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Careers With A Marketing Degree

Pursuing a career in Marketing can lead you to a number of prolific job opportunities. Marketing is one of the most promising fields today. You can get a competitive salary and receive scores of career benefits once you complete a training program in this discipline. A career in Marketing can help you to find lucrative jobs in:

  • Public relations
  • Environment
  • Community economic development
  • Social services
  • Online retailing
  • Healthcare
  • Sales
  • Advertising

In these fields you can work as a:
  • Marketing executive
  • Advertising manager
  • Research analyst
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales manager
  • Product manager

Why Pursue a Career in Marketing?
The growing demand for professionals with a Marketing degree in different sectors makes pursuing a career in this field a wise career move. Executives and managers in marketing, advertising and public relations are required in almost all industries. This is why you can readily find a rewarding job once you earn a degree in this field of specialization.

Marketing Programs
Degree programs that can help you to establish a career in Marketing are:
  • Associate’s degree in marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing
  • Master’s degree in marketing

These programs are offered by regular as well as online schools. You will cover a number of courses in these training programs including:
  • Strategic planning
  • Market segments
  • Marketing campaign
  • Advertising strategies
  • Consumer relations
  • Marketing research

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:When opting for the Bachelor in Marketing jobs I was asked to present knowledge of Project Management. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is usually seen that the Bachelor in Marketing jobs require that you produce Project Management experience. The major tasks of the course on Project Management is to train students on how to organize and collect the teams for achieving targets. It also involves the culminating in analysis of the real world examples, communicate and document the development of projects and also on how to perform successful integration of technology and people.

Q:What can i do with a marketing degree?

A:A marketing degree will help prepare you for a career in the marketing field. Marketing has become a major function of many businesses. Various marketing tools and promotional techniques are devised and used to promote products and services. You can seek employment in a wide range of industries ranging from media to retail and from fashion to culinary. Most employers look for marketing individuals with at least a bachelor degree in the field. A masters degree on the other hand will lead to more advanced job positions. Common job positions that fall in the category of marketing careers are: marketing manager, retail merchandiser, sales manager, marketing research coordinator, customer relationship manager, and public relations manager. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing and advertising managers made a median annual income of $115,750 in 2012, sales managers made a median annual income of $105,260 in 2012, and public relation managers made a median annual income of $95,450 in 2012. The income level will vary from job to job and will basically depend upon your skill set, level of qualification, and previous work experience. (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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