Yaz Birth Control

What is Yaz Birth Control?
Yaz birth control is the contraception used by women in order to prevent pregnancy. Yaz is a product by Bayer Healthcare pharmaceuticals. Yaz has been effective in almost 99% of the cases and is the most popular of the contraceptive pills in Canada. Yaz is taken orally only.

Uses of Yaz
Yaz birth control has been effective in preventing pregnancy for most of the women. Yaz prevents ovulation and by regular intake or as prescribed, changes are made to the cervical lining which makes it even more difficult for fertilization to take place. In both cases it makes pregnancy highly unlikely. Furthermore, Yaz birth control has also been effective in treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder treating irritability, joint pain, headache, sleep and appetite problems and depression. The drug’s other effectiveness lies in the treatment of acne. Most of the women are now referring to Yaz birth control to treat their acne. However the pills are restricted to 14 year olds and older provided they are on regular menstrual periods.

Dangers of Yaz Birth Control.
Like any other contraceptive pill, Yaz birth control has side effects too most notably mood swings, headaches, nausea, irritability, weight gain, depression and irregular periods. These are some of the most common side effects of Yaz birth control pills, but they do not as such cause any danger.

Other more serious side effects include heart attack, kidney problems, brain hemorrhage, liver cancer and hepatitis. Although these aren’t common but excessive intake might result in the problems mentioned above.

However, more recently the drug has been held responsible for being involved in the deaths of 23 women in Canada. They were all on Yaz birth control and almost all were familiar to one of the very rare and fatal side effects of Yaz birth control pills. Blood clotting in the vessels is an extremely rare side effect of the drug yet the most dangerous too.

Some Canadian authorities have been looking into the drug and it has been found that the likelihood of developing blood clots in the vessels is higher for those on Yaz birth control than other contraceptives. This is because of the presence of drospirenone in the drug. Blood clots in the vessels is a disease called ‘disseminated intravascular coagulation’ which restricts the blood flow throughout the body and causes other problems like breath shortness, paralysis, chest pain and internal or external bleeding.

Yaz Birth Control Reviews.
Many people most notably the parents of the deceased have been demanding that the drug be recalled or immediate action should be taken to correct the drug. Most of the people are demanding that the drug be removed from the market as most of the reviews read that there are already many contraceptives available, there is no need of a drug with additional life threatening side effects.

However, those already on the dose without any serious side effects are against the notion of recalling or more appropriately removing it from the market because of the benefits it has brought to them. Most of users claim that not all of them have experienced serious side effects and therefore any problem caused lies elsewhere.

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Q:Are there any mild or minor side effects of yaz birth control pills?

A:Although Yaz has gained immense popularity worldwide for its effectiveness as birth control pill, the drug has also led to some mild and serious side effects. Many women are suing the manufacturers of the drug for medical complications they are suffering. Mild side effects of Yaz usually include the following: headaches, cramping, and moderate nausea.

Q:Can you tell me about the Yaz birth control reviews?

A:There have been mixed reviews of Yaz. Some people are demanding compensation for the side effects caused by Yaz birth control pill. It is also being asked that the drug should be removed from the market. There are many other contraceptives available, and it is not advisable to use Yaz, now that the dangerous effects of the pill are being observed. However, some users claim to have experienced no side effects of the pill and say that problem lies elsewhere.