Management Info Systems Degrees

Types of Degree Programs & Courses
Management Info Systems (MIS) provide useful information that can be used to manage businesses in an efficient manner. MIS degrees offered by online educational institutions range from basic level associate’s courses to advanced level master’s degree programs. A number of entry-level programs specifically designed for individuals looking for a fast track to the field of Management Information Systems are also available.

MIS Certifications & Diploma Programs: Diploma or specialist certificate courses in Management Information Systems are usually offered by community colleges and training schools. These courses take six months to a year of full-time education to complete, and are deemed. MIS diploma programs and certificates are ideal for students who wish to acquire practical training and skills, instead of focusing on the theoretical aspects of Management Information Systems.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs: Students looking for a professional level degree in this field can undertake a bachelor’s or a master’s program in Management Information Systems. These programs are suitable for individuals who are interested in obtaining both the theoretical and practical knowledge related to this highly specialized field. Bachelor’s level degree programs in Management Information Systems take approximately forty-eight months to complete, and are mostly based on theoretical aspects of the subject. Master’s degrees are suitable for individuals wishing to further their education in Management Information Systems with an aim to either serve in a big corporation or start their career in teaching. All these courses can be completed in considerably less time provided all credits and graduation requirements are met by the student. The average duration of an online associate’s degree in Management Information Systems offered in the U.S. varies from eighteen to twenty-four months.

Specializations Offered
Students working towards their desired educational qualification in Management Information Systems are allowed to choose their preferred area of specialization. The specialization streams offered in Management Information Systems degree programs vary depending on the type of qualification and the institution. Some of the most common specialization streams offered to Management Information Systems degree students include training in managing technology, project risk management, database design, and software systems design among others.

Career Opportunities and Salaries
Individuals graduating with accredited qualifications in Management Information Systems enjoy exceptional career opportunities in both public and private sector organizations in the U.S.  Most of the graduates end up working in positions such as Network Administrator, Network Systems Analysts, and Manager Information Systems Manager.

According to the United States Labor Departments, students graduating with degrees in MIS can expect to earn on average between fifty to sixty thousand dollars on an annual basis. However, individuals with advanced degrees in the subject and prior experience usually earn six figure salaries working for major multinational corporations.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the 6 month online courses in Management Information systems regarded?

A:The 6 months online course in Management Information Systems is regarded as a certification. It has around 25 credits, which can vary from institute to institute.

Q:What are the different types of Management Info Systems degrees?

A:There are various Management Info Systems degrees. These include the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees in management information systems. These are offered with different specialties such as non-profit management, business management, construction management, general management, and healthcare information management.

Q:Which is the best school to take online Management Info Systems degrees?

A:Online Management Info Systems degrees are offered by quite a few schools listed on our website. Here are the names of some of the most acknowledged ones: Creighton University, Kesier University Online, Grand Canyon University, UMassOnline, Ohio Christian University, New England College of Business, Colorado State University-Global Campus, and Liberty University Online.

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