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A certificate is an academic award given to a student when he or she completes a study program which is of a shorter duration than a diploma or a degree. A certificate of computer science can be useful for professionals who are already working and who need to update their knowledge in a particular area, or for those who wish to acquire knowledge of a particular field in order to gain an entry level position. There are a wide range of certificates available in the field of computer science, which is the study of computing systems and computation. Students acquire knowledge about algorithms, design methods, hardware and more.

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Computer Science Certifications
Computer Science Certificationsare short courses that are offered by many computer science institutes. The core purpose of certifications is to enhance ones skill set and knowledge in a chosen academic area. Certificates can help increase academic credibility and boost ones career. Students enrolled in computer science certificate programs acquire basic knowledge of computer fundamentals and operating systems. Apart from the basic courses that make up the curriculum, there are a number of concentration courses also offered. These typically include programming, systems administration, software engineering, and information technology. By the end of the program, students can design and implement various computer solutions and also reflect computer skill fluency.

Program Structure and Coursework
Depending on the particular certificate of computer science program chosen, students can learn about programming languages and principles, as well as algorithms and data structures. Computer architecture, computation and mathematics may also be part of the curriculum. A student can also learn about artificial intelligence, databases and computer graphics. Some certificate programs may teach students specifically about operating systems, multimedia and computer networks. Certificates focusing on software engineering and data communication are available as well.

How long does it take to get a computer science certification?

There are numerous options for certifications in computer science. Here is a list of some of these options:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Linux+
  • A+
  • Security+

The exam to get certified takes up to a few hours. The preparation time required prior to the exam varies from student to student.

What are the requirements to get a computer science certification?

The requirements to get certified will vary according to the certificate you intend to get. For instance, if you want a CCNA certification, you need to be at least 18 years of age to be able to sit for the exam without parental consent.

How much can I make with a computer science certification?

A computer science certification can add to your skill set and may open up new opportunities for you in your career. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology occupations had a median annual wage of $86,320 as of May 2018. This is higher than the median wage for all occupations which stood at $38,640.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the Computer Science Certificate program?

A:The Computer Science Certificate programs are usually for 1 year. You can get enrolled these programs through online or campus based format.

Q:How long are the science certificate programs?

A:Science Certificate programs are usually for 1 year.

Q:Should I go for an accredited certificate in computer science?

A:Since there are so many institutes that offer certification in computer sciences, making a choice can be a little difficult at times. You should go for an institution that is accredited by some credible authority as it will have good teaching facilities to offer. Moreover, a certification from an accredited institution will look good on your resume and will be preferred by many employers.

Q:Should I go for computer science certificate online?

A:A certification in computer science means that you will have lots of good opportunities to work in an exciting and expanding sector. An online program will allow you to study when you want to without having to bother about showing for classes. These online programs are also more economical as compared to traditional programs.

Q:Are there any advantages of an accredited computer science certificate programs online?

A:There are numerous advantages of enrolling into an accredited online program. Schools that are accredited by some credible body generally have good teaching facilities and other provisions. Due to this reason many employers prefer to hire individuals who have graduated from accredited programs. So you should definitely search for an accredited online program.

Q:What do I need for an online computer science certificate?

A:If you are planning to enroll in an online computer science certification program you need a high speed internet connection and a reasonably good computer. In addition to this computer science certification require some software as well. These are the only few requirements you need to meet for enrolling in an online certificate program.

Q:Tell me about online computer science certificate programs?

A:There are plenty of online certificate programs offered by numerous schools. Students can pick a program that suits their preference and aptitude. Some of the most popular computer science programs are: security, information systems, system software, network and distributes systems and software engineering. However there are plenty of other specializations as well that students can choose from.

Q:Should I go for a degree program or the best computer science certifications for entry level jobs in networking?

A:Both a degree program and best computer science certifications have their own specific benefits and cater to different requirements. The decision really depends on your requirements. If you are seeking a long term career in networking then a degree program is the most beneficial. But if your aim is to quickly get a job and you do not have enough time on your hands then you can opt for a certification.

Q:What specializations can I go for in computer science certification programs?

A:Computer science certifications can be pursued in a vast majority of specializations. Some of the options you can look for are: computer security, advanced topics in computer security, advanced operating systems, computer networks and distributed systems, communication networks for computers, operating systems design, advanced operating systems and design of data base management systems.

Q:Should I go for online computer science certificates or a degree?

A:There is no sure answer to this. The choice that you should make will depend on your preferences and personal circumstances. A certification is much shorter as compared to a degree program and is also more economical. A degree program will be more expensive but it will open up more lucrative career opportunities for you.

Q:Are computer science certifications categorized as short courses or diplomas?

A:Computer science certifications are categorized as short courses. Even diploma programs fall in the category of short courses. Certification programs are basically designed to certify an individual in a professional field, task, or academic field. Many employers prefer hiring individuals who have earned certificate programs along with degrees. These can be earned online as well as through campus based institutes.

Q:Tell me about the course structure in computer science certificates programs?

A:It basically depends on the type of computer program you are pursuing in school, but mostly programs focus on teaching students about the various programming languages and principles and introduce them to algorithms and data structures. In some certificate courses, computer architecture, computation and mathematics are also focused upon. Students also get to experience interaction with artificial intelligence, databases and computer graphics.

Q:Im planning to enroll in online computer certificate programs, will these help boost my career?

A:Certificate programs are career oriented programs that equip students with a in-depth knowledge about a certain field. These programs certify a student's expertise in the field. Individuals who are already working can boost their career opportunities by acquiring a certificate program. Employers give preference to applicants who have eared extra credentials along with degree qualifications.

Q:How will a computer science certificate program help me in my career?

A:Even though a degree is enough to get you started in a computer science career, acquiring extra credentials and certifications can always be helpful. Many employers in industries demand individuals with skills and immense professional knowledge. You can boost your career and job prospects by getting a certificate in this field as it will reflect your expertise and skill set.

Q:Are there any credit hour requirements for computer science certificate programs?

A:Certificate programs are short courses that one can enroll in. These programs are career oriented and focus more on a specific field. The program usually entails a number of topics or subjects that each carries a certain number of credit hours. Students must complete the total subjects in order to qualify for the program.

Q:Can you tell me about computer science certification?

A:Computer science institutes offer certifications that can give students an edge as these certifications help them to upgrade their knowledge. Certifications are generally short term programs and are much preferred in the field of computer science. The certifications can be focused on computer fundamentals, particular computer languages, programming and other areas of information system.

Q:I want to get promoted in my firm, do you thing a certification in computer science will help me?

A:A computer science certification will increase your skill set and knowledge. You can qualify for better job positions in the field and seek chances to move up the corporate ladder. Many individuals acquire certifications to boost their career as well as income level. These certifications can be earned online as well as through campus based institutes.

Q:By enrolling in an online certificate in computer technology, what will I learn about the field?

A:A certificate in computer technology will cover a series of topics that will help you understand the field and relevant areas. Subjects such as system analysis, system administration, data communications, networking, information technology innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, and web design are covered thoroughly. This program will also help you develop technical skills.

Q:Can you tell me about the admission requirements of the best software engineering schools?

A:If you plan apply for admission at the top software engineering schools, you must meet the basic admission criteria which will vary from school to school. Typically, for admission in an undergraduate software engineering degree, you must have a high school diploma whereas a bachelor degree transcript will be required for admission in graduate degrees. Apart from this, you may need to provide a few letters of recommendation, and also a personal essay.

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