Asbestos Attorney

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is the name given to a type of mineral fiber that is found in rock and soil. Due to the strength and heat resistance of the fiber, it has long been used in buildings for insulation and as a fire-proofing construction material. In addition, asbestos is also widely used in many manufactured and pre-fabricated products. These include building materials like ceilings and floor tiles, automobile clutch and brake, heat-resistant fabrics, gaskets, packaging, and coatings.

How asbestos exposure can occur?

You may be exposed to asbestos if asbestos-containing materials are disturbed or damaged in any way, causing fibers to release into the air. Situations in which exposure is likely to occur include product use, demolition work, construction or building and home maintenance and repair. According to the World health Organization (WHO), around 125 million people in the world today are exposed to Asbestos at their workplace.

What Asbestos exposure may cause?

There are a number of harmful health-related effects that have been associated with the exposure to Asbestos.

Asbestos Attorney Cost

The following costs are typically involved in mesothelioma cases:

A typical mesothelioma settlement $1 million
Attorney’s cost $330,000-400,000
Average mesothelioma award $6 million
Legal fees $1.99-$2.4 million
Expert medical and technical testimony costs $10,000-$25,000

Mesothelioma cases are either settled outside or inside of the court. In the former, a decision mutually reached by all the parties is called a settlement, while in the latter; a decision is given by the court, which is called an award. A settlement amount is typically less than the awarded amount.

*These statistics are taken from media reports.

Asbestos Lung Cancer

According to the United States government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), those who are exposed to the asbestos fibers face a higher risk of developing a lung disease. This has been demonstrated through several occupational studies. When the fibers are inhaled, they get trapped by the lungs and cause problems. The risk is particularly of a greater degree for smokers.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

The EPA has also identified gastrointestinal cancers as possibly resulting from asbestos exposure. The substance has thus been classified under Group A that contains know human carcinogens.


It is a rare type of cancer that usually occurs in the thin lining of the heart, lung, chest and the abdomen. According to the EPA, findings borne out from numerous occupational studies have revealed that asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma.


It is a severe non-cancer disease of the lungs. Asbestosis is a long term condition that may adversely impact the respiratory function of those that have been exposed. It is usually identified by shortness of breath and persistent coughing.

Has the use of Asbestos been banned?

Production, import, distribution, processing and the use of most types of asbestos containing products such as roof coatings, clothing, cement flat sheet, millboard and brake blocks is legally permitted. There are however a few uses that have been banned by regulation such as the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), Clean Air Act (CAA) and Consumer Product Safety Act. Examples of banned uses include corrugated and commercial paper, asbestos blocks and the use of the fibers in wall-patching compounds and artificial fireplace embers.

Asbestos Cancer Statistics

WHO estimates suggest that in 2004, asbestos-related diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis from occupational exposures led to 107,000 deaths and 1,523,000 Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs)

Typically, the greater the level of exposure, the greater will be the probability of developing a harmful health condition. Other factors that determine whether somebody develops a disease include the duration of exposure, the shape and size of the asbestos fibers, source of exposure and chemical composition of the fiber. Symptoms may develop years after the exposure to Asbestos. Since asbestos-related conditions are not easy to identify, physicians usually investigate into the likelihood of the fiber exposure if someone comes to them with a related problem such as lung cancer. In addition to examining the medical history, they also look at the patient's work, cultural and environmental history.

Are you Entitled to Compensation?

If you, a loved one or somebody you know has developed a harmful health-related condition due to exposure to asbestos, you should promptly consult an Asbestos attorney. The lawyer will be in a better position to inform you of your legal rights and assist you in filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the asbestos-containing products.

Filing an Asbestos Lawsuit

The move towards suing an asbestos product manufacturer can result in much-needed closure and compensation. In most states, there is a time limit set by the courts for filing a personal injury lawsuit, the kind that would be filed in asbestos-related cases. This is termed as the statute of limitations. This condition mandates that you can only file a lawsuit within a certain time frame, such as two, or three or four years. Now, since the conditions caused by asbestos exposure may take several years to fully take hold and show any symptoms, the statute of limitations works in a different way. The time period starts from the day of the discovery of asbestos exposure or an illness, such as pleural plaques or the signs of lung cancer showing up in an x-ray or a biopsy.

