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Business studies are among the most popular college majors opted by many students. After all doesn’t the corporate world still remain one of the most coveted destinations for graduates?  

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In addition to the 2 or 4 year college degrees, an increasing number of students are also turning to certificate programs in business that take a shorter time to complete and may also offer a great deal of flexibility.

Why pursue a Business Certificate Program?

Whether you are a businessman, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a professional wishing to make a career shift, you may benefit from earning a certificate in business.

  • Certificate Programs are designed to equip students with the fundamental theories and concepts of business practices.
  • Students develop a strong knowledge base of various functional areas of Business such as Finance, accounting, management, and marketing.
  • You’ll be able to keep up with the latest developments in the contemporary business world
  • Some courses are taught by professionals with many years of relevant experience in the industry.
  • You’ll be provided with an opportunity to develop valuable professional network and integrate with people from similar backgrounds.

What courses will you study?

You may study courses like:  

  • Introduction to Finance
  • Introduction to Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Essentials of Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • Organization and Management

The above list provides a general idea as to the kind of curriculum you may find. The names and types of courses generally vary from one university to another.

The choice of courses will essentially depend on the type of certification you apply for. Some schools allow students to opt for an Advanced Business Certification that requires them to take up some specialized modules in addition to the core courses. These may include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Decision Models and Management
  • Options and Derivatives
  • Quantitative Finance

You should look through the details of these courses, discuss your options with an expert and choose a program that fits well with your academic as well as professional interests.

Types of Business Certificates:

While some programs will be titled ‘Business Certificate’, you may find variations or relevant programs like:

  • Business Administration
  • Business and Leadership
  • Business and Innovation
  • Business Fundamentals for Non Business Professionals
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability and Business
  • Project Management

These programs generally offer curriculum similar to that of general certificate in business, in addition to specialized knowledge in a specific area.

Online Certificates:

If you wish to pursue a Business Certification program, you’ll typically have the option of enrolling in a campus based program or a distance learning course. Online certificates offer several benefits. You’ll be able to:

  • Study from any location
  • Hold onto a job while you study
  • Study according to your own schedule
  • Reduce costs by cutting down on travel expenses

Before you enroll in an online program take the following factors into account:

How to apply?

The admission requirements usually vary from one university to another. However you’ll generally be required to provide the following as a part of the application process:

  • A completed or in-process bachelors/masters degree transcripts and certificates
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume

What business careers can you pursue?

The type of career that you take up will depend on a number of factors including your level of education, relevant experience, and personal characteristics.

Considering it is a very diverse field, there are many different employment opportunities that you may pursue.
According to US News, some of the ‘Best Business Jobs for 2014’ include:

Market Research Analyst

They are responsible for analyzing market conditions and consumer preferences in order to help companies market their goods and services effectively.

2012 Median Pay: $60,300
Growth Rate: 32% (much faster than average)

Operations Research Analyst

They use advanced analytical and quantitative tools for identifying and solving business problems

2012 Median Pay: $72,100
Growth Rate: 27% (Much faster than average)

Marketing Manager:

They help develop marketing policies and campaigns of companies in order to generate or sustain interest in the products and services offered.

2012 Median Pay: $115,750
Growth Rate: 12% (As fast as average)

Insurance Sales Agents:

They are responsible for helping insurance companies find potential clients and generate new businesses. They also help people choose the most appropriate type of insurance policy.

2012 Median Pay: $48,150
Growth Rate: 10% (As fast as average)

These are just a few examples. There are many other related as well as different opportunities that you may seek. With so many options available, you are bound to find something that’ll match your academic and professional interests.

How long does it take to get a business certificate program?

When it comes to business certificates, there are a number of options and specializations to choose from. You could choose to get a certificate in healthcare administration, social media marketing, or corporate finance etc. The time taken to complete a certificate program in business depends entirely on the program itself and the student's dedication. It could take anywhere from 3 months to a few years to get certified. The actual certification is typically done through an examination. It is the time for preparation that varies.

What are the requirements to get a business certificate program?

There are usually no strict requirements to get a business certificate. You may be required to hold a high school diploma or GED or take prerequisite courses, as defined in the course outline. In addition to this, you are generally required to maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 or a C grade to get certified in a specific field. Nowadays, you are not required to attend classes as traditionally held on campus; some programs offer online classes and distance learning.

How much can I make with a business certificate program?

Typically, you are required to have at least a bachelor's degree to work in the business sector. You only need a high school diploma and a certification to work in a select few occupations, like those of lodgings managers, real estate managers and food service managers. Of these occupations, farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers earn the most. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, they made a median annual wage of $67,950 as of May 2018.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the course content of Certificate In Business program?

A:A business certificate program is offered at a umber of colleges and schools. It is designed to help professionals acquire business management and administrative skills. The certificate is industry oriented and provides a more practical approach. Important courses studied in this certificate program include marketing, administrative procedures, business management, human resource management and accounting.

Q:What kind of skills can I expect to learn from a business certificate course?

A:A business certificate course will focus on developing some essential skills required in the business field. The skills that are extremely important to thrive in the business field include excellent communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability, negotiation and persuasion skills, computer proficiency, and team work. Usually, all these skills are covered in the business certificate courses.

Q:I came across the human resource management course in the online business certificates. What can I expect to study in it?

A:The human resource management course offered in online business certificates gives you the basics and foundations of human resource management. It focuses on why human resource management is needed by organizations in today's competitive world and what are the major functions performed by a human resource department. It also covers interesting aspects such as how HR can contribute to the strategic goals of the organization.

Q:How can I select a suitable program from the different business certificates online?

A:In order to select an appropriate program from business certificates online, you will need to keep in mind certain important factors. One decisive factor is the accreditation of the program, which indicates quality of education and acceptance by the employers. Other important factors include the repute of the school, curriculum offered, qualifications of the faculty, placement rate, and tuition costs.

Q:Can you give me some tips to perform well in the online business certificate?

A:If you wish to perform well in the online business certificate, you will need consistency and focus. In order to enhance your understanding and performance in the business certificate, you must read previous lectures before starting a new one, revise frequently, take part in discussions, ask questions from the instructor, and follow business trends and news.

Q:I came across the business communications course in the business certificate online. Can you tell me what is it about?

A:Business communications is among one of the essential courses offered in the business certificate online. The purpose of this course is to hone the business speaking and writing skills of the students. It course trains students to communicate effectively in daily interactions, telephonic conversations, presentations, reports, and emails. This course also enables students to learn various desirable business skills such as teamwork, negotiation, and leadership.

Q:Do you think getting a certificates in business is a good choice?

A:A certificate in business is a viable option if you want to develop your knowledge and skills about various types of businesses. You can choose to specialize in an area that interests you such as human resource management or accounting. With online certificate programs, students can study at their convenience, whenever they want and wherever they want. Moreover, online programs are also generally more cost effective than on campus degrees.

Q:How long is the certificate business?

A:The duration of a business certificate can vary among institutes. It normally is of a short duration and takes around six to twelve months. Some business certificates are for students who wish to acquire the basics. While business certificates are also available for graduate students and professionals, who wish to update their knowledge and skills.

Q:What does the core curriculum of Business Certificate Programs include?

A:The coursework may vary from university to university but core curriculum of several business certificate programs include courses such as leadership and business, business innovation, sustainability of a business, financial valuation and analysis, principles of business studies, marketing strategy, quantitative finance, business decision making, supply chain management, project management and corporate finance.

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