Tech Project Management Degrees

What is Tech Project Management?
Tech Project Management trains you to manage products and services in technical industries. You are prepared to take responsibility for recommending new product lines and tracking their relative profitability. You may be expected to be involved in sourcing raw materials and controlling production costs in Tech Project Management. Tech Project Management may also help you with finding general management positions in fields such as sales, marketing and finance.

Tech Project Management generally requires you to take courses in mathematics, statistics and economics. This is besides the engineering courses you take and general management credentials you develop in studying accounting, marketing and organizational behavior.

Tech Project Management is a complex and rigorous discipline requiring both a background in hard sciences and technology as well as the soft business skills that come with experience. Those who study Tech Project Management commit themselves to a lifetime of learning on the job to stay on the cutting edge of technology, business and policy issues that may impact their sector.

Most commonly offered degrees in Tech Project Management
Some institutions will offer degrees under the title Tech Project Management. Such programs have often been developed in consultation with local employers to provide the engineering and business skills expected of graduates.

But it is possible to enter Tech Project Management from different backgrounds. For example, those who study science and engineering at the undergraduate level may further complete a graduate degree in Project Management or Business Administration to enter the field.

People who have many years of experience in industry are often able to transition into Tech Project Management roles by completing relevant certificate and executive training programs.

Specializations available in Tech Project Management
Tech Project Management offers specializations depending on which technical field you plan to work in. It is possible to complete a basic degree in different branches of engineering and technology. Common choices include communications, information technology, web technology, software, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. A master’s degree is generally encouraged as a way to develop deeper expertise in the technology area of interest.

It is somewhat less common to have a specialization in your core business area in Tech Project Management but options include operations management, logistics management, entrepreneurship and design.

Career opportunities and salaries for students of Tech Project Management
Students of Tech Project Management are the rare breed who understand technology and have an aptitude for management. As such, they remain in high demand in all sectors of the industry particularly those with technical products such as software or pharmaceuticals.

Students of Tech Project Management are sought out as sector specialists by investment banks and hedge funds. They are able to provide expertise in relevant investment decisions.

Students of Tech Project Management are also sought out in industry to plan complex engineering and management projects.

Starting salaries in Tech Project Management tend to be among the highest around with starting offers of over $60,000 a year not uncommon. The compensation grows rapidly with experience in the field.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which universities offer the best Project Management degrees?

A:The universities listed on our website offer the best Project Management degrees.

Q:Can you name a few schools that offer Masters in Project Management courses?

A:Various schools offer the Masters in Project Management course. These include American InterContinental University Online, Capella University, Strayer University, Kaplan International, New England College and Walden University.

Q:What skills and knowledge do students gain by completing the bachelor of technology in project management degree program?

A:The bachelor of technology in project management degree is designed to provide students in depth knowledge of the business field and technological factors that affect it. Students gain technical knowledge that will prepare them to take on management positions in organizations. They develop skills in formulating business strategies in a technological environment. Not only do they receive theoretical knowledge, but also undergo technical training that combines business and technology.

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