Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Hip replacement lawsuit
Hip replacement surgeries are the most recommended remedies among the elderly. Aging causes a weakening of the bones in the pelvic region, which makes it harder for individuals to move about, and causes severe pain and discomfort.

These surgeries usually entail replacing a part or whole of the pelvis with a metallic body instead, which promises to be more durable and effective. The thigh bone of the individual may also be capped with metal, to allow for smooth movement in the ball and socket joint of the pelvis. Multiple companies are currently producing orthopedic equipment which can help improve the condition of damaged or faulty joints. Despite their benefits though, these hip replacements are attracting multiple instances of hip replacement lawsuit as well.

This is because the metallic replacements were shown to cause metallosis – metal poisoning – due to the friction between the ball and socket joints. Additionally, the components would jam with each other causing discomfort and a lack of flexibility. Some cases even experienced internal bleeding and a further loss in bone and tissue integrity. All of these symptoms forced individuals to undergo corrective surgery within the first five years of receiving their treatment, which is an expensive procedure.

Due to an increasing number of complaints received on these hip replacements, manufacturers began to issue recall notices for the implants and became the target of more than one hip replacement lawsuit.

Companies like DePuy and Stryker Corporation are currently being tried in court on multiple instances of neglect in the quality assurance process of their products. If you or someone you know has been affected by these products, you should consider filing suit as well. While these companies offer compensation when they issue a recall notice, some individuals may be eligible to receive a higher settlement based on the nature and extent of their damage.

Should you decide to file a hip replacement lawsuit, here are some basic pointers to bear in mind.

The first thing to do is to start gathering documentation. Medical bills, insurance costs, test results and doctors’ prognosis. This will act as evidence to show the physical stress you have experienced. Consult a specialist doctor and undergo tests to determine the full extent of the damages you may have incurred. This will help you determine the kind of compensation you can demand.

Meet with a lawyer before you call the company to avail their recall compensation package. The lawyer will help evaluate your documents and figure out a just settlement claim which you can make. They may also encourage you to join a class action suit against the company, which will place greater pressure on the manufacturer. The lawyer will also help you understand the best course of action on the matter, and advise you on how to deal with the company you have filed suit against.

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Q:Will the costs be high of hip replacement lawsuits?

A:The costs of filing a lawsuit against a hip implant manufacturer will vary from case to case. There are a number of lawyers who specialize in such lawsuits, and the fee usually varies from lawyer to lawyer. You can also consider the option of class action law suits. Feel free to go through our page for more information.

Q:With hip lawsuits, how much will I get as compensation?

A:The compensation or settlement you may receive in hip lawsuit will depend upon many factors. A lawyer will assess your case to determine the severity of the side effects and medical complications caused by the hip implant. There are many lawsuits in this specific category that have succeeded in receiving compensation for patients.

Q:Why are hip replacement lawsuits increasing?

A:The manufacturers of hip replacement devices are being sued by many victims due to dangerous side effects that have emerged. Some people who have undergone hip replacement surgeries are experiencing severe medical complications such as the following: high blood ion levels, psychological distress, infections and bone damage. These victims have sued the manufacturers to seek compensation for their suffering.

Q:I want to sue my hip implant manufacturer. Can a lawyer help me file a hip implant lawsuit?

A:The number of hip implant lawsuits have seen a dramatic rise in recent years. If you have suffered form health complications caused by this implant, you have the right to seek legal help. There are a number of lawyers who specialize in this area. A legal expert will assess your case and determine the level of severity of your health complications.

Q:Can you give me some information about a metal on metal hip lawsuit?

A:A metal on metal hip implant is basically a type of prosthetic hip in which the ball and socket are both made of metal. There are many different hip implants made to suit individual body structure needs. This type of hip transplant has revealed major health hazards and has been the cause for many lawsuits. Many victims have filed cases against hip implant manufactures.

Q:What will a hip replacement lawyer do?

A:Hip replacement lawyers are legal experts who help people suffering from medical complications caused by artificial hip implants. There are a number of hip implant manufacturers whose products have led to health hazards and complexities. A hip implant lawyer specializes in this area and works towards seeking compensation for such victims.