Thousands of popular law related searches are carried out every day by consumers who require legal assistance. Sometimes these users are looking for a lawyer, or firms of lawyers to advise and represent them; sometimes these searches are to undertake some research and get a better understanding of one or more legal issues.

When looking for someone to represent them, the search is often quite straightforward. The user would like to know if the lawyer has expertise in that particular subject area, whether his/her costs will be reasonable or affordable and whether or not the lawyer’s offices are nearby or not. The latter, these days, is not as important as it used to be, owing to modern technology. However if the matter is one where state law applies, then a local lawyer may be required.

The second reason for searching for law related material is slightly more complicated. There is a large volume of legal material available on the internet. The material ranges in complexity: from the very basic information, for those who have no legal knowledge whatsoever, to the very detailed and complex, aimed at lawyers.

Further complications arise as common legal terms are used in different geographical locations and this can easily confuse users. For instance, a search on the term ‘personal injury law’ may reveal on-line legal resources in not only the US but Canada, the UK, Australia and so on. Therefore a user may end up looking up the incorrect law and relying on the same.

Another issue that will be relevant is that some website displays content which is not updated and thereby outdated.

Therefore most users are looking for resources where the information/ legal material is uncomplicated, straightforward but comprehensive. An added bonus would be if the material is displayed on the website of a law firm. This will allow the user to not only find the material he/she requires but also allow the user to appoint a lawyer to represent him.

We have set out the most common law-related searches on this page in order to help in this regard.

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Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


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