Instructional Technology Consultant

As an Instructional Technology consultant you can pursue a rewarding career in the education sector. There is a lot of demand for Instructional Technology professionals in different capacities in schools and other educational institutes. This is why pursuing a job as an Instructional Technology consultant can help you establish a lucrative career.

Training Programs for an Instructional Technology Consultant
There are various training courses which you can select from to establish a career as an Instructional Technology Consultant. These include:

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Instructional Technology
Master’s Degree Programs in Instructional Technology
PhD Degree Programs in Instructional Technology

What Does an Instructional Technology Consultant Do?
Instructional technology consultants are required to prepare and implement learning technologies in different education settings. They have to select and integrate different materials that help to impart knowledge to students at different levels. The basic job of an Instructional technology consultant is to integrate technology into education which makes the learning process more effective.

Where Can An Instructional Technology Consultant Find A Job?
There are a number of workplace settings where you can find a job once you complete your education in instructional technology. You can work in schools, universities and non-profit organizations as well as the government sector. Also, you can be hired in the corporate sector as an instructional technology consultant and earn a high salary.

How Much Can An Instructional Technology Consultant Earn?
An instructional technology consultant can earn $34,800 to $49,325 annually. The precise salary of an individual with knowledge in instructional technology depends on the level of his degree, experience and the nature of his job.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How can I study to be an Instructional Technology consultant while being employed?

A:With the help of distance learning programs, students can pursue their studies to be an Instructional technology consultant. Online educational programs are specifically designed to help students study at their own convenience and pace. The syllabus for these programs is quite extensive with every topic discussed in detail. Distance learning programs are comparatively inexpensive as well with students saving money on travel and accommodation.

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