Report Neglect

If you feel a loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect at the hands of another person or institute, you should immediately report it to an authority who will help you take your loved one out of the stressful situation and provide for a safe and nourishing living arrangement. Often, such instances are overlooked because witnesses do not believe that it would actually help to report neglect and abuse to the right authority.

Defining Neglect

Neglect may be defined in many ways. In a decision published by the Departmental Appeals Board, Civil Remedies Division (Department of Health and Human Services) in 1989, the term ‘neglect', in the context of medical practice, is taken to “include failure to attend to the needs of patients in circumstances where the treating individual or entity is under a duty to provide care.” Other than medical settings, neglect may also occur when someone is not fulfilling duties that are expected of him/her.

Instances of Neglect

Any form of neglect on another party's part may result in irreversible losses and grief for you. You may be the direct victim of neglect or may witness your loved ones put through it. Neglect can occur in a number of instances.

For one, as painful as it may sound, neglect may occur in a nursing or old-age home. As the baby boomers are aging, pressure on nursing homes is also increasing and the already overwhelmed nursing home staff may neglect their duties and the needs of the residents. Since you have put your trust in these institutions, you and your loved one do not deserve to be put through this.

Neglect may also occur at the hands of a pharmaceutical company when it fails to mention some of the potential side effects of their manufactured drug or its interaction with other drugs. Patients may be exposed to the dangers of the drug without knowing about potentially harmful effects. A pharmacist may be party to neglect if he/she knowingly withholds information about a medicine that could harm the person taking the medicine.

Medical malpractice may also bring cases of neglect into light – especially where the medical staff has disregarded its duties. Sometimes, medical neglect may also lead to death. Most cases that have been filed for medical malpractice have been against doctors neglecting their duties to newborns.

Sometimes, landlords may also choose to neglect their duties pertaining to property maintenance and safety. Over time, this may cause many problems to arise for the inhabitants and if neglected for a long time, the building may become dangerous to live in. There might be the risk of collapsing roofs, mould, and hazardous material seeping out to cause health problems.

Filing an Injury Claim Lawsuit

If you have experienced any of the above mentioned instances, you should report neglect and contact a lawyer immediately. Your attorneys will be able to help you decide if you have a case and initiate legal proceedings on your behalf.
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