Master in Management Info Systems

What are management info systems?
The field of management information systems deals with the implementation of management principles with information technology in order to create an efficient organizational structure that provides for a high degree of productivity and profitability. The field of Information Technology plays a central role in our lives today, literally governing our lives, and defining how we live, work and communicate with others. In order to effectively harness the full use of IT and information systems in a business, professionals in the field of management info systems are called upon.

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What is the master of management info systems?
The master of Management  Info Systems two year long graduate degree that is designed to help students develop the abilities required to be a successful leader, and bring about effective changes in an organization that help realize its short and long term goals. In order to enroll in this program, applicants must have a bachelor’s level education in IT or a related field and possess relevant work experience. Some of the courses offered include business planning, financial management and accounting, statistical interpretation and data analysis, organizational development and leadership skills.

What are the future prospects?
The increase digitalization and mechanization at businesses, manufacturing industries and government organizations throughout the world has led to a rise in the demand of Master of Management Info Systems graduates to devise various methods of increasing profitability and sustainability. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment opportunities in this field will increase by 14% through 2018, and currently puts average wages at over $140,000 per year, making the Master of Management Info Systems an ideal degree for the future.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you explain briefly about the master in management info systems degree program?

A:A masters in management information system program is a graduate level program. It has duration of 24 months and a credit hour requirement of 36 hours. The program focuses on the field of information technology combined with management systems. Students develop management concepts and computer skills that are used in modern businesses. They learn how to apply technology to resolving business problems, improving productivity, and enhancing communication.

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