MBA in Technology Management

Technology has changed the business outlook and plays a pivotal role many businesses across the globe. Technology Management MBA programs are designed for individuals who wish to specialize in technology related businesses. A Technology Management MBA degree enables individuals to step into high level positions in technology companies in both public and private sectors. The program is ideal for those people who have an academic or professional background in technology and wish to move into a managerial role.

Admission Criteria and Prerequisites
Only bachelor’s degree holders are eligible to gain admittance into a Technology Management MBA program. This degree includes both management and Information Technology (IT) related subjects. Every college and university follows its own criteria and some might even require one to two years of work experience. Technology Management MBA is an advance program that often takes two years completion time. The students are exposed to various extensive courses, which teach them to link the evolving technology with effective business strategies. Through case studies and projects, key issues related to technology are addressed. The courses are divided into four semesters, gradually moving from basic to more technical subjects. The curriculum includes core courses like,

  • Technology in the Business Environment
  • Corporate Finance
  • Management of technology
  • Project management
  • Marketing analysis
  • Technology and the Law
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing
  • Web technologies
  • Systems analysis
  • Computer networks

These subjects are among many others and are designed to sharpen the analytical skills of the students. They are put through practical training which encourages them to come up with concrete solutions to different challenges. Technology Management MBA contains both theory and practical courses. Theory lays the foundation of basic business management and technology systems. Practical subjects help them learn through experience and develop skills that are required by the job. At the end of the program, the students have to submit an individual final project. They have to apply their knowledge and skills to come up with a business plan and solutions that are influenced by technology.

Technology Management MBA comprises of professional faculty members. They have either done research or contributed to the business and technology sector. They design courses in such a way that it includes everything from lectures to case studies to seminars, along with projects and researches.


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How long does it take to get an MBA in Technology Management?

An MBA in Technology Management will help you stay up to date with rapid technological changes in the business field. To get a master’s in business administration with a specialization in technology management, you will have to spend two years in university. However, some online accelerated programs will allow you to complete your degree in 18 months. In both cases, you are required to complete around 48 credit hours to graduate.

What are the requirements to get an MBA in Technology Management?

The admissions requirements for an MBA program differ across different universities. The following are the general requirements you will have to meet to get into an MBA program with a specialization in technology management. You must:

  • Have completed your bachelor's degree
  • Have up to five years of experience in the field
  • Clear standardized tests like the GRE and GMAT
  • Write an admissions essay
  • Obtain letters of reference from your professors
  • Give an interview

How much can I make with an MBA in Technology Management?

Workers in management occupations are usually very well paid. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for management occupations was $104,240 as of May 2018, which is a higher pay than earned in most other major occupations.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How are the interviews for the MBA in Technology Management programs held?

A:The interviews for the MBA in Technology Management are usually held in the campus under the supervision of the head dean, however, some universities also hold interviews online, for example via Skype. These interviews usually take from 30 to 45 minutes.

Q:What is the primary difference in the MBA Technology Management program and Masters in Technology Management?

A:The Masters in Technology Management is a rather rookie course for students who have minimal exposure or no work experience prior to the qualification. The MBA Technology Management, on the other hand, is a more robust professional qualification that requires past experience in the field.

Q:What courses are taught in a Technology Management MBA program?

A:Technology Management MBA program includes courses such as business law, corporate responsibility, financial management, environmental management and occupational safety, product development and testing, systems engineering, technology strategy and human resource management.

Q:How long is the Technology MBA program?

A:The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management is two year program if pursued in a regular campus based institute. The duration differs if the degree is opted online. Online MBA in Technology Management is a self paced program hence does not have any specified time span for completion of the degree.

Q:What is the usual GMAT score requirement of the MBA technology management programs?

A:The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) requirement for the MBA Technology Management programs is different at different schools. Usually the online programs are more flexible in this aspect. The usual GMAT score that makes you eligible for the top schools is around 720 or above.

Q:Can I opt for a scholarship in the MBA Technology and Education Development program?

A:You can opt for the MBA Technology and Education Development program with scholarship.

Q:Why MBA in Technology Management degree program should be pursued?

A:An MBA in Management Technology degree program will boost your career further and increase your pay grade automatically. This will also open much more job opportunities at higher levels in bigger firms other than the beginner level posts that a bachelor in technology management secures.

