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Associate in Tech Project Management

An associate in tech project management is an undergraduate program that is geared towards providing learners with the knowledge about the principles and applications of project management. This program helps gain foundational academic training in both technical and management aspects of projects. Students with an associate in tech project management degree may qualify to become IT project manager or business intelligence manager. Employment of computer and information systems managers is projected to increase 15% from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Demand for IT managers will rise as companies continue to expand their use of wireless and mobile networks.

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Associate in Tech Project Management Program
The associate degree in tech project management is offered by both traditional and online schools. The program typically lasts for two years, but depending on the route that students take, can take a shorter or longer period of time. Graduates may possibly find employment opportunities in government or the non-profit sector.

The degree instructs students about how to manage products and services in technical industries.  It can potentially enable students to qualify for a bachelor’s degree which is the general requirement for IT project managers.

Program Coursework
The associate in tech project management may cover courses in project management methods, information technology systems and effective leadership and communication. Students may also learn about business models and practices, organizational behavior, information technology, web technology and mathematics among other areas. Some programs may also allow students to focus their degree in a particular field such as entrepreneurship, operations management and more.

Associate in Tech Project Management Online
Students who want to earn an associate degree in tech project management but cannot attend traditional programs can avail the online option is available. There are many schools that offer the degree online and allow students to study at their individual schedule. As the online associate program in tech project management is self-paced, stay-at-home parents and working adults can particularly benefit from this program. Students can work towards the online associate degree program in tech project management on their own terms and keep up with their personal commitments alongside.

Admissions Requirements
A high school or its equivalent is required to enroll in the associate in tech project management. Students may also have to submit letters of recommendations and statement of intent. Other requirements for admissions may vary from school to school.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of an associate in tech project management can manage project in a variety of settings related to engineering and technology. They may become IT project managers or business intelligence manager and increase their prospects of finding jobs in several industries including computer systems design and related services, Information, Finance and insurance and Government.

Income may vary by location and experience. As of 2012, the median annual income for IT project managers was $81,140 (O*Net).

Continuing Education
Students with an associate degree in tech project management can advance their knowledge by enrolling in the bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Many employers prefer to hire candidates with bachelor’s degrees. The advanced degree in tech project management helps students develop an in-depth understanding of software and technology management, organizational management principles and network technologies.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is associate in tech project management?

A:Associate in tech project management is an entry level program for project practitioners. It is especially designed for those who have little or no project management experience. The program helps students to understand the fundamental knowledge, terminology, and processes involved in effective project management. You can acquire the basic project management knowledge with this program.

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