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PhD in Marketing

What is Marketing?
The American Marketing Association defines marketing as ‘the business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from a producer to a consumer’. Marketing includes researching customer needs, leading product development, developing communication strategies, managing marketing campaigns, setting market prices and delivering products on time. Marketing professionals work in all sorts of companies and are responsible for everything from publishing an advertisement in the yellow pages, to effectively using a multi-million dollar budget to promote a company or a particular product. Strong communication skills, creativity and critical thinking abilities are vital in order to succeed in this field.

How can I obtain a PhD in marketing?
If you have a master’s degree in marketing and wish to increase your qualifications and increase your career advancement opportunities, then the doctoral program of marketing can potentially help you in achieving all that. The degree program includes two years of academic studies followed by two years of field research. The executive style program includes classes scheduled for evenings in order to facilitate working professionals. Students start off their degree with a core curriculum including accounting, business writing, public relations, internet marketing and media production. This is followed by a marketing research, the results of which are presented to professors in the form of a thesis for evaluation

What are the future prospects?
The field of marketing is one of the growing fields in the country, with private businesses and advertising agencies being the leading employers. A PhD in marketing can increase your chances of landing a job at a university, or at a government agency or public welfare organization. According to O*NET, employment opportunities are expected to increase by up to 19%, and the median annual wage for postsecondary business teachers is $73,660 as of 2012.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is included in a Marketing Doctorate program?

A:Students enrolled in a Marketing Doctorate program are required to choose from one of the following tracks: consumer behavior, quantitative modeling and market strategy. Once the students have chosen their area of expertise, they will be required to attend marketing seminars for the purpose of research, analytical modeling and decision making. The doctoral education will also include the submission of a research based thesis that encompasses the student's specialization.

Q:Is a phd in marketing worth it?

A:Whether a PhD in marketing is worth it or not depends upon your career goals. The program can take 4-8 years to complete and is aimed at helping you build expertise and research skills. This post-graduate qualification can lead to a diverse range of career opportunities in the business sector. You can qualify for teaching jobs positions in universities, work as a business researcher, or even qualify for an executive-level job position in a corporation. The income level will vary from place to place.

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