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Human Resources Degree

Why enroll in a Human Resources degree?

Do you like coordinating, directing, and planning administrative functions of an organization? Would you like to screen, interview, recruit, and place workers for your employer? Then consider enrolling in a degree program in human resource.
Human Resource Manager Job Description

What can you do with a degree in Human Resource?

As a beginner you may qualify to apply for the following positions:
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Human Resources Managers

Human Resources Specialists
They perform the following duties:

  • Identify employment needs in consultation with employers
  • Keep employment records and process paperwork
  • Conduct new employee orientation program
  • Recommend or hire qualified candidates
  • Communicate with applicants regarding vacancies, duties, benefits and working conditions
  • Conduct background checks on the applicants
  • Interview applicants
These professionals usually hold a bachelor’s degree in human resource. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported them earning a median yearly salary of $55,800 in 2012. Their demand is expected to grow at the rate of 8% faster than the average growth for all other occupations from 2012 to 2022.

Human Resource Manager Job Description

They perform the following duties:
  • To best use employees’ talents by planning and coordinating
  • Handle labor relations like mediating disputes and conducting disciplinary procedures
  • Supervise the recruitment process involving screening, selecting, interviewing and hiring applicants
  • Supervising the work of specialists and support staff
  • Uphold the company’s policies on sexual harassment and equal employment opportunity
  • Administer employee services
  • Serve as a bridge between the management and employees
These professionals usually have a bachelor’s degree in human resources. BLS reported that they earned a median yearly salary of $99,720 in 2012. Their jobs are expected to grow at the rate of 13% faster than any other occupation from 2012 to 2022.

One of the common denominators between the two careers is a bachelor’s degree in human resources.^

Bachelor in Human Resources

A bachelor’s degree in human resources is a 120 credit program which is distributed as following:

  • Credits in the major
  • Credits in the major (upper-level courses)
  • Credits in the minor
  • Credits in general education

Some of the required core courses may be titled as:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Labor Relations
  • The Total Rewards Approach to Compensation Management
  • Human Resource Management: Issues and Problems
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Employment Law for Business

Some of the recommended electives may be titled as:

  • Stress Management in the Workplace
  • Global Human Resource Management
  • Conflict Management in Organizations
  • Organizational Communication

General admission requirements are:

  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • A minimum cumulative GPA
  • SAT/ACT score
  • Essay
  • Statement of purpose
  • TOEFL (for international applicants)

It is important to note here that the information given above may be true for some educational institutes. The requirements and curriculum may vary with different educational institutes.  

Online Human Resource Degree

Degrees in human resources are available online as well, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in human resources

Why enroll online?

  • If you have a family and are currently employed, you may not be able to take time for on-campus classes.
  • No residency requirements. Some universities have residency requirements where students are supposed to be available on-campus for a certain number of hours, etc.
  • Study from home or any other place of your choice.
  • If you work odd hours, online education can help you complete your degree
  • If you are a stay-home parent
  • If you are serving in the military

Online Master in Human Resources

It is a 33 credits program for those who are already working in human resources or its related fields like labor and employment relations. Those with an academic or work related background in human resources and labor may also pursue this degree.

Some of the specialized fields within human resources are
  • Staffing, training, and development
  • Employment and labor law
  • Labor and collective bargaining
  • Benefits and compensation

Some of the courses offered may be titled as:  

  • Workplace Ethics
  • Strategic Thinking in HR
  • Strategic Diagnosis and Planning in Diversity and Inclusion
  • Research Process and Methodology
  • Multinational Business Policy and Geopolitics
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • HR in the International Context
  • Foundations of HR
  • Analyzing and Addressing Institutional Discrimination
General admission requirements are:

  • Official transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • A writing sample (if applicable)
  • Interview (if applicable)
  • GRE/GMAT score
  • TOEFL (for international applicants)

Upon completion, you may qualify to apply for the following positions:

  • Arbitrator, mediator, and negotiator
  • Labor relations manager
  • Training and development manager
  • Compensation and benefits manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Director of industrial relations
  • Director of human resources

Business Administration with Human Resources Management concentration

If you are interested in pursuing a career in academia, then consider enrolling in the degree.

The degree consists of a 60 credits program which can be completed in 7 years (this is for online candidates only; traditional PhD candidates may have a different duration).

Some of the required foundation courses may be titled as:
Human resources specialization courses may be titled as:
  • Legal Issues in Human Resources Management
  • Cultural Issues
  • Change and Innovation within HRM (Human Resources Management)
  • Supervising in the 21st Century
  • Labor Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Information Systems within HR
  • Human Resource Management

Candidates will further need to take dissertation courses, a doctoral comprehensive exam, etc.
General admission requirements are:

  • A master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • GRE/GMAT score
  • TOEFL (if applicable)
  • Previously published work (if applicable)
  • Official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning ever attended
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



Employment per thousand jobs

Location quotient

Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

California 1660 0.11 1.26 18.13 37720
Florida 1130 0.14 1.68 17.97 37370
Illinois 960 0.16 1.92 17.9 37240
Texas 760 0.07 0.78 16.62 34570
New York 650 0.07 0.85 20.12 41840


How long does it take to get a Human Resource Degree?

To become an HR manager, you will generally need a minimum qualification which is a bachelor's degree. If you choose to enter the industry sooner than that, you can opt for a 2-year associate's degree. A bachelor's degree will generally take 4 years although some students prefer undertaking an accelerated program or end up taking longer through part-time study programs. If you want a master's degree in the field, these programs are typically 2 years long.

What are the requirements to get a Human Resource Degree?

The requirements depend on the type of degree. Generally, a good High School program will help you meet the requirements for a bachelor's program. In addition to this, students provide their SAT scores, letters of reference and a personal statement. For a master's program, there are similar requirements. You may also need to take the GRE or GMAT exams as well as have some work experience in the field.

