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The quest for knowledge keeps us motivated till the end of our lives. This ever-dynamic world continuously presents opportunities to competent professionals but one of the most important things that distinguish them in the eyes of employers is the requisite qualification or the highest form of degree in the relevant discipline. Some people like to pursue higher studies in their chosen subject regardless of any career motivation only because it offers them a sense of fulfillment while others have different drives. 'The sky is the limit' for such ambitious persons who like to proceed further beyond a Masters degree to attain a Doctoral Degree!

What is a Doctoral Degree?
For those individuals who are fond of extensive studying and are not afraid of intense intellectual efforts, pursuing a Doctoral Degree is not without rewards. A Ph.D. doctoral degree is the highest academic degree attainable in education. However, due to the rigorous studies involved, not more than one-percent of people are able to achieve this degree. A person with a Doctor of Philosophy degree earns great recognition and respect from the society by securing the impressive title of "Doctor" or Dr. This degree entitles the holders to be eligible for high-key career options besides improving their earning potential.

Who is eligible for it?
An undergraduate degree or a master's degree is essentially required by the colleges and universities in the United States to enroll in a doctoral course. Anyone who is interested in getting a doctoral degree has to completely master a certain study subject and increase knowledge in the concerned area. The normal time taken to complete a Doctoral degree ranges from three to eight years.

Types of Doctoral Degree:
Doctoral degrees are of two types, research and professional.

Research Doctoral Degree
A doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) is the most common type of a research doctoral degree which can be pursued once an individual completes his/her thesis in a field of research. There are a variety of scientific fields and humanities in which students can attain a Ph.D. The doctor of engineering (D.Eng.) is another type of research doctoral degree which can be earned once a student completes significant research in an engineering field. Finally, those who want to become eminent educationists can satiate their desire to excel by earning a doctor of education (Ed.D.).

Professional Doctoral Degree
For professionals who want to further their careers, a first professional degree or a professional doctoral degree is the desired answer. Common forms include degrees for such professions as law (juris doctor or J.D.), medicine (doctor of medicine or M.D.), dentistry (doctor of dental surgery or D.D.S.) and veterinary medicine (doctor of veterinary medicine or D.V.M.)

Online Programs
With online programs, now you can earn a Doctoral Degree from the comfort of your own home. If you are highly literate and self-motivated with the ability to strike a balance between work, family and studies, then you should definitely give it a try. The only thing to remember is that before enrolling, you should research whether a higher degree in your area of interest will be worthwhile in terms of future employment options. Some of the popular online courses offered are: Doctor of Public Health (DPH), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Psychology (PhD) and Doctor of Education (EdD).

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the content of the course on Health Information Management in the Online Doctoral Degrees?

A:The Online Doctoral Degrees in United States have dedicated course on Health Information Management.This course is of around 3 credits in total. It is designed to offer students with information regarding the roles of a clerk of health records. Students are also taught the various functions of management department of health information.

Q:What are the key features of Doctoral degrees?

A:Doctoral degrees boast the most rigorous curriculum, which is not only focused on theoretical coursework but extensive research projects, thesis, internship and departmental activities. Students are required to attend seminars, and score well in examinations to prove their sound understanding on the subject. The duration of most Ph.D degrees is 4-8 years.

Q:What is a doctorate degree?

A:A doctorate degree is often considered the highest academic achievement and will allow a student to start teaching at college level. In the US, you will have to attend and pass some classes, prepare a fairly detailed and comprehensive dissertation. You will then have to defend your dissertation from the professors from the faculty.

Q:Is it difficult to get doctoral degrees online?

A:Many accredited institutions offer doctoral degrees online which has made higher studies more accessible. Online degrees may seem difficult if the course relies mostly on practical work that may not be possible through distance learning. For such degree programs there are often arrangements of partial on campus learning classes or internships in the practical field.

Q:What are the distinguishing features of free doctorate degrees offered online?

A:In an attempt to promote higher education, many universities now offer doctoral degrees online. These are highly accessible as the theoretical coursework can be completed online. The applied research work required for thesis can be carried out in locations feasible for students. Students can easily finish this program in four to eight years.

Q:How long does it take to get a doctorate degree?

A:The time required to complete a doctoral degree varies by university and will depend on the field of study. Typically, 5-8 years are required to earn a doctoral degree. Students who enroll in a part-time doctoral program may take longer. To be awarded the degree, students must successfully complete the coursework of the program, along with the final project and dissertation.

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