manage the technical processes. Marketing strategies is an important subject that you will often come across as it deals with accounting, fundamentals of marketing, organizational behavior, business communication, statistics, managerial economics, operations management and all such areas.

Q:Can you give me information on the time technology management degrees may take to complete?

A:The duration of a degree program is dependent on the kind of degree being pursued. The BS technology management degree can take four years and an MS degree in the same field will take one year. This time span can also vary specially for online degrees where degree completion can be self paced or considerably flexible as compared to on campus studies.

Q:Do you think technology management programs can help me find entry level jobs?

A:Technology management programs can help give you the start you desire but to stay abreast with technological trends means to evolve and be updated. You need to stay in control of the technical processes and explore new horizons that may mean upgrading yourself with further courses or by practical experience.

Q:What are online technology management courses?

A:Degree courses when conducted online are called Online technology management courses. Technology management basically deals with creating innovative solutions for technology issues from almost every field of life. Technology managers come up with solutions while utilizing available resources to create new solutions for customer. They are also responsible for quality assurance, marketing, resource allocation & management and a number of other administrative functions.

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