Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Look into DePuy hip replacement lawsuit and get adequate compensation for your pain and injuries.

The DePuy’s Hip Replacement System
DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of the personal care products giant Johnson & Johnson, started marketing their proprietary hip replacement devices in the US in 2005. Known by their technical names as ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System, the devices have a metal-on-metal assembly that involves two pieces made from an alloy of cobalt-chrome-molybdenum. One piece is the metal cup that connects to the socket in the hip bone and the other is either a metal cap that is place over the head of the femur or an entire replacement for the femur’s head in advanced cases of degeneration.  
DePuy Hip Replacement System Recall
According to information provided on the company’s website and that of the FDA, DePuy initiated a voluntary recall in August 2010. This decision was based on information coming out of UK that was based on an analysis of the experiences of patients that had received the DePuy implants. The data showed that in less than five years following their ASR resurfacing device and total hip replacement surgery, between 12%-13% of patients had to have a revision surgery due to product failure.
The symptoms that prompted the patients to go in for the revision procedure include:

  • Pain in the target area
  • Swelling
  • Problems with walking and movement

The causes of the aforementioned symptoms have been identified as follows:

  • Loosening of the metal-based system
  • Dislocation of the metal cup and the alloy-based femur head or the femur head cap
  • Elevated levels of cobalt and chromium ions in the blood stream due to wear and tear of the components (a threshold was established at 7 parts per billion)
  • Adverse reactions to the surrounding tissue, including fluid retention. This is further revealed by MRI or ultrasound scans

DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit
If you or your loved one underwent a surgery for having a hip resurfacing system or a total hip replacement system that has now started to cause problems, do not worry. Where it is unfortunate that a product from a globally reputed company turned out to be defective and caused complications in patients, there is legal protection and support available for filing a lawsuit. The recall of around 93,000 ASR implants is indicative of the number of patients potentially affected.
There are thousands of recipients of DePuy’s hip replacement systems that have filed lawsuits or have become part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL) since the official recall was announced. As of July 2013, there are an estimated 11,000 pending DePuy lawsuits across the country, with some 7,000 MDL ones filed in a district court in Ohio.
It is your right to get in touch with a qualified and experienced DePuy hip replacement lawyer or a firm and start the litigation process in order to sue the manufacturer.

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Q:When should a person apply for DePuy hip lawsuit?

A:If you or your loved one is facing the adverse effects of DePuy hip replacement surgery, you may apply for a lawsuit to gain compensation. There is legal protection and support available for those who have suffered from the adverse effects of surgery. Thousands of patients have filed lawsuits against DePuy, or have become a part of multi district litigation ever since official recall was announced.

Q:I am interested in filing DePuy hip replacement lawsuits. Can you tell me the adverse affects faced by patients after the replacement surgery?

A:A number of adverse effects were faced by patients who needed to go through the revision procedure. There were several defects in the replacement system that resulted in these adverse effects. Patients felt pain in the target area. Swelling was also observed in patients. Also, they faced problems with walking and movement.

Q:Is a depuy hip replacement lawyer affordable?

A:The costs of hiring a lawyer for your lawsuit will vary from place to place. Each lawyer working in this field may charge a fee according the severity of the case. There are a number of lawyers that are working in this field specifically to help victims. You can take a look at our page to find out more about Depuy lawsuits and cases.