Actos Lawsuit

What is Actos (pioglitazone)?

Actos is a drug that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of type-two diabetes in adults. It helps control blood sugar. The use of Actos is associated with a lot of harmful side effects, particularly bladder cancer.

Are you at risk for developing bladder cancer?

The risk of developing bladder cancer reportedly goes up as the duration of use of Actos increases. According to the warning issued by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 2011, those who  continue taking the drug for over a year are more likely to suffer from bladder cancer.  This conclusion was drawn with the help of data analyzed from an ongoing ten year epidemiological study. The study primarily indicated that although there was no overall increase in the risk of bladder cancer by the users of Actos, an increased level of risk was observed in those patients who had been exposed to high cumulative doses of the drug over a relatively long period of time. An association with Actos or pioglitazone was also reported by the American Diabetes Association. This observation was included in the findings of a study that was published in the journal Diabetes Care April 2011 vol.34 no 4. It concluded that there was an association between bladder cancer and the use of Actos that extended beyond 2 years.

Interestingly, a link between Actos and bladder cancer has been acknowledged by the drug’s maker itself. Research and analysis conducted by Takeda Pharmaceuticals revealed that diabetic patients that have been taking Actos for over 2 years face an increasing risk of developing bladder cancer as the duration of its use prolongs. The half-way findings of this 10-year study were submitted to the FDA in 2010 against which the US governmental agency came out with a Drug Safety Communication.

Should you continue the use of Actos?

All the risk factors should be taken into account well in advance and follow-up sessions should be scheduled with those who have been prescribed the drug. While deciding whether to continue the use of Actos, the benefits that have been derived from the use of the drug should be looked at in relation with the risks.

Moreover, in August 2011, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated the drug labels with the purpose of increasing awareness regarding the use of Actos. The revised drug labels indicated that the use of Actos for over one year raises the likelihood of developing bladder cancer. The label also suggested that physicians should not prescribe the drug to patients with active bladder cancer or prior history of the disease and patients should immediately see their health care provider if they experienced any unusual symptom such as blood in the urine, new or worsening urinary urgency or pain during urination. Such conditions, if experienced after the use of Actos, can usually be linked to bladder cancer.

Are you entitled to compensation?

If you or someone you know has developed bladder cancer following the use of Actos, you or they should consider filing a lawsuit. Such a lawsuit can claim compensation for the expenses incurred during treatment as well as take into account the pain and suffering that has been experienced. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the services of a lawyer who particularly deals with Actos bladder cancer lawsuits.

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Q:Should I join an Actos class action lawsuit if I am unable to afford the expenses for filing an individual lawsuit?

A:In the event that you have been harmed by Actos, you can file for damages suffered. If you are unable to afford an individual lawsuit then you can go for Actos class action lawsuit, but it should be kept in mind that the compensation given will be shared by all individuals included in the class action lawsuit. Before making your decision it is best to get legal consultation.

Q:Are Actos lawsuits difficult to win?

A:There is no easy answer to this, as winning a case will depend on a number of factors. These include the strength of your case, the strength of the Takeda Pharmaceuticals' defense to your lawsuit, whether or not the jury sympathizes with your case and any directions given the judge to name but a few. In any event a competent lawyer will be able to advise you on the strength of the case.

Q:What exactly is the basis for filing an Actos and bladder cancer lawsuit?

A:Since its appearance on the international market at the onset of the 1990s and the US one towards the end of the decade, a whole range of life-threatening side effects have afflicted the users. These have ranged from heart failure, kidney and liver damage as well as bladder cancer, prompting Actos lawsuits being filed against the manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals and distributer Eli Lilly & Co.

Q:Why have Actos bladder cancer lawsuits been on the rise in the past few years?

A:Actos was developed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals in the early 1990s for treating type-2 diabetes and marketed in the US from 1999 onwards by Eli Lilly & Co. It has been linked to causing bladder cancer in the diabetic patients taking it and hundreds of lawsuits against Actos and its maker and US distributer have been filed since September 2011.

Q:Before I file an Actos cancer lawsuit, do I have to prove that my cancer is directly linked to this drug?

A:Yes, you can only file an Actos lawsuit if you are certain that your medical condition has been caused due to the use of Actos. You must have used Actos for a certain time period before diagnosed with bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, or liver cancer. There are a number of medical tests that can help you prove your condition is a direct result of Actos.

