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Pursuing Teaching ESL programs can lead you to many lucrative career paths. The demand for ESL teachers is rising in the US because of globalization and immigration. Since English has become the global language, it is essential for every individual to have command over it. Teaching ESL programs explore various methods of teaching English as a second language. Taking up educational programs in teaching ESL can thus help students with securing good jobs. Most individuals who are interested in teaching ESL at colleges and universities usually undertake master's degree programs in this field. About 4 million students in the US are currently pursuing an education in ESL.

Master's Degree Program in ESL

A Master's degree program in teaching ESL spans 2 years. Students can receive master's degree in teaching ELS from campus based institutes as well as online colleges. There are a number of master's degree programs that one can choose from. These include:

  • MA in teaching ESL
  • MS in teaching ESL
  • M. Ed in teaching ESL

All these degree programs are dedicated to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to teach English as a second language. However, there is a slight difference in each program. For example, MA and MS degree program focus on the theoretical foundations of ESL. On the other hand, M.Ed is more about teaching practice. Students who are interested in applied linguistic research side of the discipline can go for MA is ESL. MS degree is ideal for learners who have a bent towards social science. This program focuses on linguistic or psychological research.

M. Ed in Teaching ESL

Master of Education can be perfect for individuals who wish to teach English. It is a focused program which helps students to establish a career in teaching ESL. Depending on the preference of students, they can enroll in this program offered by the traditional or online institutes.


There are a number of specializations offered in teaching ESL program. These include:

  • Theory
  • Linguistic Practice
  • Teaching Practice
  • Certifications

Students can give a boost to their teaching career in ESL by taking up certain certification programs. They can go for certification programs such as:

  • Approved teacher training program
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Career Outlook

Students can pursue a rewarding career once they earn a degree in teaching ESL. They can work as:

  • ESL instructors
  • ESL curriculum developers
  • ESL testing and evaluation specialists
  • ESL textbook authors
  • Computational linguistics experts
  • ESL program directors

Top Jobs

The most lucrative jobs within this area of specialization can be availed in sectors including:


  • Computing
  • Banking
  • Healthcare

Online Teaching ESL Programs

Students who wish to enter the prolific field of teaching ESL in an easy way can enroll in online programs. There are a number of schools and colleges that offer programs in ESL teaching. The online programs are more cost effective and flexible than the degree programs offered in the campus based colleges.


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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the Master's in ESL Degree program?

A:The Master's in ESL Degree program is of 2 years. However, the duration can differ in a distant learning program.

Q:What are the common careers teaching ESL Masters degree holders can pursue?

A:The most famous Teaching ESL careers include special fields of computing, banking and health care.

Q:What important courses are included in the curriculum of Online Teaching ESL Degrees?

A:The curriculum of Online Teaching ESL Degrees comprises of various English courses and general courses. Following are a few important courses studied throughout the degree program: culture, language production, theory and acquisition, theories of second language, planning and implementing, assessment theory and practice, professional role of ESL teacher, issues in educational research, research proposal, and subject specific pedagogy.

Q:What are the common courses in the Teaching ESL Degrees in United States?

A:The most common courses included in the Teaching ESL Degrees throughout the United States include Grammar and Vocabulary for ESL Teachers, Teaching Adult Language, Strategies for Teaching and Teaching Seminars.

Q:When I read the article on what can you do with M.Ed ESL, I came across the course on Guidelines and Disciplines. Can you tell me more about this course?

A:In the United States the M.Ed ESL program has a 3 credits worth course on Guidelines and Disciplines. Them primary aim of this course is to provide concepts of discipline and guidance that will be applicable to the students. With the help of application of these concepts, the students will learn how to help and assist those learning the English language. This course is quite mandatory in the M.Ed ESL qualification.

Q:what are the contents of the course on Learning Activities in the primary school teacher degree online programs?

A:The primary school teacher degree online programs have dedicated course on Learning Activities. This course is usually of around 4 credits in total. It is designed to provide the students with substantial understanding of the ways in which you can identify the different interests of children and the use of different subject matters in planning activities.

Q:Are there any benefits to teaching esl online?

A:Yes there are several advantages of going for an online program. Perhaps the most important one is that you will not have to show up for classes as you can study from home. This means that you will be saving up valuable time and money that would otherwise have been spent on travelling.

Q:Why is accreditation important for ESL teaching degree online?

A:Accreditation is one of the major factors to consider, if you are looking for ESL teaching degree online. If you select an accredited institute, you are much more likely to get quality education, as the institute meets the quality standards of accrediting agencies. Employers also prefer graduates who have acquired education from an accredited program, as they see a connection between quality of education and superior work performance.

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