Careers in Technology Management

Pursuing a career in Technology Management can be very rewarding. The thriving world of technology is full of job opportunities for individuals with degrees in this field. You can find lucrative jobs in various sectors once you earn a degree in Technology Management. A career in Technology Management can help you to find great jobs in for-profit as well as non-profit sectors where you can earn up to $112,250 annually.

Why Pursue a Career in Technology Management?
Getting into Technology Management programs can lead you to great careers. Since businesses are highly reliant on technology for their success, having a degree in this discipline allows you to look after their technology concerns and ensure their success. This is why you can pursue a lucrative career in Technology Management once you earn a degree in this discipline.

Technology Management Programs
There are a number of programs from which you can choose from to establish a career in Technology Management. These include:

Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management
Master’s degree in Technology Management
PhD in Technology Management
Some of the courses that you will cover in these training programs are:

Emerging technologies 
Corporate finance
Management of technology
Managerial economics
Marketing strategies
Operations management
Organizational behavior and design

Online Technology Management Programs
You get earn a degree in this discipline over the internet as well. Compared to the regular programs, online courses allow you to pursue a career in Technology Management in a more comfortable and flexible manner.

How long does it get a technology management degree?

A technology management degree would help you develop the skills required to assume leadership positions in the IT industry. If you want to work in this field, a good place to start would be a 2-year long associate’s degree in information management systems. However, most entry level positions in this field would require at least a 4-year long bachelor’s degree.

What are the requirements to get a technology management degree?

Most technology management degrees would require you to have at least a high school diploma or a GED. Some programs might allow students to take some or all courses online. The program itself would focus mainly on computer based skills with additional coursework on management skills, business administration, marketing and information management.

How much can I make with a technology management degree?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer and Information Systems Managers made an annual median income of $142,530 in 2018. The entry level occupation for this category is a bachelor’s degree and you will need 5 or more years of related work experience.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few Bachelor of Science in Technical Management jobs?

A:There are numerous jobs that you can pursue upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Technical Management. A few of these could be Management Engineer, Case Management Coordinator, Technical Project Manager, Technical Project Engineer, Technical Delivery Manager, Network Technical Manager and Manager Technical Support System.

Q:Which are the highest paying Bachelors in Technology Management jobs?

A:The Bachelor in Technology Management degree holders have a wide variety of career options. They can choose to take up jobs in the field of technology as well as management. Hence, their job descriptions include working as operations manager, information technology manager, quality assurance personnel, e-commerce coordinator, managerial strategist, and/or the technology developer.

Q:Name a few popular entry level jobs and careers in technical management?

A:Entry level jobs and careers in technology management can be pursued with a minimum bachelor degree in technology management. The potential career paths that students can choose from are education and training, network technology, internet services, systems development, and consulting. Popular jobs in this field include network manager positions, IT specialist, systems development manager, and many more.

Q:Name a few Bachelors in Business Technology Management jobs that students can pursue with this degree?

A:Students with a bachelor degree in technology management can pursue entry level jobs in the technology industry. Job positions include customer support specialist, help desk representatives, database development manager, website development manager, supervisor, web programmer, technology officer, and project manager. The salary of the above mentioned jobs may vary from business to business and will depend on previous work experience.

Q:Can you tell me about a few high paying jobs in technology management?

A:There are plenty of jobs that one can pursue with a degree in technology management and information technology. This sector is one of the fastest growing occupations. Business continuity analysis, computer and information scientists, systems software engineers, data modeler, network security administrator, computer systems analysts, and systems administrator are a few high paying jobs in this field.

Q:If I take up a technology management career what would be the general working hours?

A:The general working hours depend on the nature of your job and that is dependent on the position you hold along with other factors. Normally, 40 hours per week is expected from an office employee. As you are seeking a technology management career, the nature of your job may require more responsibility because it encompasses managerial work that includes taking care of the technical processes, meeting deadlines and hence it may lead to added hours.

Q:Is it true that in technology management careers, if you are looking for senior positions, experience matters more than having a post graduate degree?

A:Mostly for senior positions, experience always counts in all professions. An organization will definitely be more comfortable to given upper level position to individuals who have practical experience and have proven their capabilities. To make technology management careers grow experience counts but a masters degree has its own importance because not having it may limit your growth.

Q:Can I go for technology management jobs having no degree?

A:Nothing can stop you from trying your luck but your chances for technology management jobs can get better if you put in an extra effort. Having no degree means proving your capabilities in the practical field so it would require an in depth knowledge of the technical processes. Get to know about technology, web, coding and how it all works. Familiarize yourself with languages like HTML that can help you understand behind the screen logic.

Q:To qualify for careers in technology management, what level of degree should I earn?

A:Technology management degrees are available at all levels of higher education. With a bachelor level degree, you can look forward to entry level managerial jobs positions. With a master's degree, you can qualify for more executive level job positions in a technology firm. Your specialization area and work experience will play a great role in determining your income level and job positions.

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