Many people that have filed lawsuits alleging asbestos exposure at home or the workplace have successful claimed compensation and punitive damages. A case in point is that of the lawsuit filed by the estate of one Edward Merwitz, a resident of Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Edward had been a worker at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during the 1960s and was exposed to asbestos fibers through items such as gaskets, insulation, electric, wires, pumps and motors. As a result, he developed mesothelioma and passed away in mid-2010, six months after its discovery. A Philadelphia county jury gave a verdict in favor of Merwitz, charging one of the manufacturers of these products, Rockbestos, liable to pay a sum of $7.25 million.

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California 16600.111.2618.1337720
Florida 11300.141.6817.9737370
Illinois 9600.161.9217.937240
Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


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Q:What evidence will an asbestos attorney Baltimore require to pursue a case in this regard?

A:An asbestos attorney in Baltimore, like any other lawyer pursuing such a case would first need to evaluate your case. In this regard, you need to provide the lawyer with all details. A lawyer will need all the information like medical records and details of asbestos history that links the harmful effects of exposure to asbestos in your case.

Q:My asbestos attorney California based but I and the defendant are based in Florida. Will this mean my lawsuit will cost me more?

A:You should ensure that your California based attorney has given you a clear breakdown of how much the lawsuit will cost, not only if you are successful but also if you are unsuccessful. You can then speak to a local Florida lawyer and see how much he/she would charge. You will then be able to work out the answer to your question.

Q:Is my asbestos attorney litigation savvy?

A:Filing a personal injury lawsuit where there has been exposure and subsequent injury is quite a technical exercise. Your attorney will have to establish the link between exposure and the injury and the resultant cost to you. Your attorney will then need to establish who was responsible for the exposure and whether or not they neglected their duties to you.

Q:Will an asbestos attorney Los Angeles be able to represent me if I live in Arizona?

A:There is no impediment to an attorney based in another state representing you. This will depend on the lawyer and whether or not he/she is willing to take your case. It may be easier for you to find a lawyer in Arizona who is a member of the California Bar. This will allow you to meet your lawyer locally which may be of convenience.

Q:Can you give me some information about Asbestos Attorney Texas?

A:An Asbestos Attorney in Texas is a legal professional who works towards protecting residents in Texas from the exposure to asbestos. These attorneys specialize in the field of asbestos law, and provide all kinds of legal services for individuals and property affected by the asbestos. If you have been affected by asbestos or are suspicious, an asbestos attorney can build you case and help you claim compensation for damages.

Q:What are asbestos attorneys?

A:Asbestos attorney, or attorneys, is a term commonly used to describe those attorneys who specialize in filing lawsuits for sufferers from asbestos exposure. Often these attorneys are litigation/ personal injury specialists who will be able to advise their clients on whether or not they actually have a case and the amount of compensation likely to be paid. They can then proceed to represent during legal proceedings.

Q:I have been diagnosed with mesothelioma which I feel has been caused due to asbestos exposure. Should I contact asbestos exposure attorneys right away?

A:It's understandable that you will be in considerable emotional and physical distress after the diagnosis. However it is important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible because there is a statute of limitations in all states. This means that a legal claim must be filed within a certain time period or the not at all after that.

Q:What is an asbestos litigation attorney supposed to do?

A:Asbestos is a highly dangerous material which causes cancer of various kinds. It was previously used commonly for a number of reasons, but most disturbingly it was used in construction of homes and offices. This is why a lot of unsuspecting people were exposed to Asbestos which resulted in them developing cancer at some stage of their lives. In recent times a lot of people have successfully sued the state or other private companies for exposing them to cancer. A good asbestos attorney is one who can successfully help you get compensation for being exposed to Asbestos. A good asbestos will be well acquainted with the laws of Tort and all others related to medical malpractice, personal injury and product liability.

Q:Can I get compensation through asbestosis attorney?

A:To be honest with you, no attorney can ever promise you a certain result in any lawsuit. However if you have asbestosis that you feel has been caused because of neglect on someone else's part you should definitely consult a lawyer. The basis of the lawsuit would be to establish the fact that the injury you have sustained is due to another party's actions.

Q:I live in Houston, Tx. Do I really need to use an asbestosis attorney Houston to file my lawsuit against my employer, which is based in Delaware?