Q:What are the dangers and side effects that have prompted people to file Actos cancer lawsuits?

A:Actos has been demonstrated to cause a whole range of horrific afflictions ranging from damage to liver and kidney, bone fractures, heart attacks and bladder cancer. This has prompted the affected users to initiate cancer lawsuits against Actos maker Takeda Pharmaceutical and distributer Eli Lilly & Co on the basis that had they been warned about the dangerous consequences, they would have avoided it like the plague.

Q:Are there any ongoing Actos class action lawsuits that I can be a part of or should I file a lawsuit individually?

A:In the past couple of years, based on the studies that have brought to light the dangerous side effects of Actos that include bladder cancer, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the drug's manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Though many consider class action lawsuits against Actos the best way to go, Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) is emerging as the best way to both hold the company accountable as well as get adequate individual compensation.

Q:How do I know whether I am eligible for filing an Actos lawsuit?

A:Pioglitazone, the active substance in Actos has been decisively linked to serious complications such as congestive heart failure, heart attacks, kidney and liver damage, bone fractures and bladder cancer. If you have been taking Actos for treating type-2 diabetes and have suffered with these side effects then you should definitely file a lawsuit against the Actos manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals and its American distributor Eli Lilly & Co.

Q:Will I have to prove to an Actos lawsuit attorney that I have been afflicted with the various side effects caused by the drug before litigation can commence?

A:It is extremely tragic that people who are suffering with the life-threatening consequences of type-2 diabetes have to contend with the lethal side effects of the very drugs that are meant to treat this complication. A competent attorney will file an Actos lawsuit solely on the basis of you having contracted a range of symptoms such as bladder and pancreatic cancer, heart strokes, bone fractures, damage to your liver and kidneys without requiring any tests or evidence.

Q:Has anyone ever filed an Actos lawsuit bladder cancer and if yes then on what grounds?

A:Since the early 1990s, Actos has been wreaking havoc on the health of the diabetic patients that it was prescribed to in the form of damage to liver and kidneys, heart attacks, blindness and even bladder cancer. The first Actos lawsuit based on bladder cancer was filed in 2011 against the Japanese giant Takeda Pharmaceuticals and contested that the plaintiff would not have taken Actos for five years if he had known the risks and dangers.

Q:I don't think I will be able to afford the legal expenses of an individual lawsuit. Is there currently a class action Actos lawsuit California?

A:From the latest news, there is no ongoing class action Actos lawsuit within California but there is a "multi-district litigation" panel that consolidates the individual lawsuits brought against the subsidiary of the Japanese based Takeda Pharmaceuticals located in the state. Class action lawsuits are typical of cases when the evidence against the culprit company is not that strong and a large number of plaintiffs are required to throw weight behind the charges.

Q:I recently saw in an Actos lawsuit commercial that people who have experienced side effects from using Actos can sue the company that made it. Is this true?

A:Yes, all the people who were prescribed Actos by their physicians for the purpose of treating type 2 diabetes are now capable of actively filing individual lawsuits. Following the issuance of a number of warnings by the FDA since 2010 that connected Actos usage for at least 12 months with complications such as bladder cancer by increasing the risks of contracting it to more than 40 %, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Q:Is an Actos lawsuit Florida different from that filed in other cities?

A:No, an Actos lawsuit in Florida is the same as that in any other US city. Moreover, due to the huge number of lawsuits against the drug's manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals, several states have initiated Multidistrict Litigation that lumps together numerous cases that have been lodged against the respective Takeda subsidiary. These stem from the plaintiffs alleging that they wouldn't have suffered dangerous side-effects such as liver damage and bladder cancer had they been warned by the company.

Q:What sort of Actos lawsuit information do I need to know in order to sue the maker Takeda Pharmaceutical or its subsidiaries?

A:Due to the processed foods and drinks that have hit market shelves in the latter half of the 20th century, diabetes has seen a high incidence. However, drugs such as Actos, which was produced by the Takeda Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Eli Lilly & Co., that were meant to treat type 2 diabetes have unleashed their own dangers. Since 2011, hundreds of Actos lawsuits have been filed and the most recent information suggests that this number could reach 10,000 soon.

Q:What will my circumstances have to be for an Actos lawsuit lawyer to initiate litigation against Takeda Pharmaceuticals?