How much can I make with a Human Resource Degree?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Median Annual Wage for Human Resource Managers in 2018 was $113,300. Typical entry-level degree requirement in the industry is a bachelor's degree. Work experience required in a related field before being hired is up to 5 years. The number of jobs available in the industry in 2016 were 136,100 with employment trends increasing by an average of 9%.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:After taking online degree human resources, can I become a human resources specialist? What is the scope?

A:Human resources specialist positions usually require a bachelor's degree in human resources. The employment outlook is quite positive and is expected to grow by 21 per cent ( which is faster than the average of all occupations), from the years 2010 to 2021, according to US bureau of labor statistics.

Q:What career options does a human resource management online degree offer to potential students?

A:Graduates with an online bachelor's degree in human resource management can hold a number of positions such as human resource manager, recruitment officer, placement manager, employee evaluation officer, compensation & benefits officer, planning manager, training and development manager and HR information system specialist. Human Resources is a vast field and there are a number of different job opportunities within it.

Q:What are the kinds of programs available for online degree in human resources?

A:There are a number of different online human resources degrees available, most notably an Associate's degree, a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree. Some universities also offer certificate courses in human resources which are geared towards the professional development of companies and are targeted at individuals who are already within this field and want to increase their expertise.

Q:What are the benefits of pursuing an online hr degree?

A:There are a number of benefits of obtaining an online HR degree. Online programs offer effective e-learning methods. For working professionals, it is especially advantageous to choose online programs as they give you the freedom of taking classes from anywhere, at any time. HR professionals are highly sought after in today's business environment and it is beneficial for individuals to gain advantage of online HR degrees.

Q:What is a human resources degree online designed for?

A:A Human resources degree program is designed to provide students with knowledge about HR and relevant business strategies. Due to the growing popularity online learning, individuals who are unable to attend campus based classes can simply study online instead. This is a more convenient mode of learning and has proved to be affordable too.

Q:How is an online human resources degree completed? Do i have to take any class at the campus?

A:You can complete the program online; all you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. The coursework is covered through classroom conferencing, one on one conferencing, video tutorials, multimedia presentations, and e-notes. Attending campus based classes is not necessary unless practical training is not necessary for a course.

Q:Can you help me select the right hr program from the hr degrees online?

A:In order to select the right HR program online, you will need to consider certain factors. It is highly important that you select an accredited program as it meets the quality standards set by the relevant accrediting agencies. Besides, you will need to find out about the general repute of the school, course contents of the selected HR program, qualifications of the faculty, and the tuition costs.

Q:I came across the training and development course in the human resource degrees online. Can you tell me what is it about?

A:The training and development course offered in the human resources degrees online will enable you to gain understanding of an important HR function of training. This course covers various training related topics such as the purpose of conducting training for employees, how to carry out training needs analysis, types of training given to employees, training outcomes, and how training is linked to the strategic goals of the organization.

Q:I am looking to enroll in a human resource management degree online. Can you tell me about the skills I can expect to learn from it?

A:The human resource management degree online will help you gain knowledge and develop a number of skills that are extremely important in a human resource career. Human resource managers are required to deal with various stakeholders of the organization and many diverse employees and must be highly skilled to deal with varied situations. These crucial skills include communication skills, team work, interpersonal skills, negotiation, analytical and problem solving skills.

Q:What are the different learning resources that are used in an online hr degree?

A:There are number of latest learning resources used in online hr degree, which help in better understanding and retention of the course material. These learning resources include video lectures, discussion threads, practice exercises, PowerPoint slides, online readings, and case studies. With the help of these resources, students can learn at their own pace, revise more frequently, and understand the practical application of HR concepts.

Q:Can you give me some tips to perform well in the human resources online degree?

A:In order to enhance your learning and performance in the human resources online degree, you will need consistency and focus. It is advisable that you regularly read through the pre-lecture notes before starting a new lecture. You should also read additional material related to human resources and stay updated with the human resource trends and practices, to perform better in the program. Human resource discussions and asking questions from instructors will also be beneficial for you.

Q:How is an hr degree online more cost effective than the on campus one?

A:The hr degree online is cost effective in many different ways as it saves various costs associated with the on campus education. The tuition fees for online programs are generally less than that offered on campus. Besides, you can save travelling costs, hostel accommodation, and textbooks by selecting online education.

Q:Human resource degrees are offered at what levels?

A:Human resource management is an important aspect of business studies. This area deals with management of human capital and labor resources in an organization. Students interested in becoming human resource managers or recruitment specialists can prepare themselves through human resource degree programs. These degrees are available at bachelor, masters, and doctorate level.

Q:What degrees in human resources are popularly taken up by students?

A:Degrees in human resources are available at various levels. Nowadays, all businesses whether they are big or small need human resource management. The importance of degrees in this area is rapidly growing. Associate, bachelor's degree is quite popular and master's level degree is taken for better job prospects and more growth.

Q:Which specialization options are available with the Online Human Resources Degrees?

A:The Online Human Resources Degrees are available with various specialization areas. The most sought after ones include: organizational development, leadership, workplace conflict management, and coaching psychology. The universities available on our website offer various specializations, for details regarding any program, feel free to contact us.

Q:In how many years is the Associate Human Resources degree program completed?

A:The Associate Human Resources degree program is completed in 2 years. This duration may slightly vary from one institute to another.

Q:Are there any online Human Resources programs offered?

A:Yes. Many universities listed on our website offer Online Human Resources programs.

Q:Which universities offer the best degree in human resources?

A:The universities and schools listed on our website offer the best degree in human resources programs.

Q:What courses do Human Resources degrees cover?

A:Human Resources degrees cover International Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Psychology and Management Applications.

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