A:This will depend on a number of factors. For instance it will depend on the grounds, that is, the legal basis on which you want to file; the location of your employer; whether or not your Houston attorney is a member of the Delaware Bar. These will determine whether you can file your lawsuit in Texas or Delaware.

Q:I suffered from mesothelioma that was due to exposure to asbestos at my workplace a long while back, do you think I can still find Baltimore asbestos attorneys who can file a lawsuit?

A:You can find Baltimore asbestos attorneys who can help you in this regard and guide you if you can still qualify for the case. It does not matter if the asbestos exposure took place a long while back, since it takes times for its harmful effects to become evident. However, it is best to consult a lawyer and learn about the rules that can vary from state to state.

Q:I am based in Hartford, CT and I believe that my previous employer, based in FL, was responsible for my exposure to asbestos. Should I have to instruct a Hartford asbestos attorney?

A:The answer would depend where you wish to, and more importantly where you can, file your lawsuit. It may be that you can only file a lawsuit in Florida. If so, then you should ensure that your lawyer has a Bar license to practice in FL. It may be that a Hartford- based lawyer has both a CT and FL license.

Q:How can I find a good Houston asbestos attorney?

A:If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms related to asbestos poisoning, the first thing you need to do is contact a doctor and get it checked. Secondly get a good lawyer or attorney who can guide you towards the best possible legal action to take, in case it is proven that you have asbestos poisoning. In Huston also you will find a number of lawyers working specifically in getting asbestos victims the justice they deserve along with significant financial compensation to cover the cost of medical expenses arising from this condition.

Q:When searching for a Maryland asbestos attorney, what points should I keep in mind?

A:An Asbestos case can turn out to be very complicated and emotionally draining. To make sure you have a better chance of seeking appropriate compensation through your lawsuit, you need to hire a credible attorney/lawyer. When searching for an attorney there are certain things you need to keep in mind such as qualifications of the attorney, professional history, resource availability, experience, and specialization.

Q:Should I only contact a New York asbestos attorney if I have been exposed to asbestos in consumer products?

A:Yes if you have been expose to asbestos through consumer products and are now suffering from side effects, you should definitely contact a lawyer. However you must know that consumer products are not the only way you can be exposed to asbestos. You can come into contact with the dangerous substance from the environment or from working in an industry that uses asbestos.

Q:Do I have to file a claim through pennsylvania asbestos attorney to get compensation?

A:Yes generally if you want to get compensation for damages you will have to file a lawsuit. Even if a company knows that it is responsible it will deny any claims made against it. Although some companies might provide compensation to its workers but the amount will usually be very small. So I you want a meaningful compensation, you should consult with a lawyer.

Q:I think I am suffering from side effects of asbestos, should I hire a Seattle Asbestos Attorney?

A:Yes, if you think you have been exposed to asbestos and are experiencing various side effects, you need to seek help from an Asbestos Attorney. These are legal professionals who specialize in this area of law and work towards helping people seek compensation for health issues caused by asbestos. Most common side effects of asbestos include coughing and breathing problems.

Q:I have just shifted to Arizona, and I suspect my house is infected by asbestos. Should I hire an Arizona asbestos attorney?

A:If your new house is infected by asbestos, it is important that you seek legal help from an expert. Hundreds of asbestos cases are resolved each year, where clients receive compensation for damages. You can also hire a home inspector to confirm whether or not your house is infected. If it is, hire an attorney specialized in this field. He or she can guide you through the litigation process.

Q:If I failed to conduct an asbestos test well ahead in time and have contracted asbestosis or mesothelioma, will an asbestos attorney still be able to help me file a lawsuit?

A:Yes, regardless of whether you conducted an asbestos test or not, diseases arising due to the usage of asbestos in insulation materials and tiles are sufficient grounds for an attorney to file an asbestos lawsuit. Asbestos was widely used from the early 1920s right up to the late 1908s and hence the asbestos industry is countering hundreds of lawsuits all over, settling them to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Q:While reading about Asbestos Attorney Cancer Lawsuit Mesothelioma, I found out that asbestos can cause other medical conditions apart from just cancer. Can you name a few?

A:Asbestos has been linked to a number of medical conditions apart from just lung cancer. Asbestosis and Pleural Plaque are the two other major health issues that are connected to this substance. Many people have developed these conditions due to exposure to asbestos. A number of lawyers can be found to handle such cases and help victims seek compensation for their illnesses.

