Video Game Programming

Game programming is a complicated process through which professional software developers create games for personal computers and multimedia gaming consoles. Over the years, companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and several other corporations specializing in consumer gaming products have been employing highly skilled and knowledgeable gaming software developers and managers to implement innovative market strategies. Computer game programming and development process is usually divided into several parts. The initial, and the most important part of computer game programming is the game design process.

Game Development Degree
Game development degrees are an excellent option for students who have a passion for games and programming. These degree programs will prepare students to work in public and private video game and simulation software. Some of the core areas of study include mastering the coding language, learning the software methods employed in development of games, visual design principles, crime scene reconstruction and corporate training software. The gaming industry is making billions of dollars and these degree programs provide an excellent opportunity to work in such a lucrative field. There are a wide range of degree specializations to choose from and students can also look at online degrees. In fact many students prefer an online education as it allows them more flexibility in terms of timings and expenses. In addition to this, students who cannot enroll in a degree program due to any reason can look for a certification that is tailored according to their needs.

Degrees Offered in Game Programming and Management
Game programming and management is a vast subject made popular among the masses by the computer revolution of the nineties. Nowadays, degrees in game programming and management are becoming increasingly popular with the young generation, who are willing to make game programming their career of choice. In recent years, a large number of universities have started offering specialized undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level degree programs in game programming and other related fields. Degrees in game programming range from entry-level diploma or associate’s degree programs to professional qualifications such as bachelor’s or masters in the subject. Some of the most commonly offered game programming courses in U.S. educational institutions include associate’s and bachelor’s in game development, design and programming.

Specializations Offered
Students wishing to obtain an accredited game programming educational qualification from a U.S. university or college are allowed to specialize in their chosen streams within the bounds of the subject. Some of the most commonly offered specialization streams in game programming and management degrees include training in areas such as game design, prototyping, production, programming, testing, graphics, and maintenance. Game design and programming are two of the most highly challenging and specialized areas within game programming and management, usually taken upon by the most brightest and confident gaming experts in the field.

Career Opportunities
Students graduating with game programming educational qualifications from accredited online distance-learning institutes in the U.S. enjoy exceptional job opportunities after graduation. Game programming careers in the U.S. are considered to be highly lucrative, and provide ample opportunities for young budding software programmers to put their knowledge to good use. At the moment, the global computer and console gaming sector generates over eleven billion dollars annually, and these revenues are expected to grow even further in the coming years. However, this rapid expansion in the worldwide gaming market has made it even harder for young graduates to break into this multi-billion dollar industry.

Expected Salaries
According the statistics provided by the United States Department of Labor, the average expected salary of a gaming programmer in the U.S. job market ranges between seventy and eighty thousand dollars annually. However, individuals with advanced degrees and several years of prior experience in the field can expect to earn six figure salaries, while working for major game developing firms in the capacity of lead designer or creative director.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Why is video game programming so popular?

A:Video game programming is becoming a popular career due to the increase in our culture of smart phones and screen gaming. Also software programmers had an annual median pay of $93,350 in 2012 and the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 25% which is must faster than average.

Q:As I was reading about America games programming university, I came across online game programming degrees. Can you tell me why online degrees are so popular?

A:Online game programming degrees are being popularly pursued by many individuals. This is because online education offers more convenience and has proved to be very cost effective. Students are able to study at any time of the day from the comfort of their homes, without worrying about attending classes. On the other hand, flexibility of course structure and timings make this mode of education more beneficial.

Q:What can I expect to study for a game development degree?

A:Gaming industry has emerged as a major filed and has paved the way for many. A game development degree focuses on all the processes involved in the making of a game. Many schools offer these degrees that deal with game programming, game design, story, and the architecture and navigation of a game. There are many areas of game development and the curriculum depends on the level of the degree.

Q:Will a bachelors degree help me in becoming a game programmer?

A:Yes a bachelor's degree in game development will allow you to work in this lucrative sector. You can choose from a broad range of specializations. In addition to this if you want faster career growth you should look an advanced degree in game development. An advanced degree like a master's will allow you to work in a senior position.

