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Doctoral in Tech Project Management

What is tech project management?
From the cell phones we use to communicate with our family and friends to the airplanes that take us to our vacation spots, technology plays a central role in everything we use and every task perform. Technology has truly transformed our lifestyles, and it is very hard for us to imagine how our ancestors lived without electricity just over a hundred years ago. As its name suggests, the branch of tech project management combines modern management techniques with manufacturing and product design. While its scope covers every branch of technology, this field mainly focuses on exploring new areas in information technology, computer systems and digital communications.

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What is the doctoral of tech project management?
In order to enroll in a Doctoral of Tech Project Management, applicants must hold a master’s level of education in a technology or engineering related field. The four year long doctoral degree starts off with courses in the areas of financial management, communications, leadership, resource management and logistics. Students then carry out an independent research in this field, and prepare a thesis of their findings. Once the thesis is approved by senior professors, the doctorate of tech project management is awarded.

What are the future prospects?
All over the world, various industries including manufacturing corporations, mining companies and construction businesses are focusing on implementing effective management strategies in an effort to boost productivity and increase profits. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in technology management will increase by around 17% through 2018. A doctoral of tech project management is a fantastic way to take advantage of this growth, and can land a top level job at a university, private business or government organization.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What schools are considered the best for enrolling in project management doctoral programs?

A:The best project management doctoral programs are offered by schools such as : Columbia University, University of California, Duke University, University of Virginia, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Stanford University, Southern New Hampshire University, and Boston University. The above mentioned institutions are known for their quality education services and immense contribution to the post graduate field of studies.

Q:How is a certificate in educational leadership and administration different from a degree?

A:A certificate in educational leadership and administration is a short non-degree course. It is offered to students who wish to enhance their credentials and skills. The program allows students to upgrade their knowledge and boost their career opportunities in the field. Employers prefer hiring candidates who have credentials and are certified in the field. Browse through our page for detail.

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