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About Information Technology
Information Technology or IT is the field that deals with the design, development, implementation and management of information systems. It deals with the technologies that are used to store and transmit information. From the internet and cell phones to the climate control system in your home - IT plays an undeniable role in our daily lives, and the IT industry is one of the largest and fastest growing with career opportunities expected to increase by 18-26% over the next five years. Career choices are endless in the age of information, and there is a looming shortage of IT professionals as demand continues to exceed the supply of qualified IT experts.

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 About the Degree
Among the various Information Technology degrees is the Associate’s degree in Information Technology. This is a two-year long course that includes the very the basics and foundation of IT, Information systems and network management. The longer 4 year bachelor’s degree is more popular, and focuses on subjects such as telecommunications, e-commerce, IT security, graphic designing, animation, management information systems and web based application development. Master’s degrees in IT are offered for students who wish to specialize in a rapidly developing field such as internet marketing, IT security, game design or wireless technology. 

Career Prospects
All in all, the field of Information Technology is your key to finding a rewarding career and leading a highly successful life. Thanks to the implementation of computers in virtually everything we use or every task we perform, opportunities in this field are endless. From seven star hotels to theme parks, IT professionals play an essential role, which will keep on expanding with time.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What specialization areas are offered in Degree Completion In Information Technology programs?

A:Students enrolled in a degree completion program in information technology can opt for specialization in the following areas: computer systems, internet security, computer forensics, network administration, programming, and database management. The degree completion program in information technology will help boost ones career, as it is designed for those professionals who were unable to complete their higher education in this field.

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