Johnson and Johnson Recall

Johnson & Johnson recall
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) routinely issues drug recalls and advisories for dangerous or defective drugs for the protection of American users. On occasion a drug manufacturer may voluntarily recall a product from the market after discovering something wrong with it. Most of the drug recalls happen because of harmful side effects that these drugs cause. The reason these side effects go unnoticed initially is usually because of inadequate drug testing. Johnson & Johnson is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation that manufactures medicines, medical equipment and consumer packaged goods. Founded in 1886, it has become a truly international company with a global reach. It is also one of the most respected companies in the world which has built a solid reputation. Johnson & Johnson's common stock forms a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In recent years however this company has come to be associated with several product recalls after FDA warnings.

Tylenol® Recall
FDA approved Tylenol in 1951 and it was widely available by 1955. Johnson & Johnson acquired McNeil Consumer Products in 1959. By 1970s, Tylenol was seen as a less irritable and safer alternative to aspirin. However, as early as 1977, the FDA had recommended an advisory on the drug's packaging warning against potential liver damage but this was not heeded till 2006. In 1982, the painkiller was recalled after the extra-strength variety of the drug, which was contaminated with cyanide, turned out deadly for patients using it. In 2009 and 2010 the drug was again recalled twice. In February 2012, 574,000 bottles of grape flavored Tylenol syrup for children were also recalled.

DePuy's Acetabuler and ASR hip â„¢ Recalls
DePuy's Acetabuler and ASR hip resurfacing systems, manufactured by another of Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries, DePuy Orthopedics, have also been recalled. The metal on metal friction is known to cause severe infections, fractures, loss of bone and excruciating groin pain to its users, leading at times to complete immobility. It was serious enough to lead FDA to issue a warning metal socket and ball replacement hips in 2011. Earlier in 2010, Johnson & Johnson had voluntarily recalled the DePuy line of hip replacement products. Depuy has also recalled three of its knee replacement products after serious complaints.

2010 Children's product recalls
In 2010 Johnson & Johnson recalled 43 over the counter drugs for children after it was determined that the said products did not meet the manufacturing criteria. These included Tylenol, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl.

Mylanta and AlternaGel liquid Antacid recall
Over 12 million bottles of Mylanta and almost 85,000 bottles of AlternaGel liquid antacid were recalled in December 2010. The problem cited was that small amounts of alcohol from flavoring agents were not noted on product packaging.

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Q:What was the reason behind Johnson and Johnson Aveeno recall?

A:Johnson and Johnson recently had to recall its entire batch of Aveeno baby calming comfort lotions. The FDA tested a few batches of the product and found high levels of bacteria in the lotion. Although the level of bacteria found was not unusually high, Johnson and Johnson still recalled most of its Aveeno lotions for precautionary measures

Q:Throughout 2012, I was hearing of many developments in the story of the Johnson and Johnson baby lotion recall. Why has this happened?

A:More often than not, it is the Public Relations and marketing campaigns orchestrated by a company that determine the perception that people have in general about the organization rather than the actual quality or efficacy of the products. The Aveeno baby lotion line of Johnson and Johnson had to recall around 2,200 bottles as they had been contaminated with excess amounts of a deadly strain of staph bacteria.

Q:What are the various details regarding the Johnson and Johnson baby product recall? I was shocked to find out that such a reputable company would be involved in such a huge blunder.

A:The reputation that a company builds over the years no doubt has to do with the products and services that it is offering. However, as if taking a page from Edward Bernays' book Propaganda, a company such as Johnson and Johnson has crafted public perception through carefully planned branding. The product recall of its baby lotion line under the Aveeno brand was due to the contamination of some 2,200 bottles with excessive amounts of the deadly antibiotic resistant staphylococcus bacteria.

Q:Could you tell me about the Johnson and Johnson baby products recall?

A:Product or drug recalls happen mostly when side effects are discovered or the presence of some harmful chemical is reported in them. Johnson & Johnson is one of the most prominent drug, medical equipment and skin care product manufacturer in the world, it is a Fortune 500 American multinational since 1886. In spite of it being the most respected company amongst its peers, in recent years it has been associated with a number of products which were found defective and had to be recalled after FDA warnings.

Q:Could you tell me which baby products are included in the Johnson and Johnson baby recall?

A:Since 2010 Johnson & Johnson, a world renowned manufacturer of baby and adult care products has been recalling a number of its products due to various reasons. In 2010 it recalled 43 of its over-the-counter medications for children after they failed to meet the manufacturing criteria. Some of these were Tylenol, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl.

Q:Why did the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo recall happen?