Q:While reading about asbestos attorney cancer lawyer mesothelioma, I heard that filing such lawsuits can be expensive. Is this true?

A:Mesothelioma cases have grown in recent years, increasing the demand for specialized lawyers in this field. The expense burden that you will face will depend upon a number of fcat0ors such as attorney, severity of case, and state. But you don't need to worry about high costs, as there are numerous lawyers working in this field at minimum fee options. Some specialized lawyers also provide pro bono services for such cases.

Q:While reading about asbestos attorney cancer lawyer mesothelioma settlement, I could not find out how much I will be able to receive through such a case. Can you tell me why?

A:How much a person receives as compensation through his or her lawsuit will basically vary from case to case. The more sever your medical condition is, the more compensation you are likely to receive. On the other hand, other factors such as jury verdict, lawyer, and medical reports can also play a huge role in determining how much you may receive as compensation.

Q:I am in search of asbestos attorney cancer mesothelioma, can you tell me what factors to keep in mind when choosing a legal representative for my case?

A:If you want to file a mesothelioma lawsuit, hiring the right attorney for your case is crucial. After all, the right legal expert will help build your case and make sure you receive adequate compensation for your suffering. When choosing a lawyer, make sure you check the credentials and qualifications, success rate, and reviews.

Q:I was reading about previous asbestos attorney cancer mesothelioma settlement reviews. I came to know that these cases can take a long time before reaching any settlement, why is this so?

A:It is not necessary that asbestos mesothelioma cases will take a long time before being resolved. The time duration will vary from case to case. Sometimes a case will require more investigation which can extend the time period. On the other hand, a busy court system is equally responsible for delaying cases.

Q:Me and my family are in search of an asbestos attorney Chicago, is it possible to get details online?

A:Yes it is absolutely possible to find details about attorneys and lawyers online. If you are in need of legal help and are in search of lawyers based in Chicago, you can visit numerous websites or simply look up websites of law firms based in this locality. Most law firms provide details about their specialty, fees, legal process, and success rate online.

Q:Is it possible to get compensation for my suffering with the help of an asbestos attorney Connecticut?

A:Yes, there is definitely a chance that you can receive compensation if you developed a health condition due to asbestos. You can file a lawsuit with the help of a specialized lawyer and collect evidence for you case. Many people who suffer due to this substance take their cases to court and receive considerable amounts for all the emotional and physical damage.

Q:Can I file a lawsuit against a deceased family member with the help of an asbestos attorney Florida?

A:Yes, you can file a lawsuit for wrongful death of a loved one. But the time limit for filing a case is limited, and varies from state to state. Therefore it is important that you take legal action within the specified time after ones death. A lawyer can provide you more information regarding this case.

Q:I come from a low income family and have been recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Can I find an asbestos attorney Illinois who can take up my case for free?

A:There are many lawyers working in this area currently, mainly because the number of asbestos cases have seen a considerable rise in recent years. The fees a lawyer will charge will depend upon a number of factors. There are also lawyers who work on a pro bono basis and offer free legal services to those in need.

Q:While reading about asbestos attorney law lawsuit lawyer mesothelioma, I found out that a class action lawsuits are more beneficial that regular lawsuits. Is this true?

A:Class action lawsuits are for a group of individuals who wish to sue the same part for similar damages. As the number of people in class action lawsuits is more than two, per head legal fees are considerably less. Class action lawsuits are less expensive as compared to regular lawsuits. This is the major benefit of such lawsuits.

Q:Can I find asbestos attorney law lawsuit mesothelioma information online?

A:You can find all kinds of legal information online. You can search for lawyers specialized in this area of law, and also get details about how mesothelioma cases work. Many law firms now have official websites of their own to help expand their services nationwide. Contact details, success rate, legal process, fee, etc, all such details can be searched online easily.

Q:Before I proceed with an asbestos attorney lawsuit, I would like to know if my chances of success will be affected by filing a lawsuit in another state?

A:The chances of success are not affected if you file your case in another state. However, it is recommended that you file a lawsuit where the defendant is located. For example, if you are filing a case against your home manufacturer, you should file a case in the state of your home manufacturer. This can increase your chances of success.

Q:While reading about asbestos attorney lawyer mesothelioma, I heard that some lawyers investigate cases free of cost. Is it true?

