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Corporate Finance Course

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is a field which describes techniques, decisions, and activities that deal with many aspects of a company’s or organization’s finances. Broadly speaking, everything that a business does falls under the ambit of corporate finance.

Corporate Finance Course

A corporate finance course can be pursued at any level of higher education. Corporate finance courses cover various aspects of finance including methods and techniques used in professional spheres. From beginner level courses to training programs that target managers of corporations and industries, all sorts of corporate finance courses are available on campus and online.

Where to enroll in a corporate finance course?

Almost all community colleges across the US offer a variety of corporate finance courses. Four year college programs and universities also offer different types of corporate finance courses to students. Students who are interested in enrolling in any of the corporate finance courses in a community college or university should research the corporate finance course details before applying. Certain colleges and universities will not allow you to enroll in a particular corporate finance course without meeting the prerequisites. Business and law schools also offer corporate finance courses.

How much does a corporate finance course cost?

It varies. A corporate finance course from any regional community college or vocational institute will be relatively cheaper as compared to a course that is offered by business and law schools. Another factor that comes into play while calculating the cost of a corporate finance course is the objective and curriculum associated with that particular program. For example a corporate finance course that targets beginners will be cheaper as compared to a corporate finance course that targets top-tier management. Also the duration of the corporate finance course will play a part in calculating the cost.

What does a corporate finance course teach?

If the corporate finance course targets beginners then its objective would be to teach them the fundamentals associated with corporate finance. Whereas, courses that target mid-tier management would focus more on the financial principles and advanced tools and models that are in place. Advanced corporate finance courses would require students to understand the basics of finance and easily calculate different equations and algorithms.

Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance

The principle course in this degree program may be titled as “Corporate Finance”. The course may be open to those corporate finance majors only that have successfully cleared Principles of Finance.

Corporate finance may be taught as a 3-credit hour course concentrating on the analysis of capital investments in the context of rates of return, risks and goals and other quality/operational measures. The course may further review a study of debt financing and equity, dividend policy and multinational operations.

Master of Science in Finance – Corporate Finance

The degree may offer the following corporate finance courses:

  • Short-Term Financial Management– The course may be offered only to those students who have successfully cleared Financial Management. The course covers traditional working capital topics like receivables and payables management, inventory, liquidity analysis and management. It may further focus on banking relationships, payment systems and core cash management, short-term borrowing and risk management, and cash forecasting.
  • Creating Value: Merger/Acquisition- This course may be offered only to those students who understand Financial Management and Capital Budgeting & Financing. The course covers applied managerial decision making, advanced techniques in capital budgeting, quantitative risk assessment, firm (division) cost of capital, capital structure, and firm (division) valuation. The course is designed for those students seeking a thorough understanding of the economic analysis of mergers and acquisitions and the effect capital structure decisions have on a company’s value.
  • Long-Term Financing & Capital Structure Theory -   The course may be offered only to those students that have successfully cleared Financial Management. This course teaches students how to make value-maximizing capital structure and financing decisions as a manager. The topics covered in the course may include theories of capital structure decision, the financing of mergers and acquisitions, sources of financing and financial markets, capital structure and cost of capital corporate strategy, and capital structure determinants.

Corporate finance courses are also offered by many law schools. The objective is to familiarize them with the principles of corporate finance. With stricter business regulations, the distinction between investment bankers and lawyers has blurred, if not diminished altogether. Today, corporate lawyers and investment bankers work together when negotiating a merger agreement, preparing for an appraisal hearing, taking a firm private via an LBO or public via IPO, etc. The course may be ideal for those interested in corporate law practice as well as those interested in family law, real estate or tax planning.

Topics covered in the course may include behavioral finance, the workings and efficiency of capital markets, the relation between risk and return, and the time value of money, etc.

What are the benefits of enrolling in a corporate finance course?

There are numerous benefits of enrolling in a corporate finance course. The main benefit however remains that the students appreciate the importance of corporate finance in today’s business. Secondly, corporate finance courses help lawyers under the world of business better.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is taught in the beginners corporate finance course titled "Investments"?

A:The Investments course in Corporate Finance degree program provides you with the in depth level coverage of the alternative means of investments, tradeoffs of risk and return, portfolio selection and theory, common stock valuation, common stock analysis, asset pricing models, technical analysis, portfolio management and also the evaluation process of the investment performance. Investments is one of the major area of Corporate Finance studies.

Q:What are the various types of corporate finance courses that I can pursue?

A:There are various corporate finance courses that can be pursued online or on the traditional campus-based institutes. These corporate finance courses can be pursued at various educational levels. Several areas of specialization that you can choose from while pursuing these courses are Financial Planning, Planning Specialist, Financial Forensics, Finance Administration, Financial Analysis, Financial Services, Banking and Insurance Services, and Portfolio Management.

Q:What are the various corporate courses in the MBA programs?

A:There are various corporate courses that are part of the MBA degree programs in the United States. These courses are designed to bring about the better knowledge of students in the corporate sector, so that they can serve a company in strategic manner. Some of the most common courses of Corporate Business in America are Strategic Management, Brand Management, Project Management, International Marketing and Corporate Law and Ethics.

Q:Would I need a online teacher for corporate finance if I couldn't find any schools in my area?

A:Yes. Opting for an online education is a smart decision if you can't find any schools in your area. Online education is designed for student's convenience. Students study from a comprehensive curriculum at their own convenience without rushing through the course to meet deadlines. It is relatively cheaper as students save money on travel and accommodation. Prospective students are requested to search our website for a list of institutions offering this course.

Q:What is the course structure in a corporate finance course?

A:In a corporate finance degree program students initially concentrate on learning about the basics of corporate finance. Further into the program, students get introduced to the more advanced understanding of financial principles, tools and models in this field. Advanced studies in corporate finance focuses on teaching students about the basics of finance, calculating different equations and algorithms.

Q:What will I study in a corporate finance course online?

A:A corporate finance course takes into account the practical applications of finance theories, and how they are being used in businesses today. The program will help you understand the importance of business finance and will shed light upon areas such as the following: financial analysis, budgeting, capital budgeting, money principles, financial management, and accounting principles.

Q:My search on online Corporate Finance courses mentioned one in Funding, Risk and Restructuring. Can you explain what is covered under this course?

A:This course will impart tools needed for effective financial risk management of businesses and companies. Some of the key topics covered are financial decision making in long and short term, fund raising, capital structure, and risk management structure designs and strategies. In addition to this students will be analyzing the roles and impacts of mergers and acquisitions.

Q:Can you give me some information about a corporate finance course?

A:A course in corporate finance is designed to teach students about the finance functions of corporations and organizations. Students learn about corporate finance issues and investment techniques used in todays highly fluctuating finance market. Apart from this, the course also develops decision making skills, analysis skills, and critical evaluation skills.

Q:Can an online corporate finance course cost less?

A:You can find number of corporate finance courses online. Taking them online is easier as you can easily choose the one you want, plus it is more convenient to pursue online studies. The major advantage is that it also costs less, as the study material is shared online. Overall it becomes a lot cheaper than traditional class based courses.

Q:How can I attend an online corporate finance course?

A:If you enroll in an online corporate finance courses, you can study at your own pace conveniently. All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. The coursework is completed entirely online through video lectures, online classroom conferencing, video tutorials, online note, and multimedia presentations. This mode of education is more flexible as compared to campus based programs.

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