Q:Can you tell me what do video game programmers do?

A:The answer to what do video game programmers do is a simple, one but the job is not as simple and fun as it seems to be. A video game developer is a software engineer who must know computer languages and the development platforms used for game development. In addition to this, he or she should be familiar with the interactive design and animation concepts.

Q:What level of degree of program should I earn to fulfill video game programmer requirements?

A:If you wish to become a video game programmer, you have to acquire certain qualifications in this academic field. Only with the right programs will you be able to begin a great career as a video game programmer. A bachelors degree in video game programming and a masters degree in video game programming are the appropriate degrees you should aim at earning.

Q:Why is an online game development degree the best way of getting into software?

A:A game development degree would equip you with the basic skills and foundation on which you can build your gaming career. Many of the subjects offered will be extremely relevant. Therefore, employers in the gaming software sector would consider you before other candidates- your skill base, from these programs, will make you a much more desirable employee.

Q:I am trying to decide from the online game programming courses which would be the best course of me. What should I be looking for?

A:Different students have different needs and their own criteria often determines what their choice of program. For some students, they prefer to attend a college nearby in case they need support or use of additional facilities. For other students, it is the financial considerations that are most important- will they get funding/financial aid/ grant etc. Some students look to the course content.

Q:I want to study an online game programming degree. Do I need any particular equipment/software?

A:As soon as you have been accepted for your online game program, the relevant college will send to you the required materials. This will include details of any equipment that you may require for each subject in your program. For now, other than a personal computer, you are unlikely to need anything else.

Q:What is studied under game programming programs?

A:There are a lot of courses available making it easier to pick the right game programming programs that best suits your aptitude. The wide varieties of programs offer specializations in casual or mobile games, and courses offering technical training, programming language courses and essential programming skills. Mostly the technical courses include computer science topics, data structures and training regarding different software's used for gaming programming.

Q:Can you tell me how to become a game developer, and what are the basic skills required to make it in this field?

A:There are no specific guidelines on how to become a game developer. All that is required is an understanding of games and the mechanics through accredited game designing degree programs. To focus on the design aspect a creative approach is needed, but for technical programming expertise in coding languages and software engineering skills is required.

Q:Is it possible to undertake game development classes on the above programs?

A:Most of the colleges offering gaming software programs offer the opportunity to study game development as it is one of the core subjects. Some colleges offer it as a separate subject whilst some incorporate game development classes into other subjects. Please visit the website of your college of choice to see if these classes form a separate subject.

Q:Can game development courses be undertaken by complete beginners?

A:With the above range of programs, most students will find a program available, whatever their background. However, for most programs, you will need some basic knowledge before attempting a program in video programming. If you are a complete novice with computers, it may be useful to undertake a basic course first.

Q:Are online game development programs better than traditionally taught programs?

A:Online programs have been designed to reflect the content of traditionally taught programs, so most people will probably not be able to tell the difference between them. Online programs offer you the opportunity to study within the convenience of your own home at a pace suited to you. Online programs are also more cost effective as you will save on travelling expenses.

Q:Can anyone undertake game programming classes?

A:Most students could attempt the game programming classes. However, it would be useful to have a basic knowledge of how computers work. For this reason, it may be useful to only attempt the programming course once you have completed a basic, foundation course; as some of the items taught assume that there is some knowledge, albeit very basic.

Q:Are game programming courses useful to mainstream software programmers?

A:The gaming industry is certainly going through rapid growth, especially if you consider that this sector of the IT industry is forecasted to go through approximately 30% growth by 2021. While you may not be particularly interested in gaming right now, it could be something of interest to you in the future.

Q:If I enroll in an online Programming Degree, what subjects will I encounter in the first year of the program?

A:After enrolling in a Programming Degree, you will be required to study a number of introductory courses. These will equip you with the basic concepts and fundamental principles in the area of game programming. Some topics include calculus and trigonometry, design fundamentals, game production, data structures, ethics and psychology, windows tools programming, and English composition.

