Doctoral in Information Technology

What is Information Technology?
Information Technology or IT deals with the development, implementation and management of information systems in businesses, industries and various other organizations. IT deals with numerous technologies that are used to store and transmit information, share resources and provide for communication between users all over the world. It also includes the development of software and hardware for time-consuming tasks. Since its inception, the field of information technology has rapidly grown become a fundamental part of almost everything we use and see around us, from the space shuttle down to a cell phone.

What will I study in a doctorate of information technology?
If you hold a master’s degree in IT and wish to join the academic side, or simply climb up the corporate ladder, you can enroll in a doctoral program of information technology. This program is four years long, with two years reserved for academic studies and a further two years for research purposes. In order to facilitate working professionals, the program is designed in an executive fashion with classes scheduled for the evenings and also offered online. The core curriculum includes subjects such as telecommunications and computing, e-commerce, IT security, graphic design, management information systems and research techniques. The research is carried out on a pressing issue in IT, and a report of the findings or thesis is submitted to professors for review.

What are the future prospects?
The IT industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Within the United States, it is estimated to grow by 26% through 2018. A PhD in Information Technology opens up doors at numerous colleges, universities, private business corporations and government agencies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics currently puts average wages for doctors of information technology at $140,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I find online Information Technology Doctoral Programs?

A:Yes, you can find a number of institutes that offer online Information Technology Doctoral Programs. You can browse through our website to look for different schools offering doctoral programs in information technology. It is advisable that you only select accredited programs, as they provide quality education and improve your career opportunities.

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