A:It is extremely tragic that people suffering with the life-threatening consequences of type-2 diabetes have to contend with the lethal side effects of the very drugs that are meant to treat this complication. A well-experienced lawyer will file an Actos lawsuit on your behalf if you have been diagnosed with having complications such as bone fractures, liver and kidney related damage, blindness and even bladder cancer for no other reason other than using Actos for treating type 2 diabetes.

Q:Is the latest Actos lawsuit news favorable for the victims of this toxic drug?

A:Actos has exacerbated the health of the sufferers of type 2 diabetes even more by afflicting them with adverse side effects such as injuries to the kidneys as well as the liver, heart failure, blindness, bone fractures and even bladder cancer in many cases. Since 2011, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the Japan-based Takeda Pharmaceuticals and its various subsidiaries in the US and as per the latest news, Actos lawsuits are going to reach 10,000 very soon.

Q:I am planning to sue Takeda Pharmaceuticals for endangering my life. Can I hope to achieve an Actos lawsuit settlement?

A:The onset of diabetes in last six decades opened a huge opportunity for companies such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals to do big business by treating the symptoms of type 2 diabetes with drugs such as Actos. However, the horrific side effects this toxic drug have unleashed a laundry list of complications such as bladder cancer, blindness and liver damage that has become a strong enough basis for victims to effectively sue the company and receive damages following an Actos lawsuit settlement.

Q:Have there been any Actos lawsuit settlements in the past year or so?

A:In the past decade, it has been established by numerous medical studies that the usage of Actos for treating type-2 diabetes leads to several life-threatening complications such as bladder cancer, damage caused to the liver and kidneys, bone fractures to name a few. Hundreds of Actos lawsuits have been filed since 2011 and have resulted in settlements in hundreds of millions of dollars for the victims as well as served as raising awareness for other potential victims.

Q:If I file an Actos lawsuit Texas, should I expect to be treated differently from somebody doing the same in any other state?

A:No, there are no such laws particular to the state of Texas that will discriminate against your case and your right to hold the drug's manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals accountable. Your strongest allies are your complications that would probably range from having had damage done to your liver and kidneys, bone fractures, blindness and even bladder cancer. These will suffice for pushing an Actos Lawsuit filed in Texas all the way to a settlement.

Q:Why are Actos side effects lawsuits on the rise in the past few years?

A:Since its introduction into the medical market, Actos has wreaked havoc with the lives of the diabetes patients that it has been prescribed to. Marketed for treating type 2 diabetes by Eli Lily & Company and manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals of Japan, Actos causes very dangerous side-effects such as bladder cancer, liver and kidney related damage, blindness and bone fractures. These Actos side effects have prompted hundreds of lawsuits since 2011, averaging more than a million dollars in each settlement.

Q:How can I be sure that after filing a bladder cancer lawsuit Actos that I will be able to hold the drug's manufacturer accountable and receive some sort of damages?

A:Generally, in the case of behemoth pharmaceutical companies such as Actos' manufacturer Takeda and Eli Lilly its US distributor since 1999, powerful lobbyists and legal counsels influence FDA staff members in disregarding adverse side effects and issue licenses for marketing. However, in the case of Actos, the will of the bladder cancer victims has prevailed and since 2011, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed and the plaintiffs compensated with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Q:What is the statute of limitations for a class action lawsuit actos?

A:The statute of limitations for a class action lawsuit actos will vary from state to state. Many states have a one year time limit on filing a class action lawsuit actos. Others may have two or three years. Usually the statute of limitations starts from the date of the FDA warning. For example for actos bladder cancer lawsuits, in many states the time expired on June 15, 2012.

Q:I have been diagnosed with bladder cancer. One of the drugs I had been using was actos, which I used routinely from 2010 to 2011. Will I will be to file a class action lawsuit for actos?

A:The FDA has issued a warning of increased risk of bladder cancer for Actos on June 15, 2011. Any drugs manufacturer is liable for the products it puts on the market. Therefore your usage of actos qualifies you to file a class action lawsuit for Actos. It is imperative that you contact a product liability or a personal injury lawyer without delay so that you may be able to proceed with your lawsuit.

Q:Can you give me some information about lawsuit actos?

