Masters in Information Technology

A Master of Information Technology degree program prepares students to serve in the booming IT industry. The demand for individuals with expertise in Information Technology is continuously on the increase. This is why earning a Masters in Information Technology degree can lead students to rewarding careers. Students can find a number of regular as well as online degree programs to pursue education in this area of specialization.

The Scope of Master of Information Technology Degree Programs
Master of Information Technology degree programs span over 1 year to 3 years. Some of the courses covered in this training program include:

Computer networking
Website design
Multi-media Systems
Interface design
Database administration
Operating systems
Project management
Students can also choose to specialize in a certain discipline such as:
Network technology
System design
Project management

Online Master of Information Technology Programs
Other than the regular Master in Information Technology programs, students can also choose to earn this academic recognition online. Compared to the regular degree programs, the online programs are more cost effective and flexible.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Masters in Information Technology?

As Information technology continues to expand and evolve, the demand for IT professionals with both managerial and technical expertise is on the rise. If you want to pursue a career in this growing and rapidly developing field, then you can choose from a number of schools that are offering a Master’s degree in IT. Some of these schools include California State University Fullerton, University of Texas at San Antonio and University of Dallas. They are offering a 1 to 2 year long Master of Science (M.S) in Information Technology with specializations in IT Management and Data Science.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Masters in Information Technology?

Students enrolled in the Master of Science (M.S) in Information Technology have to complete around 30 to 36 program units. They have to study a range of modules including Data Analysis for Decision Making, Cyber Law, Programming Concepts, Strategy and IT Governance, IT Project Management, Process Mapping and Management, Enterprise Architecture and Future Trends in Technology. This program trains the students to take advantage of the new opportunities created by technological innovations.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Masters in Information Technology?

Upon graduation, individuals can kick-start their careers as Software Developers, Computer Systems Administrators, Information Systems Analysts and IT Managers. Software Developers earned a yearly median salary of $105,590 in 2018. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a strong employment growth of 21% in this field and has estimated that 284,100 new vacancies will be created from 2018 to 2028.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the Information Technology masters program?

A:The Information Technology masters is a 1 to 3 years long program.

Q:What courses are offered in the Master of Information Technology?

A:The Masters of Information Technology include Computer networking, Website design, Multi-media Systems, Interface design, Software, Database administration Security, Business, Operating systems and Project management.

Q:What are the job prospects and scope of MS in information technology degree?

A:The scope of MS in information technology is diverse and offers great career opportunities. Following are some of the jobs that individuals can apply for after attaining a MS degree in information technology: Data modeler, Network manager, senior IT auditor, Messaging administrator, Lead applications developer, Applications architect, Business intelligence analyst, staff consultant, and help desk manager.

Q:Is it possible to pursue the information technology masters online?

A:Distance learning programs in Information Technology are offered by numerous accredited schools, colleges and universities. Through these programs, students and working professionals can complete their education from home, work or any location of their choice. Some of the recognized universities offering these programs include: Regis University, the University of Liverpool, Grantham University, Walden University Online and Kaplan University Online.

Q:How long to be a master information technology with an online school?

A:Wondering as to how long to be a master information technology with an online institution depends on the student. Online education is specifically designed to help students set their own pace. These programs require students to be self disciplined and can help them achieve their qualification relatively quicker. The pace of the program depends on the student as there are no deadlines. Prospective students are advised to search our website for a list of accredited institutions offering this program.

Q:How will a master's degree in information technology help me?

A:Information technology is one of the fastest growing sectors that provide promising employment opportunities. Students who earn a master's degree in information technology will: (i) understand the theoretical and practical principles of information technology (ii) apply best IT practices to productivity advantages (iii) understand the basic role of software and harware lifecycles.

Q:Can you name a few important topics that I will be studying in an Online Masters in Information Technology degree program?

A:The course curriculum of an online graduate degree in information technology comprises of topics related to modern technology practices. If you enroll in a masters in IT program, you are most likely to encounter subjects such as protocols of network architecture, database concepts, computer based systems, telecommunications, electronic commerce, software design, and database management.