Q:Is there any courses of artificial intelligence included in the curriculum of Video Game Programmer Degrees?

A:Yes, there is a courses of artificial intelligence included in the curriculum of game programming degree programs. The subject sheds light on latest artificial intelligence methods that are used in game simulation and design. It covers areas such as autonomous movements, path finding genre considerations, decision making, dynamic programming and game physics.

Q:Can you name some Video Game Programming Scholarships that I can apply for college level studies?

A:There are many private and public organizations that provide eligible students wit h Video Game Programming Scholarships. The eligibility criteria varies with each scholarship. Some popular video game scholarships are mentioned here: DID Pen scholarships, Mark Beaumont scholarship, Randy Pausch scholarship, ESA foundation scholarship, and the penny arcade game scholarship.

Q:What are the contents of the easy programming degree course on Business Communications?

A:The Easy Programming Degree course on Business Communications is one of the initial level courses. It is usually worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the basic principles of the communication that is specifically needed in a business industry. Students are also provided with ample hands on experience for better learning.

Q:As I was reading about Game Programming online degrees, I got to know about Drawing for Design course. can you tell me more about it?

A:There are a number of institutes out there offering Game Programming online degrees. You can either opt for a degree program or a certification. In Drawing for Design course, which is an essential part of any game designing program, the students are introduced with the basic tools used in designing and producing games.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Local Area Networks in the Master programs in Game Programming?

A:The Master programs in Game Programming have dedicated courses on Local Area Network. This course is worth 3 credits in total. It is designed to provide the students with ample understanding of the founding concepts of wireless networking, cabling and creating network architecture of operations. Hands on experience is also provided.

Q:What are the game programing online careers?

A:Careers for degree in game programming online or campus based are the same. Degree holders can work as programming engineers, video game designers, animation, graphics manager, maintenance expert, and various others. Job positions being offered to individual candidates will depend on their level of education, level of experience, area of expertise, and the type of organization.

Q:Can you please tell me what are the contents of discussion in the Achieving Academic Excellence course of the online video game programming certificate?

A:Like most of the programs, the online Video Game Programming Certificate programs do have a dedicated course on Achieving Academic Excellence. This course focuses on making you understand the various skills needed to maximize your learning potential, as well as sharpen these skills. The course aims to strengthen up the potential for expedient learning.

Q:Do I need any scholarships into the best game programming universities?

A:Not necessarily. You do not need to have a scholarship to get admitted to some of the best Game Programming universities of the nation. What you need is academic qualification and leadership qualities to get admitted into the best Game Programming Schools in the United States. Scholarships can be pursued if you think you are in the financial need or show outstanding academic performance to qualify for the merit based scholarship.

Q:What is the key aspect of the universities with Game Management programs?

A:The universities with Game Management programs train students on how to make interactive games and multimedia experience. However, since there is the word "Management" involved, these qualifications tend to focus more on the business side of the field. Courses include studying the evolving trends, technologies of the future and what may or may not appeal to the consumer (according to market saturation). There is also heavy focus on the marketing aspects as to how to launch a video game.

Q:Mention a few video game programmer scholarships that students can apply for?

A:The video game industry is continuously on the rise, attracting the attention of more and more students. However, students who do not have the financial means to pursue video game programming studies can apply for scholarships such as: ESA Foundation and Video Game Scholarship, Randy Pausch Scholarship, The Penny Arcade Video Game Scholarship, Mark Beaumont Scholarship, and the Digipen IOT Scholarship.

Q:What are the best MBA degree for Game Programmer programs accredited by?

A:In the United States the best MBA degree for game programmer are accredited by the AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It is globally recognized and offers the degree ample alleviation.

Q:What is the difference in the MS-IT program and Game Programming degree programs like MS-GDD?

A:The MS-IT is a Master of Science program deals with a wide array of Information Technology courses. On the other hand the MS-GDD course specifically features courses that are aimed at game development and designing.

Q:What is game programming?

