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Six Sigma Program

Six Sigma is a renowned management strategy that was established in the 1980s for businessmen, managers, consultants, and executives. It focuses on improving the operational performance of a firm with the help of statistical and mathematical analysis. Six Sigma uses various sorts of information to reduce costs and improve production. It is also useful for minimizing the chances of failure related to work. Various companies use Six Sigma to make their business plans.

Six Sigma Certification
You can become a Six Sigma professional by pursuing a certification program. There are a number of certification programs in Six Sigma for various types of businesses. These trainings are based on skill level and experience of individuals seeking to earn these qualifications. The popular certification programs include:

Six Sigma green belt certification
These training programs are offered through on-campus programs as well as online schools and colleges.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
Students can go for a green belt certification and learn the basics of Six Sigma. This training covers a number of methodologies named as DMAIC that is:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

The green belt certification focuses on problem-solving techniques using statistical data to establish the factors that ensure quality. Some of the subjects covered in this program include:

  • Project┬ámanagement
  • Statistical analysis
  • Measurement techniques
  • Team building
  • Data collection

Most of these programs are designed for professionals who are engaged in part time or full time jobs. Individuals who have computer skills and understanding for mathematics and statistics can apply in these programs.

Six Sigma is a management strategy which is intended to improve the operational performance of a firm.
six sigma online programs

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
Individuals who earn the green belt certificates can enroll in Six Sigma black belt certification training programs, although having a former is not a requirement for applying for the latter. It is a more advanced certification and enables students to learn and incorporate various business management skills. It allows students to have a deeper understanding of principles of quality improvement. Earning this certificate allows students to improve their prospects of moving to leadership positions. Students do not need to have a green belt certification to enroll in black belt certification programs.

Popular Careers
The jobs for Six Sigma professionals steadily increasing. These professionals are required with various companies at different levels. There is a demand of fresh six sigma professionals as well as experienced ones. The demand for black belts is more than the holders of green belt six sigma certified professionals. Once an individual earns a certificate in Six Sigma, he or she can become eligible for applying for jobs such as:

  • Mechanical design engineer
  • Industrial engineer
  • Manufacturing process engineer
  • Consultants
  • Project manger

Salaries for Six Sigma Professionals
Six Sigma professionals can work as statisticians in various capacities, which according to the O*NET have a a median salary of $75,560 as of 2012. However, the precise salary of will depend on their certification level and experience.

How long does it take to get a Six Sigma Program?

The Six Sigma white belt is the lowest accreditation you can get while the six sigma black belt is the highest. The six sigma green belt is the intermediate level. There is a time disparity in the duration within which you can get each level. The six sigma green belt can be acquired within 8 weeks whereas the black belt is usually achieved after 16 weeks. The program duration will vary between schools.

What are the requirements to get a Six Sigma Program Accreditation?

There are no formal requirements to get enrolled in a Six Sigma Program. However, candidates should have a strong grip over both English and mathematics. While going through the online course, applicants must have access to a scientific calculator. In addition to this, an understanding of basic algebra, logs, graphical equations, interpolation, proportions, percentages and area under the graph is necessary before getting a black belt in the Six Sigma Program.

How much can I make with a Six Sigma Program?

The Six Sigma Program is considered an advanced accreditation for those in the business sector. The exams are considered difficult and achieving a belt within this program leads to higher wages in your profession. The Six Sigma Program is generally taken by those in business management roles. The median annual wage in management roles in May 2018 was $104,240. According to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics, this is a higher wage than all other major occupational groups.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which are the popular Six Sigma jobs?

A:Mechanical design engineering, Industrial engineering, Manufacturing process engineering, consultation and project management are a few popular jobs after completion of a six sigma degree.

Q:Which certifications are offered in the six sigma degrees?

A:Six Sigma Degrees offer green belt and black belt certifications. Black belt certification can only be pursed upon completion of the green belt certification.

Q:Which courses are offered in six sigma degrees?

A:The courses taught in six sigma programs comprise of statistical analysis, team building, data collection,research methods and project management. Students have the option of pursuing these courses through campus based or online schools.

Q:Briefly explain the six sigma and mention a few online schools offering degree in six sigma?

A:The six sigma is a business methodology designed by Motorola. The methodology improves business functions and processes which eliminate and reduce defects, leading to perfect products for the end consumer. It is similar to the concept of total quality management. Universities are now offering full fledge degree programs in this area such as certificates in six sigma, bachelor and master degree programs n six sigma. A few popular online universities offering degrees ion six sigma include Grand Canyon University, Saint Joseph University, Kaplan University, and Villanova University.

Q:What is the benefit of pursing the online Six Sigma degrees?

A:Online Six Sigma degrees allow students to take classes whenever and however they see fit. It provides them the opportunity of taking up a full-day time job and complete their online degree after office timings from the ease of home other than rushing to attend a class at some campus-based institute. Online six sigma education will also be comparatively cheaper and will save a lot of time which would have been wasted commuting to a physical location for the class. Most importantly, online students pursue the degree at their own pace without having to rush through the course to meet up the pace of the entire class.

Q:What is the Six Sigma degree course?

A:The person joining Six Sigma degree program will get introduced to the strategy of management through course line including project management, data collection, measurement technique, statistical analysis and team building. The methodologies taught are named as DMAIC, which is an abbreviation of the words define, measure, analysis, improve and control.

Q:What is the duration of the Six Sigma degree programs?

A:The Six Sigma degrees are offered in the bachelor and the master's program. The Bachelors in Six Sigma is a four year undergraduate program whereas the Master in Six Sigma is the two year graduate program. However, both the programs can be completed in as much time as the student sees fit if they are opted in the online program.

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