Q:Could you tell me a bit about master of science in information technology?

A:A Master of Information Technology degree program caters to the career demands of the IT industry, since trained and skilled professionals from this field are in high demand at the moment. Which is why earning this degree enhances the career prospects of those who are already in this field of work, greatly. Professionals interested in pursuing this degree will find that earning this degree is made even more convenient by schools offering it online.

Q:What specific materials do I need if I want to do an online Masters degree information technology?

A:A good starting point would be a reliable and working computer. Your course provider will advise you if there are any specific requirements for materials required for your program. This is normally provided before you sign up or in the very first few weeks of the program. If it is pressing, contact your preferred college and ask to speak to someone in the relevant subject department.

Q:What are the admission requirements for an information technology masters degree online?

A:If you're planning to enroll in a master's degree in information technology, make sure you fulfill the basic admission requirements for the program. These may vary from school to school, but can be generalized as: completion of high school, completion of a bachelor program in a related academic field, minimum CGPA 2.5, and a few letters of recommendation.

Q:Is an information technology masters degree taken online the same as classroom- taught program?

A:All the online programs offered above, as much as possible, offer the same content as programs traditionally taught in a classroom. However, the programs are modified to allow them to be studied online as much as possible. Furthermore, online students will still be able to speak to their program's faculty when need be.

Q:Can you tell me the general specialization areas a masters degree information technology program offers?

A:A masters degree information technology program can offer specialization in different areas as it is a broad field and different universities offer different curriculums. However, the popular specializations offered usually are in computer science, business information systems, computer networks, multimedia communications and technology, project management, database management, software engineering and telecommunications engineering.

Q:What is the average credit hour requirement for masters information technology degrees?

A:A master's degree in information technology usually comprises of approximately 50-60 credit hours. Students must complete the required credit hours in order to finish the program. There may be slight variations in credit hour requirements, depending upon the university/institute. Each course in the program holds a specific number of credit hours that only be attained after completing the course.

Q:Will a certification be of any use after completing a masters of information technology degree?

A:A master's degree in information technology is itself a advanced level degree that leads to higher level job positions. You can further add to career opportunities by acquiring certifications in this field. A certification reflects expertise and credential in a specific task or field. You can enhance your income potential and also look forward to a more advanced career.

Q:I was looking for information on MS information technology and found masters in database technology, can you tell me about that?

A:Database technology is all about the effective collection, management, storage and use of data. Since computers play a major role in our lives now, the study of this field is becoming increasingly popular. This degree program teaches students about storing sensitive information in databases in a secure manner, installation and maintenance of databases and designing appropriate security systems.

Q:What different types of financial can I receive for an online information technology masters degree?

A:If you don't have enough financial sources for pursuing a masters degree, you don't need to worry anymore. There are plenty of financial aid options now available. You can apply for loans, grants, and scholarships by simply filing out a FAFSA form and submitting it online. Financial aid is easily available to students who cannot afford the high costs of education.

Q:Why opt for online masters degree programs in information technology?

A:A Master of Information Technology degree program introduces students to the ever increasing and fast expanding world of IT. Due to this immense popularity of this field there is a huge demand for professionals who have the qualifications to work in this field. The reason why it would be best to pursue this degree online is because an online education costs less and most importantly, this is a very practical field, so working towards getting this degree while you are still working will help you grasp the academic concepts far more quickly than students on campus.

Q:What will a masters in information technology degree program teach me?

A:A master's degree in IT is an advanced level degree. It is offered by many tech institutes and is a popularly pursued academic principle. The program aims at teaching students about applying technological solutions to businesses, manage technical projects, build effective teams, create IT designs, and communicate business goals/plans effectively.

Q:What is the course structure of an Online Masters in Information Technology?

A:Master of Information Technology is the most advanced level of education in this field and prepares you for a successful and lucrative future in this field of work. This degree can be completed with in 1 to 3 years and includes courses in : Computer networking, Website design, Multi-media Systems, Interface design , Software, Database administration, Security, Business, Operating systems, and Project management. Specialization is available in area like: Network technology, System design, Project management and Leadership.

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