A:Actos is manufactured by the Takeda Pharmaceuticals and has been discovered to have a number of previously unknown side effects, which the company had previously not disclosed. So far most of the lawsuits brought up against Takeda are based on the fact that the company failed to warn or inform users of these severe side effects. Hundreds of cases have so far been filed against the company, and users of Actos are demanding compensation for the damages that they have had to suffer because of Actos.

Q:If I file a lawsuit against actos, I can demand compensation for what kind of losses?

A:If the consumption of actos has caused harm to you physically and mentally, you have the right to sue for compensation. Many people have developed health issues such as bladder cancer with actos. You can sue for damages and financial loss, medical bill coverage, emotional suffering, inability to work, and even loss of consortium. However it is important that you build your case wisely, proving that you're failing health is directly caused by actos. It is recommended to hire a legal expert in this field who can guide you through the legal process.

Q:On which grounds are lawsuits against Actos filed?

A:Use of Actos has been linked to development of bladder cancer, heart failure and other serious conditions which have resulted in lawsuits against Actos. If you have been affected by any such condition, you can hold the manufacture responsible for not giving proper warning regarding the potential dangers of the drug and seek damages.

Q:What was the actos suit based on?

A:Actos is a medicine which is used to regulate blood glucose levels. It was a very popular drug and was prescribed quite frequently by doctors to patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. This drug was widely used in the in the United States and the also the world over. However, slowly side effects of this started getting reported and it was discovered that problems as drastic as bladder cancer, heart failure, liver failure were among the reported side effects of Actos. And this is what most Actos lawsuits are based on, the fact that the manufacturer failed to inform the consumers of the deadly side effects of this drug.

Q:My search on what is actos for, led to the mention of available financial compensation for Actos side effects. Can you tell me more about it?

A:You might be able to avail financial compensation if your lawyer can successfully demonstrate that the drug has caused you physical and emotional suffering. You can file a lawsuit to recover some or all of the medical expenses and loss of income that you have incurred because of Actos related grievances. You will have to decide whether to file for a class action lawsuit or a separate case on your own. Most people go for a class action lawsuit in which case different claimants included in a class are awarded a single settlement approved by the court.

Q:How can I get legal assistance for bladder cancer from Actos?

A:Actos has been linked to bladder cancer and many lawsuits have been brought against the manufacturer. If you think your case is one of them, then get legal help. A lawyer will analyze your legal situation and will need medical records to see the extent of damage. Other factors like the duration of the intake of medicine would also need to be verified.

Q:Can an Actos bladder cancer lawyer help me get justice or would I just end up wasting time and money?

A:Actos has been linked with life threatening after affects and many legal cases have been brought against the drug. Bladder cancer has also been associated with the use of this drug. If you are one of the victims, you can get an Actos bladder cancer lawyer who is experienced. You can check if he or she has dealt with such cases before and check the ratio of the cases previously won.

Q:Under what circumstances is approaching actos law firms appropriate?

A:You should seek help from actos law firms if you think you are developing symptoms for bladder cancer. It is important that you first get yourself checked from a medical institute and confirm your suspicions. If you are suffering from any condition that has been linked to the use of actos, you can file a lawsuit and get compensated for your loss and suffering.

Q:While searching for negative actos effects, I came across its link with bladder cancer. Can you describe the signs and symptoms?

A:FDA forbids the use of Actos in patients who are already undergoing treatment for the bladder cancer. Symptoms include blood in urine, pain while urinating and augmented urge to urinate. Your risk of developing bladder cancer increases by forty percent if you use this drug for more than twelve months.

Q:Is bladder cancer caused by Actos and what are the legal options for it?

A:Actos was developed for treating for treating type-2 diabetes but unfortunately many serious side effects have come to light related to the drug, which have landed the manufacturers in trouble. Among these side effects, a serious one is bladder cancer caused by the use of Actos. Many lawsuits have been filed for it. If you think you are also a victim, then you can consult a lawyer and get to know how much compensation you can claim.

Q:Under what conditions can I get the services of an Actos injury lawyers?

A:If you have been harmed by the use of Actos in any way and you think there was not adequate warning of the dangerous side effects, then you can hold a case against the drug manufacturers. Actos has been associated with heart failure, kidney, liver damage and also the increased risk of bladder cancer. For any of these side effects you can hold the company accountable and get the services of an Actos injury lawyer.

Q:What are the side effects of actos? Are these acknowledged by FDA?

