What is Yaz Birth Control?
Yaz birth control is a contraceptive pill manufactured by Bayer healthcare pharmaceuticals which is to be taken orally in order to prevent pregnancy.

What is Yaz Used for?
Yaz is used as a birth control which works by preventing ovulation and causing changes in the cervical lining that prevents fertilization thus proving effectiveness in 99% of the cases. Yaz birth control is also prescribed to those wanting to get rid of acne for women provided that they should not be less than 14 years of age with a regular menstrual cycle. Also it has been effective in treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder finding solutions for anxiety, restlessness, sleep, appetite, headache, joint pain and more.

How Does Yaz Treat Acne?
The treatment is approved by FDA and it has been claimed that the ingredient drospirenone blocks the hormone responsible for acne. This hormone is androgen and it triggers the sebaceous glands into producing more sebum and keeping the skin soft. The sebum then builds up in the follicle reaching the hair shaft and mixing with the bacteria in addition to the dead follicular skin cell which then gets all clogged thus resulting into pimples. The ingredients in Yaz target this hormone ultimately reducing if not completely finishing the acne. However for some women the reverse is true as they have claimed that the use of Yaz has led to the appearance of more pimples in fact worsened their skin condition.

Yaz treats different forms of acne most notably acne vulgaris which comprises of red skin blackheads and white heads. The other serious form is the cystic acne which is either on the face or other parts of the body with inflamed breakouts.

Dangers Associated With Yaz Birth Control
It has been found that those using Yaz birth control are more prone to developing blood clots in their vessels leading in most cases to death. The chances of developing blood clots are more likely for the users of Yaz birth control then the other contraceptive users. This is because of the ingredient drospirenone which is used in the drug.

The development of the blood clots in the vessels is a disease called ‘disseminated  intravascular coagulation’. The formation of blood clots blocks the blood flow throughout the body causing bleeding, yellowing of skin, brain hemorrhage, heart attack,kidney failure,paralysis,pain, redness and in the most extreme cases leads to death.

Yaz Recall 
Yaz birth control has been subject to the deaths of 23 Canadian women and many lawsuits have been filed against the company. Many people have been demanding the recall of the product considering the deaths it has already caused and the potential harm it might do in future. Parents of the deceased are reported to have demanded that Bayer Pharmaceuticals either remove their product from the market or make changes to avoid any future accidents with most of the complaints pertaining to the removal of the drug.

However, Bayer Pharmaceuticals has already paid more than a billion dollars for hundreds of law suits filed against the company but Bayer remains adamant on standing by its products.

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Q:Are there any major side effects of yaz pill?

A:Although the pill has gained popularity for its effectiveness as a birth control method, growing concerns about its side effects have been highlighted. The pill may lead to medical complications such as the following: deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease, heart attack, stroke, headaches, fever, and nausea. If you are experiencing similar issues due to Yaz, it is recommended you get in touch with a legal expert.