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MBA in Tech Project Management

MBA in tech project management is an advanced program that helps students in building a strong and comprehensive business foundation. As there is a dire need for project managers with technical expertise at present, enrolling in these programs can be a wise career move for students that want to find related job opportunities in different industries or government sectors.

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Program Overview
An MBA in tech project management is offered by both regular and online institutions. You can earn this degree in 1 to 3 years, but if you enroll in an online program, you can obtain it at your own pace in a shorter or longer period of time. This program familiarizes you with the principles and applications of project management. It will also help you build the theoretical foundation required to take up senior-level positions in different industries. You will learn to manage complex projects in the technology related sectors, such as IT, communications, computing, healthcare and more.

Online Programs
Students who want to become tech-project managers but cannot pursue regular classes need not be disappointed as there are various online schools that offer programs for aspiring project managers as well. The online MBA programs allow students to enroll from any location and study at timings that suit their personal routine. Classes are managed on the web and students can communicate with instructors, participate in group discussions and submit assignments online.

Admissions Requirements
To enroll in an MBA program in tech project management, students must hold a bachelor's degree in business administration, management, or IT management. Other requirements may vary by school.

A variety of topics are covered in this advanced degree in tech project management. Some of the courses you will study include project management methods, information technology systems and creating project schedules, and design. You will also cover topics such as business models and practices, alternative energy, biotechnology in addition to leadership and communication.

Career Prospects
Tech project management graduates can possibly find a variety of jobs. They can opt to work towards becoming business intelligence managers or IT project managers. Professionals such as Information Technology Project Managers earned a median salary of $81,140 on an annual basis in 2012.

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