Q:From where can I pursue top Technology Management MBA?

A:There are a bunch of universities listed on our website offering top Technology Management MBA Degrees. These offer online as well as campus-based education. Here are the names of another couple of institutes offering top Technology Management MBA degrees: University of Washington, New England College, Grantham University, Capella University, Westwood College, Colorado Technical University and Keller Graduate School of Management.

Q:Can you name a few courses taught in the MBA in IT Management program?

A:The MBA in IT Management program offers a wide range of courses in management and information technology. It includes a bunch of core courses and a few majors. Here are some of the popular courses offered in almost all MBA in IT Management programs: Financial Management, Environmental Management, Corporate Responsibility, Information Management, Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology, Strategic Management, Systems Engineering, Information Technology Security and Network Engineering.

Q:Are there any financial aid options available with the MBA in Technology Development program?

A:Yes. Financial aid options are available with any degree you want to pursue. You can apply for the MBA in Technology Development and fill out the FAFSA form and submit before the deadline. This will most probably get you a federal loan, grant or a scholarship. If by any chance you do not qualify for any of the federal student loan options, there are always private loans which you can easily take up via the applied school's financial aid office.

Q:How much time do the Best Technology MBA schools allow students for the completion of the degree program?

A:The best Technology Management MBA schools can take from two to three years for the degree program to complete. The degree itself is for two years. However, for students who cannot complete it at the regular pace, they are allowed another extra year to finish off the courses they were not able to clear or take.

Q:Can you name a few technology courses included in curriculum of top MBA in Technology Management programs?

A:MBA in Technology Management is a graduate level degree program offered by a number of business schools. The curriculum comprises of business related courses and a number of technology related courses. These include courses such as: technology and law, knowledge management, managing emerging technologies, behavioral challenges in technology environment, accounting and finance technology, and project management.

Q:How to become MBA Technology Management degree holder?

A:To be a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management degree holder, you will need to have a undergraduate degree completed in a related discipline. To be admitted into the graduate program to pursue MBA in Technology Management, you will need to maintain a CGPA of above 3.0 in your bachelor's degree, have a job experience and clear the graduate school interview.

Q:What is the scope of technology MBA degrees?

A:The MBA degree program in Technology Management is a two year program qualifying students to secure lucrative job opportunities. Students are exposed to the practical application side of the course, with rigorous presentations and projects to be submitted along the program. IT is the backbone of each and every industry nowadays. Therefore, degree holders have good career opportunities waiting for them upon completion of the graduate program.

Q:What will I learn in a MBA Information Technology Management program?

A:A MBA program in technology management will help you understand the basic concepts of globalization and information technology. You will learn how to identify strategies of markets and emerging technologies. The program will provide an insight on high tech firms, organizational competencies, and existing corporate level technology strategies used by ventures.

Q:What are the enrollment requirements of online MBA technology management?

A:While general enrollment requirement may vary school to school the basic are more or less the same everywhere. For enrollment in an MBA in technology management, students need to have completed their bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Technology Management MBA is an advance degree program and requires two years completion time, for online students this period may vary.

Q:Do employers mind students who have obtained an online MBA degree in technology management?

A:Most employers, or indeed students, will not be able to tell the difference between students who have obtained an online qualification, as opposed to a traditionally taught qualification. The content of an online program is similar to traditional programs, other than minor amendments to allow it to be taught online.

Q:What is the credit hour requirement for technology management MBA programs?

A:A technology management degree at master's level comprises of a number of credit hours that are essential for degree completion. These usually range between 30-40 hours. The exact number of credit hours will depend upon the state and university. The total credit hours are divided up into courses, these courses must be completed for credits.

Q:What are the admission requirements for an MBA in management of engineering and technology degree program?

A:To enroll in a MBA in management of engineering and technology degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements: submit a bachelor degree transcript, high school diploma, notification of previous work experience (if any), GMAT/SAT scores, and a few letters of recommendation. These are the general requirements for admission, and can vary from school to school.

Q:I am planning to enroll in the best technology management MBA programs in my state. What admission requirements will I have to fulfill?

A:To enroll in the best technology management MBA programs in your state, you will have to fulfill certain admission requirements. These may vary from college to college but will generally include the following: submission of a bachelor degree transcript in a relevant area, minimum CGPA 2.5, letters of recommendation, and notification of any work experience or project.

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