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MBA Sports Management

There are many among us who had dreams of becoming sports heroes. While this dream may only come true for those who are gifted with the physical ability and determination to succeed, there are other ways of “playing your part” in the sports industry.

Behind the playing fields and sports arenas is a huge sports industry built around teams, leagues, products and services. Building a career in sports is possible in a number of different areas. One such area is sports management, which entails the business side of sports, such as event management, sports marketing, team management and facility management.

Academic Areas in Sports Management

There are various degrees available for those interested in working in sports management. These range from undergraduate to graduate level degrees. An MBA in sports management is recommended due to its interdisciplinary structure that includes courses covering:

  • Marketing
  • Media Management
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Sports Psychology
  • College Athletics Management
  • Organizational Management

A MBA sports management degree is generally of 2-year duration. The graduation requirements also require the successful completion of an internship with a sports-related firm during the course of the degree. An MBA degree in sports management attempts to impart the knowledge and skills required in managing a sports-related business or organization such as sports teams, sports associations and related brands.


Careers in Sports Management

The sports industry is a multi-billion dollar one, spanning sports arenas, sports associations, college leagues, player associations, public relations agencies, sporting goods businesses and sports marketing firms.

Sports management experts can be found working in a number of diverse areas within the sports industry. Sports team-related functions can be divided into various categories each of which requires the expertise of a sports management professional. Agents negotiate contracts on behalf of sports players. Team managers coordinate the activities of a sports team as a whole. Marketing, public relations and event management are all part of the management apparatus of sports players and teams.

Some of the professional roles that are part of this industry include:

  • Sports agent for athletes
  • Sports manager for teams
  • Team director
  • Ticket sales director
  • Sponsorships director
  • Public relations director
  • Sports marketing manager
  • Sports business manager


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I wish to pursue a sports management MBA program but face financial constraints. Are there any universities offering financial assistance for such programs?

A:There are many universities and schools that offer financial aid for various programs, including MBA in sports management. These financial aid options include scholarships, grants, work-study programs and student loans for students who qualify.

Q:What is the duration of accelerated Sports MBA programs?

A:The fast-track Sports MBA programs offered by some universities allow you to complete the degree requirements in about 18 months, allowing no semester breaks or other holidays. Some of these universities are listed on our website.

Q:If I have studied the first year of my MBA in Management on campus, can I get my credits transferred to an online MBA in Sports Management?

A:Such options are highly dependent on school rules and regulations. Hence, it cannot be determined without checking with the school you are already enrolled in as well as with the other school, if that is the case. It would be more convenient if the same campus-based institute has a similar online program as well. The best option for you is to check with the admissions office of your institute and discuss your case with them.

Q:What are the common courses offered in sports management degrees?

A:Sports management MBA may include various areas of study such as law, marketing, media management, finance, healthcare, sports psychology, college athletics management and organizational management.

Q:I have taken financial aid during the course of my MBA sports management degree. Will it affect my credit rating?

A:This totally depends on what type of financial aid you opted for. If it is a scholarship or a grant, it should not affect the credit rating, since these are not paid back. However, if you took out student loans, there may be a negative effect on your FICO credit score in case you miss payments and don't make them on time after repeated reminders. All you have to do is make sure that you make timely payments and your credit rating will not get negatively affected.

Q:How many credits and courses are required to complete the sports management online MBA programs?

A:The Sports Management Online MBA Programs require that you complete at least 50 credit hours with at least a 3.0 CGPA. Each course component must be covered to earn the minimum number of credit hours.

Q:Is it possible to save up on college costs by pursuing the online MBA in sports management?

A:An online MBA in sports management enables students to cut down on college expenses such as the daily commuting costs and campus-based accommodation. Several universities allow students to download the course material that can further save up on books-related expenses. Unlike the traditional programs, distance learning may help students minimize costs such as those of commuting and on-campus accommodation.

Q:How much time does it take to complete the online MBA in sports and entertainment program?

A:The regular MBA in sports and entertainment usually takes 12-24 months for completion. However, the online variant doesn't have any time restrictions and can be completed at the students' own pace. Students also have the freedom to schedule their own classes and stream online lectures. Besides, working adults do not have to compromise on their working schedules as these programs enable them to complete their degrees without any time constraints.

Q:As I went through the article on MBA in Sport Management Careers, there was mention of the course on Ethical Decision Making. What is taught in this course?

A:The MBA in Sport Management careers articles do highlight a lot on the courses on Ethical Decision Making. This is a 4 credits worth course which aims to teach students how to create strong system of corporate as well as personal values. Students also get to learn the ethical theories, languages and principles that are applied to managerial decision making.

Q:What is taught in the online MBA sports marketing course?

A:The online MBA in Sports Management includes a core course in marketing. It introduces students to basic marketing procedures, techniques, administration, and importance of marketing related to sports management. The curriculum may vary slightly from college to college.

Q:What kind of curriculum should I expect while pursuing a Sports management degree?

A:A sports management degree is definitely not just about sports, infact you can expect to learn subjects as diverse as: Law, Media Management, College Athletics Management, Healthcare, Marketing, Organizational Management, Finance and Sports Psychology to name a few. This is a highly specialized field where being at the top of your game is crucial for career growth.

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