A:Johnson & Johnson manufactures a wide range of personal and health care products, such as baby shampoos, acne creams, and body lotions. However due to all these products having potentially harmful chemicals in them, the company has pulled off some of its baby care products from the market. The company has also pledged to stop the use of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, from its line of consumer products by 2015

Q:While I was reading up on Johnson and Johnson baby wash recall, I came across an article that said Johnson and Johnson is considering to remove a few chemicals from its products? Is it true?

A:Yes, Johnson and Johnson have plans to remove all dangerous and potentially cancer causing ingredients by the end of 2015. In fact when it comes to baby products like shampoos the company has declared its commitment to remove these chemicals by the end of the year in 2013. These steps will be implemented for nearly all of Johnson and Johnson cosmetic products and toiletries.

Q:What were the reasons for Johnson and Johnson depuy knee recall?

A:The primary purpose of Johnson and Johnson Depuy knee replacement was to reduce pain and allow for greater mobility. However, problems arise when consumers were experiencing a broad range of side effects from the use of the product and even had to undergo revision surgeries. This prompted the Johnson and Johnson Depuy knee recall.

Q:In relation to the Johnson and Johnson hip recall can you tell me what compensations are they offering to those affected?

A:Johnson and Johnson hip recall statement mentions accommodating those affected with specific medical expenses regarding the revision operations and treatment. It was observed that people using these hip replacement devices required revision operations after a few years. The company does not promise to cover the pain it caused to the people who used these hip replacement devices or the compensation for the lost wages. A lawyer, however can guide you how to get better compensation.

Q:Following the 2010 Johnson and Johnson hip replacement recall, I have heard about lawsuits against the company. But is it not easier to contact their insurance company and get it settled instead?

A:The matter has a legal significance therefore it is advised to have a lawyer. After Johnson and Johnson hip replacement recall many people hired lawyers to seek compensations and managed to settle cases with the company. A lawyer understands the legalities and can advise how to get best compensation and on the grounds you can seek it. An insurance company may limit the liability so it best to get legal help and provide the evidence only to your lawyer.

Q:What was the Johnson and Johnson knee replacement recall based on?

A:DePuy is a sister concern of Johnson and Johnson and the manufacturer of DePuy Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene knee and hip prostheses. The reason why both these devices were recalled from the market is because they were manufactured with polyurethane. It is a type of plastic and rubber compound that degrades faster if exposed to radioactive waves. To counter this defect, Johnson & Johnson and DePuy, exposed the prostheses to gamma radiation, which caused further damage and majority of the prostheses ended up cracking, breaking or developed an overall brittle material quality.

Q:What was the main reason behind Johnson and Johnson lotion recall?

A:Johnson and Johnson, one of the largest baby products manufacturers has been accused of various quality control issues. Recently, the company had to recall lotions due to high bacterial levels traced in the product. This bacteria has been known to cause serious illness. Many other products have also been recalled due to contamination and other low quality features.

Q:I have heard some disturbing news about a Johnson and Johnson product recall. I have trusted their products to be safe for my kids all my life so which ones should I refrain from using?

A:It is quite tragic that a company that has built up its reputation by being geared towards promoting safe and mild solutions to everyday matters of washing, skin care, hair care and general health is found to be peddling carcinogenic substances. Though the popular baby shampoo "No More Tears" is foremost in the recall of Johnson and Johnson products for containing the cancer-causing 1,4-dioxane, adult oriented brands such as Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and Aveeno are also deemed dangerous.

Q:Can you give me some information about Johnson and Johnson product recalls?

A:Johnson and Johnson products were considered defective and unhealthy by the FDA in 2010. Many products were recalled from distributors in over 11 countries. It was identified that some of the company's products were not up to quality standards, containing unusual amounts of various ingredients, and were manufactured in unhygienic conditions. Consumers were requested to stop using Johnson and Johnson products to prevent any kind of health problem that may be caused by the defected product.

Q:These days the media is abuzz with this Johnson and Johnson recall or that one? I thought that they were quite safe and beneficial so what exactly is prompting all these recalls?

A:It must be quite shocking for you to find out that all those colorfully appealing bottles, vials and jars that had boasted to be the best thing for body care by using extracts from natural substances such aloe vera, wheat germ, honey, lavender etc. However it were the notoriously carcinogenic substances that the company was using in their manufacture, such as formaldehyde, 1,4 dioxane, triclosan, parabens that are the culprit chemicals.

Q:It is very troubling to hear Johnson and Johnson recall baby products. Is the company taking any responsibility for exposing our children's bodies to toxic substances?