A:Many lawyers investigate mesothelioma cases free of costs. This means you don't have to worry about initial investigation charges. A lawyer will first determine whether your case is strong enough to be taken to court, if yes, only then a fee will be charged. On the other hand, if your case seems difficult or not valid, you will be informed and no fee will be charged.

Q:I am just an ordinary store manager and don't think I have enough funds to file a lawsuit. Are the legal fees of an asbestos attorney Ohio really high and will I be able to afford them?

A:Most of the victims of asbestos exposure are not affluent as this material is usually used in construction due to its lower costs and ease of use. In the state of Ohio, there are many asbestos attorneys that work according to a "contingency fee contract." This means that the plaintiff doesn't have to pay a single penny and the legal counsel only gets paid following a successful settlement.

Q:I let my contractor use asbestos for lining the walls of my house as I was on a limited budget and was assured that it would be perfectly safe. However, my family and I have been exposed to asbestos fibers. Will an asbestos attorney Pennsylvania still be able to help me?

A:One's desperation and lack of sufficient information regarding the usage of a federally regulated substance is no excuse for having to pay the full price in terms of severely compromised health. The profit making greed and criminal negligence of multinationals and giant corporations is at the root of the persistent use of asbestos. Rest assured that a Pennsylvania based asbestos attorney will launch a strong a lawsuit and achieve favorable results on your behalf.

Q:Though I am looking at considerable pain and suffering from mesothelioma following years of asbestos exposure, I don't want to use my lifelong savings in legal expenses. Is there any asbestos attorney Washington who does pro bono work?

A:The rate of success in having asbestos lawsuits settled in the favor of the plaintiffs is so high that legal firms are willing to commence litigation for free. There is definitely more than one Washington based asbestos attorney out there who will only take their fees as well as reimbursement for other expenses once a settlement has been reached.

Q:I feel so outraged that I have been highly wronged by the asbestos industry. Will an asbestos cancer attorney ensure that I am well-compensated for my pain and the cancer treatment?

A:Over the years, legal firms and attorneys working with asbestos cancer related cases have developed a unique expertise in assessing the finer aspects of each scenario so effectively that in most instances, they don't even charge fees until a settlement has been achieved. The asbestos industry has knowingly allocated around 30 billion dollars for settling asbestos cancer claims and it's about time you got your share.

Q:My recent chest x-ray has revealed some suspicious lesions. If I am diagnosed with having malignant calcified lung nodules, will asbestos cancer attorneys be capable of effectively filing a lawsuit?

A:Based on the glaring dangers of asbestos exposure and the consequences leading towards cancer, the industry is teeming with criminals of the highest order. Hence it is only fair that this industry is held accountable for all the evils that it has perpetrated on the victims of asbestos exposure. Attorneys usually take asbestos cancer cases without any upfront legal fees and only charge their dues and any expenses incurred after a settlement has been reached.

Q:I have been exposed in my own home to asbestos. Will an asbestos exposure attorney help me in getting compensation for my suffering?

A:It is a highly lamentable fact that even after decades of asbestos related deaths that run into the hundreds of thousands, the use of asbestos has not been curbed. Attorneys dealing with asbestos cancer related cases have had such surefire success in achieving settlements that they don't charge any legal fees upfront and even require the reimbursement of any expenses incurred during the lawsuit after the damages have been paid to the plaintiff.

Q:I have been severely affected by asbestos and want to sue for compensation. However I was diagnosed with the medical condition a long time back. Can a California asbestos attorney help me?

A:It is possible to sue for compensation in cases related to asbestos. However, every state has a different set of laws regarding asbestos. The time frame in which you can successfully file a case will vary from state to state. It is important that you hire a lawyer in your state and get detailed information about filing a lawsuit. Legal experts can better guide you through the litigation process and protect your rights.

Q:Is it difficult to find mesothelioma asbestos lawyers?

A:Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by asbestos exposure and if the reason of exposure is someone's negligence then a lawsuit can be filed against those responsible. There are professionals who deal with such cases and have been able to get justice for their clients. You have to make a thorough search to find appropriate legal help.

Q:Before I file an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit, I would like to have all the legal options explained to me. Is this possible?

A:Yes, you can consult a lawyer or an attorney in this regard. Asbestos mesothelioma lawsuits are on the rise and have directly increased the demand for specialized attorneys. It is recommended that before filing a lawsuit, you should consult a legal expert to see what options you have and what the legal procedure is.

