Curriculum and Instruction Degrees

What are Curriculum & Instruction Degrees?
The field of Curriculum & Instruction deals with the research, development and implementation of a curriculum that can increase the students’ performance across all levels of education. Curriculum & Instruction, often referred to as C & I, has emerged as an exciting educational field in recent years, especially at a K-12 level. The internet has also played a pivotal role in this field, allowing teachers from all over the world to interact with each other, share ideas and develop curricula that are most effective and beneficial for students. Education specialists working in curriculum & instruction have a significant responsibility when it comes to the education of our children, since they ultimately decide what courses and related study materials students need to take in order to become successful individuals.

How can I benefit from Curriculum & Instruction Degrees?
Since curriculum designers are charged with developing strategies for educating and training young minds, it is essential they are properly educated, trained and qualified. A curriculum & instruction specialist normally has a background in psychology, curriculum development, research and design, and education administration. Many curriculum designers specialize in areas such as mathematics, science and other subjects. Typically, curriculum & instruction specialists need to be educated to the master’s level; however, some entry level positions are available for holders of a bachelor’s degree in education and curriculum design. A number of colleges offer both on-campus and online degrees in education with specializations in curriculum & instruction design. A large number of people now prefer to obtain online degrees, mainly because they offer the flexibility of taking classes from anywhere at any time. Additionally, online programs cost a fraction of what a regular, on-campus program costs, and students save a substantial amount of time and money by not having to commute to or from college.

Types of Curriculum & Instruction Degrees
A bachelor’s degree in education with a specialization in curriculum design is normally a four year program that includes a variety of subjects such as student and teacher psychology, coursework design, teacher evaluation and training, developing new learning materials, evaluating learning materials and techniques for assessing student performance and the effectiveness of a curriculum. Students also take classes in areas such as art education, early childhood education, adolescent education, educational communications and technology (ECT), curriculum design, pedagogy and teacher education. Field work including working with public schools to devise effective changes for their curriculum is also part of this degree. Graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in education can further enroll in a master’s degree in education, which allows students to earn a variety of specializations, including curriculum & instruction and curriculum design technology. Those enrolled in a master’s degree program learn how to apply educational theory and various techniques of curriculum assessment and development for the benefit of their students. Students take courses in the subjects of cognition, educational psychology, linguistics, education technology and traditional and alternative methods of teaching.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:From where can I get a Curriculum and Instruction degree?

A:The curriculum and instruction degrees are offered at various levels in the online as well as campus based institutes. The most prestigious amongst these consist of American College of Education, Sacred Heart University, Walden University Online, Marygrove College, Northcentral University, and Concordia University.

Q:Are the curriculum instruction degrees offered with some specialization areas?

A:Yes. The Curriculum Instruction degrees can be availed with a bunch of specialties. These include: instructional design for online learning, educational assessment and evaluation, educational assessment and education, curriculum and instructions for educators, learning and technology, instructional design, Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and others.

Q:Name a few jobs that can pursued with Online Curriculum Instruction Degrees?

A:In Online Curriculum Instruction Degrees, students learn how to design curriculum and education content. With qualifications in this field, students can pursue job positions of an IT training specialist, human resources training manager, instructional coordinator, curriculum developer, textbook writer or editor, private school teacher, public school teacher, day care provider, and many more.

Q:What do curriculum design and technology degrees entail?

A:Curriculum design and technology degrees are important degrees in the field of education as they prepare learners in the preparation of curriculum for schools and colleges. The course teaches learners how to make sure that the educational curriculum is up to national standards and that the right knowledge is being imparted upon students.

Q:Can you tell me about curriculum and instruction degree?

A:Curriculum and instruction degree includes study of curriculum development in relation to the target audience. It includes study regarding research, designing education material, communication strategies, teacher psychology, student performance evaluation and education administration. Curriculum and instruction specialists need to be an expert in their area and therefore should have a master's degree.

Q:What is the job outlook associated with curriculum and instruction degrees?

A:According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), people working in the field of curriculum and instruction and other closely related fields had a mean annual wage of $60,050 per year in 2012. Their employment is expected to grow by 13% in the period of 2012-2022. The jobs that require this degree include curriculum consultant, curriculum coordinator, curriculum specialist, instructional coordinator, staff development specialist, and director of instructional material.

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