Secondary Education Degrees

Programs in secondary education enable individuals to teach students in grades 7 through 12. Candidates can specialize in particular disciplines such as math, science, languages, and special education. Secondary Education teachers can find jobs in public as well as private schools.

How can I benefit from pursuing a Secondary Education Degree?
Pursuing certification or degree programs in secondary education can lead students to rewarding careers. The demand for secondary school teachers is on the increase. Also, there is much scope of growth for these teachers. Particularly, secondary school teachers with specialization in computer science and mathematics have great career prospects compared to teachers with specializations in other disciplines. They specialize in particular subjects. On the whole, the employment prospects for secondary school teachers are very bright. These professionals can earn about $65,420 annually. However, the precise salary of these teachers varies from state to state.

Educational Programs in Secondary Education
There are a number of training programs that enable students to pursue a career in secondary education. These include:

  • Bachelor's degree program in secondary education
  • Master's degree program in secondary education

Other than having a degree in this area of specialization, aspiring secondary education teachers need sufficient college credits to have the licensing requirements of their state as well. Students may also have to go through internship programs so that they get hands-one experience as a secondary school teacher. There are specialized certifications programs that are offered in secondary education as well. Students can also join professional association in a particular teaching specialty if they desire to perk up their career prospects.

Online Degree in Secondary Education
Various online institutes offer training programs in secondary education. Elearning programs are highly suitable for students who have to keep up their personal or professional commitments. As these programs are very flexible they allow students to manage their studies without compromising on their jobs or other responsibilities. The cost these programs is also lesser than the traditional training programs in secondary education. The variety of programs offered online also makes this mode of learning extremely useful for students having different career aspirations.

Specializations in Secondary Education
Aspiring secondary education teachers can choose from a wide array of specializations to pursue a career in teaching. Some of the options include subjects such as:
  • Special education
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • English
  • Computer science

Responsibilities of Secondary Education Teachers
There are a number of tasks that the secondary school teachers are required to do. Other than imparting knowledge to students in a particular subject, they have to prepare and assign lessons, conduct meeting with parents and also maintain discipline within classrooms. These teachers are also required to develop and grade tests. Besides, assessing students' performance is also a part of their job. Secondary school teachers may also have to monitor extra activities in school settings. For example, they have to sponsor student organizations or participate in conferences. These professionals may also be required to monitor students on field trips. Some secondary school teachers also have to help learners with their career choices.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is there an Associate's Degree Program in Secondary Education as well?

A:Yes, Associate's Degree program is also offered in Secondary Education. It is however rare and Bachelors and Masters Degree programs are preferred over it.

Q:Which level Online Secondary Education Degrees can be used to get a license in teaching?

A:Whichever Online Secondary Education Degrees you decide need to be at least undergraduate (bachelors) and it is preferred that you have a masters degree. You can not practice teaching in the United States with a mere diploma or associates degree. Some states also have specialist post masters certifications in the field of teaching that are to be cleared.

Q:As I was going through the careers with a secondary education degree, I wondered what are the areas of study of the College Mathematics course. Can you please fill me in?

A:To be a secondary education teacher in America, you may be required to demonstrate your skills in College Mathematics. This includes having comprehensive understanding of the concepts that are commonly used in vocational and academic applications as well as other mathematical skills. Some of the lessons that you need to have a strong hold on includes decimal rotation, whole numbers, proportions and ratios, fractions, geometry, algebra, statistics and real numbers.

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