Q:How do I look for a reputed asbestos exposure lawyer?

A:If you have been a victim of asbestos exposure that has harmed you, then you can seek the services of an asbestos exposure lawyer from a credible law firm. Search online for such a firm, read about the services they provide and check the qualification and experience of asbestos lawyers that the firm provides.

Q:How much compensation can an asbestos mesothelioma attorney get for the affected person?

A:The compensation that an asbestos mesothelioma attorney can get for a person, who has been affected with the disease varies from case to case. It depends on number of factors, with the most important one being, the extent of damage caused to the person and the extent of negligence by the company responsible for asbestos exposure that caused the fatal disease.

Q:Asbestos mesothelioma lawyer law cancer lawsuit sounds complicated, is it always the case?

A:Asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit can be quite complicated since the disease is also a complex one. The reason is that the diagnosis of mesothelioma is quite difficult and the disease is detected at its last stages, while the cause of cancer which is asbestos exposure, had taken place years or at times decades earlier. Hence, it gets very hard for the lawyer to trace the cause of the disease and prove the negligence of a company for asbestos exposure.

Q:Tell me about asbestos mesothelioma lawyer?

A:Asbestos is a fibrous material that was used in the construction and manufacturing of various things which such as building and household appliances. Anyone who was exposed to asbestos and inhaled its fibers for too long could end up suffering from a specific type of lung cancer known as Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is caused only by the long term exposure to asbestos, this is why now use of asbestos in anything that comes into contact with human beings is banned all over the world. Asbestos lawyers come in as soon as you get diagnosed with mesothelioma. Since being diagnosed with this disease means you were exposed to asbestos. Asbestos lawyers will not only help you hold those accountable for exposing you to this hazardous substance but will file a lawsuit to get you financial compensation as well.

Q:While searching for mesothelioma attorney California, I came across medical malpractice settlement amounts. Can you explain how they are determined?

A:In order to successfully prosecute a healthcare provider or facility of medical malpractice involving mesothelioma, several experts will have to be needed from the fields of thoracic surgery, radiology, oncology and pathology. Your attorney will also hire vocational experts to prove that the misdiagnosis lead to the loss of earnings and increased medical bills.

Q:Are there any specific asbestos law firms?

A:There are well-reputed asbestos law firms that deal with asbestos cases. It is better to consult them for your asbestos case, as they have experience and may have a more focused approach. Asbestos lawyers understand how the mineral can affect human health and therefore are better equipped to get the victims justice and legal compensation for the harm done to them.

Q:I am suffering from the side effects of asbestos. Can I contact asbestos lead attorney?

A:Asbestos cases are fairly complicated and symptoms appear in people a long time after their exposure to asbestos fibers. If you feel you are suffering because of asbestos exposure, you should contact the asbestos attorney, who will guide you about the procedure as well as help you in getting compensation.

Q:What is the job of asbestos poisoning lawyers?

A:Asbestos poisoning lawyers review the cases of people who may have developed several health conditions due to the exposure to asbestos. Asbestos lawyers consult their clients and determine the compensation they are entitled to, for medical cost, lost wages, and injury. Many settlements and financial recoveries have been obtained by asbestos victims.

Q:I am looking to get compensation for asbestos related health effects. Can I find some affordable asbestos claim lawyers?

A:Since many people who are affected by asbestos belong to a low income group and cannot afford high lawyer fees, you are likely to find some affordable asbestos claim lawyers. Besides, the lawyers will first determine if your claim is strong and valid enough, and then only will they decide a fee.

Q:Will an asbestos cancer lawyer charge higher fees than other lawyers?

A:It is not necessary that an asbestos cancer lawyer will charge higher fees than other lawyers. Some asbestos cancer lawyers even offer free consultancy to those who cannot afford the charges of a lawsuit. It is always preferable that you look for a lawyer who is experienced in asbestos cases, to get the best results out of your lawsuit.

Q:Can you tell me about asbestos side effects for which I can file an asbestos exposure lawsuit?

A:If you or your loved one is suffering from any kind of side effects due to asbestos exposure, you can file a lawsuit to acquire compensation. An asbestos lawyer can help you in filing a lawsuit. Litigation can be based on various harmful health effects caused by asbestos such as asbestos lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.