Depuy Hip

Hip replacement is recommended in the event of extensive damage to the hip joints that restrict mobility. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and hip fractures remain the leading causes of hip damage. Artificial hips are supposed to last up to fifteen years. Since 2004 around 100,000 of the ASR hips have been implanted worldwide. These included DePuy ASR™ Hip System and the DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing System. Several of these commonly used implant devices, however, proved to be unsuccessful as patients encountered problems soon after the replacement surgery.
Since 2008, the F.D.A. has received around 400 complaints on the ASR from patients who were fitted with it in the United States. This number is understated because of the fact that not all cases were reported to the FDA. Majority of these patients had to undergo an operation to replace the device soon after the implant. Revision operations were needed only after a few years of Depuy hip replacement.

According to U.S. orthopedic specialists, there were several problems with this hip replacement system. It belonged to the category of metal-on-metal hip replacement system. Some of the devices belonging to this category leave behind a substantial amount of metallic debris as it wears. This results in inflammation that leads to the damage of muscles and tissues. The body response to this situation can lead to bone erosion and loosening of the implant. The shallow design of the device also made it prone to problems. In response to complaints about the faulty cup design, Depuy officials stressed the need to position the implant properly.  They denied any flaws in the device design. Even when the company phased out sales of the ASR, the move was attributed to commercial reasons and not safety issues. Although complaints that the implants were defective were received from 2008, Depuy did not issue any recall prior to August 2010.

In March 2010, officials conceded that the ASR has a high failure rate when used in traditional hip replacement in some patients. Based on data, they claimed that the risk is highest for patients of small stature. This mainly included women and patients with weak bones. Depuy hip implants were first proved to be defective in the year 2010 by a study done by National Joint Registry for England and Wales. DePuy International then recalled all of their ASR hip resurfacings and ASR XL total hip replacement systems voluntarily.

Individual who have suffered injuries because of this defective medical device, can seek legal representation. You can file a lawsuit and obtain a compensation for the injury and suffering that the implant caused. Depuy has offered to reimburse the implant cost and to pay the costs related to revision surgery as required. All compensation claims against DePuy have been consolidated into one Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) case by the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. But as revision surgeries are more complicated and painful than the initial hip replacement, compensation is offered based on the problems that a particular claimant experienced because of the hip replacement. You can contact the team of experienced professionals at Sokolove Law for more information and assistance on how to go about your case and obtain appropriate compensation.

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Q:Can you tell me about the problems that occurred with Depuy hip replacement?

A:According to U.S. orthopedic specialists, there were various problems in Depuy hip replacement system. It was a metal-on-metal hip replacement system, which leaves behind a lot of metallic debris as it wears off. It can result in inflammation and damage of muscles and tissues. The defective and shallow design of the device was another problem which caused complications during implants.

Q:What can the individuals do if they have received injury from Depuy hip implants?

A:If you or loved one has received any kind of complications or injuries due to Depuy hip implants, you can decide to seek legal representation. You can file a lawsuit to receive a compensation for the suffering and injury caused by the implant. Depuy has agreed to give back the implant cost and pay for revision surgery as needed by the patient.

Q:How much reimbursement can a person get because of Depuy hips complications?

A:Depuy has agreed to give back the implant cost and pay for revision surgery as needed by the patient. However, the compensation to the victim who has suffered injury or complications can vary. The compensation can be determined based on the problems a particular claimant experienced as a result of hip replacement.