A:Game Programming is the sub-field of game development. It can be regarded as the programming of the computer systems, gaming consoles as well as arcade games for the purpose of leisure.

Q:Do international students have to pass the English Language test even for the Game Programming Graduate degree programs?

A:It is mandatory for all international students to pass the English Language tests like TOEFL before applying for the Game Programming Graduate Degree program. There are no exceptions whatsoever.

Q:What is the scope of Game Programming in America?

A:With the rising trend towards sophisticated gaming technologies, the career prospects and opportunities for game programmers and managers are likely to observe a rapid increase. Students with accredited universities can be sure of finding jobs in renowned game developing companies, and software houses as game testers, developers, sound developers, and market analysts.

Q:What is the advantage of studying the game management degree online?

A:The online Game Programming and Management degrees allow students a great deal of flexibility. They allow students to make their own schedules and take classes whenever they want. Students can complete the program at their own pace. Alongside flexibility, online game programming and management degree also allows you to work and continue with studies. It save commuting time and costs, and is also considered comparatively cheaper mode of education.

Q:Which are the best schools for game programming online?

A:Our website offers some of the best game programming schools offering their degrees online. These include Full Sail University, Walden University, Westwood College, DeVry University, International Academy of Design and Technology, American InterContinental University, and Strayer University.

Q:Name some popular game programming universities and schools situated in the state of New York?

A:Game programming universities and schools offer students degree programs that will excel their career in the field of gaming. Students in New York can join the following game programming universities to earn a degree in this field: School of Visual Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology, Wood Tobe Coburn School, The New School, Rochester Institute of Technology, Long Island University, and Poly Technic Institute of New York University.

Q:What areas do students study in an associate level computer gaming course?

A:The associates degree program in computer gaming is a two year program that is considered as a foundation course in the field. Students become familiar with the basics of game programming and study a variety of topics such as: java programming, level design, general programming, visual and sound design, software engineering for games, database scripting, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Q:What are the required games programmer qualifications to get a decent job?

A:Game Programming and Management are sought after degrees. To be able to score a decent job in the market place, you need to attain formal education like the bachelor of game programming and management followed by a master's degree in the discipline. The master’s degree places you well in the market with highly paid job opportunities.

Q:Can you name a few game design and development colleges?

A:There is a comprehensive list of game design and development colleges at our website. These offer diplomas, associate, bachelor and masters level degrees. Full Sail University, Westwood College, DeVry University, Walden University, Strayer University, American InterContinental University, and the International Academy of Design and Technology are some of the institutes offering the Game Design and Development programs.

Q:What is the duration of the Masters in Game Production and Management degrees?

A:The Master's degree in Game Programming and Management is a two year degree program. The duration for graduate level programs depends on the type of the graduate program opted for, such as the Executive Masters in Game Programming and Management takes more than 3 years for completion, the accelerated Masters takes about 18 months and the online degrees are self paced, hence no time restriction is applied on the online degrees.

Q:What kinds of jobs can individuals apply for with a game programming university degree at bachelor’s level?

A:Individuals with a game programming university degree at bachelor’s level can opt for a number of game programming jobs in the industry. Some of the different types of jobs available in this field are: game programmer, audio programmer, engineer, graphics programmer, network programmer, technical analyst, game quality manager, and video game marketer.

Q:What is the admission criteria for joining a university with game programming degree programs?

A:Students who wish to join a university with game programming degree programs must fulfill the following general admission requirements, which include: completing a high school diploma, CGPA of 3.0 minimum, minimum ACT math score of 24, minimum ACT composite course of 23, and they must submit a portfolio when applying.

Q:Are the Game Programmer Management programs offered with scholarships?

A:The Game Programmer Management degrees are available at universities with financial aid, such as scholarships and grants. Some multimedia corporations also offer financial grants and opportunities for apprenticeship.

Q:Which degrees are available in game programming in United States?

A:There are various game programming degrees available in the United States of America. The few popular ones include Bachelors in Game Programming, Bachelors in Game Development, Master of Sciences in Game Programming, Masters in Animation and Graphic Game Programming and many others.

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