Stryker Hip Lawsuit

Stryker hip lawsuit – the background.
The Stryker Corporation is a Michigan-based company which deals primarily in orthopedic products. It is one of the leading firms in the industry, occupying a larger share than its closest competitors. The company was founded in 1941 and has since been on an upward trend, acquiring several smaller companies along the way to strengthen its position in the market.

The company produced several hip replacement products, the most recent of which were the Trident hip, the ABG II Modular System and a product known as Rejuvenate. In the past two decades, hip replacement surgeries have gained significant popularity and products such as those made by Stryker have been at the forefront. Aging causes the bones in the elderly to become brittle and weak, causing pain and limiting mobility. Orthopedic replacements involve surgically substituting the bone in the body with metallic components. These are claimed to be more durable and allow smoother movement.

These claims are exactly what have led to the recent stryker hip lawsuit however. In June of 2012, the company issued a recall notice on its products Rejuvenate and ABG II. The company stated that the metallic components in the replacements were not durable enough and were subject to corrosion which caused more pain and limited mobility. Independent research also showed that these replacement parts were not as durable as claimed, and caused individuals to experience internal bleeding and a further loss of bone mass and tissue damage.

Another factor in the Stryker hip lawsuit case is the fact that the products were fast-tracked without passing through proper quality assurance channels. The reason for this is stated to be the close resemblance Stryker’s products shared with a previously approved product in the market – the Wright Medical Technology’s Profemur Total Hip Modular Neck System.

Since the lawsuit has risen to prominence, the corporation is claiming costs of up to $390 million in damages, compensations and re-evaluative testing.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the use of Stryker products, you could be eligible to receive compensation as well. Before you decide to file a Stryker hip lawsuit though, here are some basic points to remember.
Firstly, ensure that you have a detailed record of your entire medical history. This includes bills, doctor prognoses, tests and results, and any other relevant paraphernalia. These will help strengthen your case by listing out the extent of the damages to your health the implants may have caused. Have your doctor look over your records to make sure they are legitimate.

Next, consult a lawyer and inquire about a suitable course of action. Companies offer compensation as part of their recall packages, but you may be eligible to demand more based on your records. Again, having proper legal guidance will help you develop a strategy to file a lawsuit and ensure success in the process.

A hip replacement lawsuit is tricky business, and can be time-consuming. Spend time developing a strong case in order to achieve success.

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Q:Can you give me some information about stryker hip replacement lawsuit?

A:Stryker artificial hips have been recalled in the past few years. Many people who have had these hip replacements have suffered from serious side effects such as high blood ion levels, neurological problems, excessive metal debris in the bloodstream, bone, and tissue. Victims have filed lawsuits against the company in hopes of seeking compensation.

Q:How much will a Stryker hip recall lawyer charge?

A:There are a number of popular lawyers that specialize in hip recalls. If you have suffered from medical complications caused by a hip replacement, it is recommended that you seek legal help from a lawyer. The costs will vary from lawyer to lawyer, and will also depend upon the severity of your case.

Q:Are Stryker hip lawsuits worth my time?

A:If you have suffered from medical complications caused by hip replacements, it is advised that you seek help from a specialized attorney. Many victims have filed lawsuits against the company demanding compensation. You have the legal right to file a case against the firm and receive compensation for your suffering and pain.