A:Yes, the company has been announcing since 2011 to phase out hazardous and cancerous chemicals that it had been using in the manufacture of products such as Children's Tylenol Cough & Runny Nose, Children's Motrin, the antihistamine drugs Zyrtec and Benadryl. The official reason given by Johnson and Johnson for the recall of baby products is that they did not fully meet "manufacturing specifications" and it was going to remove the "chemicals of concern" by phasing them out by 2015.

Q:I had hip replacement surgery with a piece manufactured by DePuy Orthopedics. Should I be concerned of the news that Johnson and Johnson recall hip replacements?

A:Yes, tragically the artificial hips manufactured by DePuy Orthopedics, that is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, have been found to have serious design flaws that don't just cause the implanted piece to malfunction but release fragments of the degrading material into the body whereby causing serious internal injury, including bone fracture, infection, nerve and tissue damage. So far around 13% of all implanted patients have had to undergo "revision surgery" to correct the malfunctioning.

Q:Which products are included in the Johnson and Johnson recall?

A:The most shocking fact regarding the Johnson and Johnson recall is that it's not just one product that has been found to contain dangerous chemicals, but a whole range of them, especially ones that are part of the baby care line. These include the baby lotion and the baby shampoos with the popular "No More Tears" logo, as well as the ones that are a part of the Neutrogena, Aveeno, Lubriderm, and Clean & Clear line.

Q:Should I be concerned about the recent Johnson and Johnson recalls? Are they simply happening because of some manufacturing or finishing defect such as mislabeling or were they hazardous?

A:With regards to the products of a bodycare and healthcare company such as Johnson and Johnson, it is not simply a mechanical or electronic product failure that prompted the Johnson and Johnson recalls but the actual chemical composition of the brands in question. Something as seemingly innocuous such as the "No More Tears baby shampoo" has been found to be containing cancer causing agents such as triclosan and parabens besides the labeled ingredients of formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane

Q:Which products in particular in the Johnson and Johnson recalls list would be dangerous for me? I am teenager and want to consider using some of them to address skin problems.

A:Though the list of Johnson and Johnson recalls contains many popular children's products such as baby shampoo and baby lotion for containing formaldehyde as well as 1,4 dioxane, the ones targeted towards adults and teenager such as you have also been found to be containing these and other carcinogenic compounds. These include the line of Clean & Clear products, Neutrogena shampoos, facial bars and washes as well as Aveeno, RoC and Lubriderm which contain stuff such as triclosan and parabens.

Q:What reasons have prompted the Johnson and Johnson Tylenol recall?

A:The recalls of Tylenol by Johnson and Johnson commenced in 2009 when the company declared that it had discovered manufacturing defects at its plants. These resulted in an excessive amount of active ingredients being used in the manufacturing process as well as the contamination of the medication with tiny bits of metal and glass. Even the packaging was found to be giving off nauseating odors.

Q:Which products included the Johnson and Johnson recall?

A:The most shocking that regarding the Johnson and Johnson recall is that it's not just one product that has been found to contain the dangerous chemicals in question but a whole range of them, especially ones that are part of the baby care line of items. These include the baby lotion and the baby shampoo ones with the popular "No More Tears" logo as well as ones part of the Neutrogena, Aveeno, Lubriderm and Clean & Clear line.

Q:Can you give me information on recall on Johnson and Johnson baby products?

A:Johnson and Johnson have plans to remove dangerous and potentially cancer causing chemicals from its baby products by 2013 after facing pressure from several quarters. The baby products that will be reformulated include baby shampoo and bath products. In addition to this Adult products will be reformulated too by end of 2015.

Q:What ingredients have caused recall on Johnson and Johnson products?

A:The chemicals that caused the main concern are 1,4 dioxane and forrmadehyde which is used to killed bacteria. 1, 4 Dioxane and formaldehyde are thought as probably human carcinogens; meaning that they can cause cancer. In addition to this formaldehyde is also known to cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation.

Q:Can you explain the detail of glucose meters recall Johnson & Johnson recently made?

A:Johnson and Johnson have decided to recall all of their glucose meter from markets in the United States and Canada, the reason being a malfunction of the device at dangerously high levels of blood sugar. The instruments work fine most of the time, but when blood sugar exceeds 1, 024 milligrams per deciliter, the meters shut down. This could possibly lead to serious health problems if prompt treatment is delayed because of the erroneous meter results.

Q:Tell me about product recall Johnson and Johnson issues?

A:Recalls do not only affect the company financially, but the credibility also comes into question. Many companies have to face them for one reason or the other and Johnson and Johnson is no exception. Over the years, Johnson and Johnson has been involved in several product recalls. Issues with drugs like Tylenol, knee replacement products and some baby products have surfaced, with the company taking measures to address the problem.