Careers in Computer Science

Pursuing a career in Computer Science can be very exciting and rewarding. There are a number of jobs that you can find once you complete a training program in this field of specialization. Computer Science is an extremely lucrative field. There is a great demand for professionals who work with computers in different capacities. This is why pursuing a career in Computer Science can be a great career move. With a degree in this discipline, you can work in:

Technology Companies
Retail Stores

Top Computer Science Jobs
After completing a training program in Computer Science, you can work as a:

  • Project Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Datacom Analyst
  • Software Tester
  • Database Administrator
  • Internet Developer
  • Help Desk Analyst

Top Computer Science Jobs and salaries

Students can pursue a number of different career paths in the computer science field. Top computer science jobs with their prospective salaries are mentioned below.

Occupation Median Annual Wages (May 2015)*
Software Developers Salary $100,690
Computer and Information Systems Managers Salary $131,600
Database Administrators Salary $81,710
Web Developers Salary $64,970
Computer Support Specialists Salary $51,470
Computer Programmers Salary $79,530

Note: *All data is taken from

Computer Science Salary
With a degree in Computer Science, you can earn $42,375 to $112,000 per year. however, the precise salary of a Computer Science professionals depends on his degree level, experience and the kind of job that he finds.  

Top Computer Science Programs
Computer Science programs that can help you to pursue the most rewarding careers in this field include trainings such as:

Bachelor’s degree programs in Computer Science
Master’s degree programs in Computer Science
Doctorate’s degree programs in Computer Science

You can choose to earn these degrees in the tradition fashion or through the online route. Some of the courses covered in these training programs are:
Computer Technology
Computer Information Science
Hardware And Software


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are careers computer science hard to come by if I did not have any formal education?

A:We think what you may asking is whether careers in computer science can be obtained by reliance on your own natural 'talent' or know. Certainly you may be able to find an employer who willing to employ you on this basis but you may find that when it comes to progression or a move into senior management may be withheld. This is because some organizations prefer senior managers to be formally educated.

Q:Are careers for computer science majors strictly limited to the technology industry?

A:These days many employers are more concerned as to whether or not you can actually do a job, rather than worrying about what your degree you have. You will have acquired many skills and learned many new things during your computer science major. You may find that these skills and your experience can be easily transferred to another industry or vocation.

Q:What are some of the careers with computer science degree?

A:There are some very lucrative job opportunities for people with computer science degrees. Some of the careers you can have are: Computer Scientist, Computer systems designer, Computer and information system management, Software Engineer, Network Administrator, Computer Programmer. You can also find work in other fields that are related to information technology.

Q:I enjoy traveling. Will a computer science career be entirely office based?

A:These days the very nature of a career involving the computer sciences means that not only can you work from just about anywhere with a PC and internet connection, many jobs are available at both in the US and abroad. Your skills will be easily portable and many emerging markets/ developing countries have a need for such specialists.

Q: Do computer science career paths allow someone to specialize later on?

A:A program in computer sciences will provide you with an excellent foundation on which to build a career in the IT industry. It will equip you with the skills that you need to understand most principles and then you should be able to specialize in one, or more, particular field(s) if you so wish.

Q:Are computer science careers about using different software like Excel and Photoshop?

A:Computer science careers are not about using software such as Excel or word or Photoshop. It is not about writing website content or developing expertise in computer games. Although people of this profession will need a working understanding of basic software, their main job is to design and program software like the one mentioned above.

Q:Can you tell me about computer science jobs?

A:There are many students who have a perception that computer science jobs are somehow only relate to programming. It is true that many graduates initially work as programmers but eventually they many of them move on to other things like design, coordination, planning, testing and management. Students with an advance degree can work in more senior positions.

Q:What are some of the jobs for computer science?

A:Computer science careers present excellent growth opportunities for individuals. Some of the most popular career choices are: actuary, software architect, information technology consultant, project manager, database administrator, information technology manager, systems engineer, software development engineer, system analyst and business analyst. These jobs will provide you with a chance to work in a growing sector of the economy.

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