Securities Settlement

Most securities losses could have been avoided had it not been for risky and unauthorized trades that a stockbroker may undertake in violation of all legal obligations and requirements. If you have suffered a securities related loss, you need to get in touch with a securities lawyer to procure the best possible securities settlement for your case.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) regulate the securities industry. These bodies have very strict rules and regulations about investment fraud. Laws have been designed to protect the investor against any incident of fraud on part of the stockbroker's license. Any act or omission that comes within the ambit of stockbroker's misconduct can lead to the stockbroker's license being suspended. All investment agreements more often than not contain arbitration agreements which make it necessary for an investor to first seek arbitration before the securities arbitration. The SEC may also bring civil action against companies or individuals found to participate in insider trading, accounting fraud or other misconduct. NASD works to protect investors through self-regulation of the securities industry.

A stockbroker is ethically required to follow SEC and NASD guidelines any divergence from which should be called fraud. Often the stockbrokers invest amounts in high risk bonds, junk bonds, "penny stocks", unregistered securities, mutual funds stocks, annuities or in options which are clearly deemed beyond acceptable levels of risk. They flout regulations by indulging in margin borrowing leading to greater losses. Losses on the stock market may be the result of inexperience or outright negligence on the part of the stockbroker. Fraud, however, is a more specific term which may invoke civil and criminal liability. Common claims include failure to hedge, theft, churning, unauthorized trading and selling away. There are many types of securities misconduct, which may require individuals or companies to seek legal action or arbitration. Such misconduct can cost investors their savings, investments or retirement accounts.

All of these are gross breaches of fiduciary duty that the stockbroker owes to the investor or, simply put, amount to outright fraud. A defrauded investor may file a lawsuit to recover the consideration paid for the financial advice and the amount of damages caused by fraudulent conduct on part of the broker or the brokerage firm, interest from the date of the fraudulent conduct, costs and lawyers' fees.

The lawyer will play a role in determining how to go forward and whether to file a complaint with the SEC or to proceed directly with the lawsuit and when the time comes to ensure an equitable securities settlement. An inexperienced lawyer is likely to overlook key pieces of evidence, such as unusual trades, while investigating the occurrence of stock fraud. In law, going for the best deal is not always a good idea because what appears to be the best deal may not always be so. A securities lawyer should be familiar with the changing state and federal laws and can advise you on legal options appropriate to your situation. It is important to hire a lawyer at the outset of any suspect trades or losses that you may have sustained because there should be, under any circumstances, absolutely no direct correspondence or communication, whether via email or letter or phone, with your brokerage firm.

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Q:Can you tell me about life settlement backed securities?

A:Life settlement backed securities are a financial derivative that is based on the purchase of a life insurance policy from the terminally ill. The seller of the insurance, usually someone over the age of seventy sells the insurance to a broker, who in turn pays the remaining premiums. On the death of the seller the broker can collect the payout of the insurance.

Q:Is a secured debt settlement possible or do all such cases of bankruptcy result in the collateral being seized by the money lender?

A:The fact is that it is considerably more difficult to reach a settlement in the case of secured debt than that for an unsecured one. However, one should not despair completely if it is the former case. What's most important is to realize your declining ability to make loan installments well ahead in time so as to negotiate an alternative debt repayment plan beforehand.

Q:How do securities class action settlements work?

A:Like all class actions, your lawyer will group together those plaintiffs whose cases are similar. The lawyer will work with the plaintiffs to start process of filing a lawsuit. Once served it may be that the defendant does not want to go to trail, for fear of losing. The defendant will then attempt to offer a settlement. The settlement lawyers will then negotiate on the plaintiffs' behalf to settle the case.

Q:Could you tell me about the securities clearing and settlement process?

A:Securities clearing and settlement process pertains to securities losses which can easily be avoided if the stockbroker refrains from undertaking any type of violation of all legal obligations and requirements. If you have been a victim of a securities related loss, you should contact a securities lawyer at the earliest and find the best possible securities settlement for your case. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) regulate the securities industry and have strict rules and regulations about such investment fraud.

Q:Can you please tell me what securities settlement systems are and how do they work?

A:Formerly known as Clearing, securities settlements systems ensures that transactions of dematerialized securities are handled securely. The system allows transactions to process both in primary as well as secondary markets. The system ensures settlement of transactions whose instructions are given by two counterparts. Moreover, it also ensures simultaneous and irreversible delivery of and payment for the securities.

Q:How can I use a security deposit settlement form for my protection? Please guide me a little.

A:A security deposit settlement form enables you to make valid deductions from security deposits from the tenants without a hassle. It may be used with or without a Move-In/Out Property Condition Inspection Report. This form can be a lot of help to landlords when deductions need to be made as it itemizes valid deductions in black and white, making it difficult for the tenant to argue with the facts.

Q:I've heard about security deposit settlement letter. Is it of any help? My latest tenant left the apartment unclean and is arguing over some damages.

A:A security deposit settlement letter can help you limit disputes regarding the security deposit's deductions and returns. This letter contains deductions and the balance of security deposit. To draft this letter, you can either take help from a format available online or you can draft one on your own, making sure that you pen down all the relevant information of deductions and return.

Q:I'm having a problem with one of tenants regarding deductions. How can I take help from a security deposit settlement statement?

A:A security deposit settlement statement can help you have a statement in black and white regarding the valid deductions from and return of the security deposit so that you are secured by law. The statement contains all the information pertinent to the deductions and the balance of security deposits, limiting disputes.

Q:What can a lawyer specializing in security settlement services do for me?

A:A lawyer in this field will look at the particular facts of your case and then consider whether or not you could successfully win a lawsuit. If not, the lawyer will consider your options. It may be that you could file a lawsuit and then reach/ negotiate a settlement. A settlement lawyer specializes in settlements and so will be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Q:Can you tell me about the legal significance of a security settlement system?

A:The rights of a purchaser of securities are contractual. This means the purchaser of the securities has proprietary rights, being protected by law. Before the settlement, these rights fell in the category of personal rights and were not protected by law. Now many rules and regulations have been define to save both parties from the risk of insolvency and counterfeit.