Post Grad Certificates in Marketing

Marketing programs instruct students in advertising, management, e-marketing, entrepreneurship and copywriting. They may also provide students with research skills critical for understanding the market conditions in local or national areas to observe possible sales of a product/service.

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A variety of educational programs are offered in the field of marketing. Students can pursue a degree or certificate in this area of study and qualify for varied opportunities in research, advertising or promotion. Degrees are available from an associate to a master's one. Shorter courses such as post grad certificates in marketing are also available. These certificates are granted to students upon completion of a higher education postgraduate program that is at the master's level but less extensive than a graduate degree or a postgraduate one.

Post Grad Certificates in Marketing Program
The marketing post grad certificates can be a suitable option for working professionals seeking to improve their career prospects as well as the ones who want to prepare for a master's degree in marketing. The programs allow students to combine a number of core marketing courses and gain the knowledge and skills critical to pursue senior level positions in this line of work.

The programs will provide learners with in-depth trailing in up-to-the-minute marketing concepts and techniques in a relatively short span of time. Students can obtain this certificate in less than a year. As the focus of these programs is on the strategic aspects of marketing management, pursuing them is very useful to improve marketing acumen and find more advanced positions in this field.

Curriculum in Post Grad Certificates in Marketing
Students in these certificate programs study a wide array of topics such as marketing research, strategic marketing, social media and more. These programs also provide instruction in emerging trends, brand management and advertising. Other courses of study students can opt for include sales, consumer behavior and international marketing.

Admissions Requirements
To pursue a post-grad certificate in marketing, candidates must have a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field. They must also have work experience in marketing. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Employment Opportunities
A post-grad certificate in marketing can help marketing professionals take their career to the next level. They can take up senior-level positions in addition to getting more salary. With such credentials, individuals can pursue a career as a marketing manager, promotions manager or market research analyst. They may also opt to become marketing executives, advertising managers or sales managers. The location, education and experience are some the factors that may determine the precise income of marketing professionals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states on its website that marketing managers have a median income of $119,480 and market research analysts make a median salary of $60,300 on an annual basis as of May 2012 .

Online Post Grad Certificates in Marketing
Students who want to enroll in a post grad certificate in marketing, but cannot make it to regular classes must not be disappointed – the online option is available. They can pursue this program online and obtain the necessary credentials required to perk up their career opportunities. The post grad marketing certificates are highly flexible, allowing students to study at timings that suit their individual routines.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What areas of study are targeted in the post grad marketing degrees?

A:The Post Grad marketing degrees target areas such as Consumer Research, Marketing, Marketing Research, Retailing, Science, Consumer Psychology etc.

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