Careers in Information Technology

What is Information Technology?
The field of Information Technology or IT as it is also known, deals with the design and development of information systems as well as the management of digital information. In less than 100 years, the field of information technology has progressed by leaps and bounds to become a vital part of our lives today. From the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning, to the cruise control on your car, to the computer you use to work on – nearly everything around us is a marvel of information technology. Thanks to its increasing role in everyday life and virtually every industry, thousands of new careers in Information Technology open up ever year, making this field one of the fastest growing around the world.

What kind of education do I need for a career in Information Technology?
If you are considering a career in information technology, you need to enroll in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in IT or a related concentration once you graduate from high school. If you hold a bachelor’s degree, then you should consider enrolling in a Master of IT program. Information technology majors take courses in computing, network management, telecommunications, database design and management information systems.

What are some of the jobs in Information Technology?
In the United States alone, IT is expected to grow by almost 20%, every year for the next decade.  You can obtain work as a software engineer, software developer, systems administrator, network management specialist, database administrator, web developer, network security expert or communications professional.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I was looking for information on a technician salary and came across Information technology degrees, what are they about?

A:Information Technology Management is a field that trains students how to effectively manage a company's technology assets according to its policies and priorities. These assets could range from computer hardware, data, software, online security networks, data center facilities as well as professionals maintaining these assets. This type of managing is similar to all others too since this too requires budgeting, staffing, organizing and controlling. The only difference being that all this is being done in terms of technology management, software design, network planning and tech support.

Q:Can you tell me about jobs for information technology?

A:Graduates with an Information technology degree can work in a number of related fields like computer network administrator, internet developer and software engineer. Information technology careers can be very lucrative as it is a growing field with many opportunities. BLS predicts that computer scientist positions will grow by 24 % and software engineer positions will grow by 21 % up to the year 2018.

Q:What is the outlook for information technology jobs over the coming years?

A:According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a government body, growth in the computer technology sector is likely to increase by between 17 and 30% between 2010, the last time a study was undertaken, and 2021. Therefore it appears that prospects for recruitment in the information technology industry are good.

Q:Can you name a few Information Technology Career jobs?

A:Information technology careers have become one of the most pursued job paths of today. There are many popular Information technology jobs that offer a challenging environment and a rewarding salary. A few include: lead applications developer, applications architect, messaging director, business manager, data modeler, IT auditor, and senior IT auditor.

Q:Can you tell me about information technology career paths?

A:There is an increasing role of technology in every aspect of life and businesses and other large scale organizations are no different. An information technology degree can see you working in a number of lucrative positions. Information technology job are expected to increase by approximately 32 % by the year 2018.

Q:Can you inform me about popular information technology careers?

A:With the job market as it is right now, there are only few sectors that have promising job growth prospects and information technology is one of them. The influence of technology is increasing in all businesses and this translates into more job opportunities. Some of the most popular information technology jobs are: applications developer, Applications architect, Messaging administrator, Network manager, Data modeler and Web developer.

Q:Can you give me information technology careers list?

A:There are a broad range of careers that you can pursue with an information technology degree. In fact this is one the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Some of the jobs that you can apply for: Computer Support Specialist, Systems Analyst, Computer Software Engineer, Computer Programmer and Information Systems Manager.

Q:Can you name a few computer information technology careers?

A:There are plenty of job positions you can pursue with a degree in information technology. The job will depend upon your specialization area and level of qualification. A few jobs include the following: IT security analyst, computer manager, systems administrator, systems engineer, programmer, software tester, service technician, cryptanalyst, and database manager.

Q:What kind of things do careers in information technology offer?

A:Information technology experts mainly plan, and help co-ordinate the IT strategy within a business. They will, normally, first learn what the requirement of the business are, and then develop strategy for the implementation of the same. Jobs are available in a multitude of environments, from the military to hospitals, public and private organizations. Growth is expected in this sector over the coming years.

Q:Are there any good careers with information technology?

A:There are plenty of good career options in the field of information technology. In fact it is one the sectors of the economy that is predicted to have a high rate of job growth. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment opportunities will increase at a rate of over 48 % from 2008 to 2018.

Q:As I read on the career in information technology, there was mention of the course on Business Ethics. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Business Ethics while going through the Career In Information Technology. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the ethical values and issues that are faced in a business environment. Students are also highlighted on the concepts of moral leadership.

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