A:Yes, the Food and Drug Administration company has issued warning information about the link between Actos and the enhanced risk of developing bladder cancer. This information is based on a research study conducted over a period of ten years. Other side effects include increased risk of congestive heart failure brought on by increased water retention in the body, bone fractures, liver problems and lactic acidosis.

Q:Is it true that actos causes liver cancer?

A:There are a number of cancer types that have been linked to the use of Actos and liver cancer is one of them. Many instances and symptoms of liver damage have been reported in connection with Actos such as liver failure, liver inflammation, hepatitis, elevated liver enzymes, stomach pains, and yellowing of skin and eyes.

Q:I heard actos and kidney cancer are related. Can you tell me the symptoms of kidney cancer?

A:Patients who are suffering from kidney cancer experience symptoms such as lump and persistent pain in abdomen, loss of appetite and weight loss, tiredness, blood in urine, high temperature, and heavy sweating. If you or your loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms after using Actos, you may speak to an Actos lawyer to file a lawsuit.

Q:I have heart palpitations from taking Actos can i sue?

A:Actos is connected to a number of harmful side effects. One of the side effects is heart palpitations. If you are experiencing this side effect, you may contact an Actos lawyer to discuss your case. The attorney will be able to guide you and will represent you in case a lawsuit is needed.

Q:Is there a connection between pancreactic cancer and the drug Actos?

A:Research studies indicate a connection between the use of Actos and pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer was reported in people who were suffering from various diseases such as high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and pancreatic carcinoma. Commonly reported side effects of Actos are nausea, weight increase and decrease, and breathing difficulties.

Q:Does Actos cause pancreatic cancer?

A:Pancreatic cancer due to Actos has been reported in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. The latest reports of thousands of patient who were using Actos showed the presence of pancreatic cancer. These patients were the ones who already had diseases like type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, pancreatic carcinoma, and high blood pressure.

Q:I cannot afford to spend too much money on lawsuit; can I have Actos bladder cancer settlement?

A:There are many patients suffering from the side effects of lawsuit, who cannot afford to pay too much for filing a lawsuit. If you feel that your case deserves Actos bladder cancer settlement, then you must contact an Actos lawyer. An Actos lawyer will help you find how much compensation you can have and will guide you about the cost and procedure as well.

Q:How can I find out the amount of Actos settlement I will get?

A:The amount of settlement is different for every case. If you wish to determine a settlement for your case, you must contact an Actos lawyer. An experienced Actos lawyer will study your case and will let you know about the estimate of compensation you can have from the manufacturer of Actos.

Q:I have been suffering from kidney complication after using Actos. Can I file an Actos kidney stones lawsuit?

A:The drug Actos has some ingredients that can lead to dangerous complications in people, especially those suffering from type 2 diabetes. If you believe that Actos has been the cause of your kidney stones, it is advisable that you contact an Actos lawyer to file a lawsuit. A lawyer experienced in Actos cases will guide you with the procedure and help you acquire compensation.

Q:I have heard news about Actos pancreatic cancer. Should I stop using the drug?

A:There are a number of dangerous side effects associated with Actos. Patients using the drug for type 2 diabetes and various other diseases have experienced dangerous complications including cancer. You must contact your physician to discuss the use of Actos. In case of complications, patients are eligible for compensation of its dangerous effects.

Q:How Actos bladder cancer attorney can help me get compensation?

A:If you have suffered from the adverse side effects of Actos, it is better that you contact an Actos bladder cancer attorney to file a lawsuit. Actos bladder cancer attorney will not just assess your case and estimate compensation, but he or she will also guide you with the procedure of acquiring compensation as well.

Q:I have heard about Actos bladder cancer lawsuit. Is the drug unsafe for diabetes patients?

A:Diabetic patients who are exposed to the drug for a long period of time and have had high doses are at a greater risk of bladder cancer. According to the warning issued by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), patients who continue the drug for more than a year are much more likely to suffer from bladder cancer.

Q:I am suffering from various effects of actos. Can you help me find a good lawyer for Actos litigation?

A:If you are suffering from the adverse effects of actos, you can claim compensation. A good lawyer will be quite helpful in guiding you about the procedure. He or she will also analyze your case and estimate an amount of compensation accordingly. Make sure that you look for a lawyer who specializes in actos cases or has worked on several similar cases in the past.