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MBA is one the most sought after degrees today. With a growing number of corporate businesses, careers in business management have been on the rise as well. A candidate looking into possible degrees in business sector would see an MBA as his or her best option. However, with the growing demands of the corporate sector, MBA programs all over the world have divided into further concentrated subject fields, allowing for more distinction in job applications. One of the most distinctive specializations in MBA is an MBA in information technology. With THE expanding use of IT in our corporate sectors due to globalization, this degree has innumerable advantages for business graduates. The degree is the perfect mixture of a business education at par with the rest of the MBA programs with the additional advantage of the knowledge of some of the most useful IT skills for the corporate world. There is a dire need of professionals who can combine business management skills and technological knowledge at one hub and help in this industry. Immense progress in technology has made it inevitable that a degree of this kind will be certain to give you a competitive edge over other MBA students. This degree will prepare you for the technological industry and make you skilled individuals. With organizational and analytical skills this will hone your abilities to enter the professional world.

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The time duration for the completion of the degree varies with every university. However, it usually takes from 2 to 3 years to complete. Some universities also offer only evening or weekend classes so the students can also either continue or take up a part/full time job as well. A variety of courses are offered in the degree, from e-commerce to office technology, business administration, customer services. The degree is broken down to four semesters. The core subjects revolve around the basics of business administration and technology. The fourth semester, being the toughest offers the most complex courses of both subjects.

Educational Prerequisites:
The basic requirement for enrollment is a complete bachelor's degree from a recognized university. A minimum of 2.5 GPA is required for most graduate schools around the country. Owing to the immense competition a good resume is required coupled with an experience/internship from a recognized organization. A minimum of a pass grade is required in GAT test which is basically a general aptitude test for graduates. Although admission requirements for differ for different universities. Once the degree is completed with the MBA specified thesis submitted to the university authorities the student is awarded the MBA in information technology. There are also online programs which cater specifically to this field.

Career Opportunities:
Career opportunities range from a variety of corporate sectors. Even private or government sector organization takes up students with the MBA in information technology. In fact, these graduates have a better chance of being accepted for any corporate sector post because of their experience in information technology. Corporate sector jobs have the highest paying jobs with the most chances of success owing to more promotions in this field.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What will I study in Customer Service course in MBA in Information Technology?

A:You will get to study a number of course if you opt for MBA in Information Technology. The program is usually of two to three years. Among the core courses, one is Customer Services. In this course the students are introduced with the principles of dealing with customers and carrying out customer services effectively.

Q:Tell me about the curriculum taught in Information Technology MBA Programs?

A:Students who have completed their bachelor's are the only one's allowed to enroll in an Technology Management MBA program. Students are taught the basics of both management and Information Technology (IT). Courses are divided into four semesters, in which students are gradually taken from easier issues towards more complex subject matters. The curriculum includes: Technology in the Business Environment, Corporate Finance, Management of technology, Project management, Marketing analysis, Technology and the Law, Strategic Planning and Marketing, Web technologies, Systems analysis, and Computer networks.

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