Educational Leadership and Administration Degrees

What is Educational Leadership & Administration?
Educational leadership & administration programs train you for management positions in the education sector. The education sector requires trained individuals to manage finances, admissions and curriculum related decisions. Educational leadership & administration focuses on the goals of education so that leaders in the field can ensure that educational institutions are living up to the standards of quality in education. Educational leadership & administration programs also provide training on some of the emerging issues in the field of education such as curriculum planning, the use of technology in the classroom and dealing with issues of race and ethnicity in schools.

Education, like any other enterprise, requires capable administrators who understand the importance of hiring the best people and motivating employees. Administrators in the field of educational leadership are also trained in teamwork, leadership and other soft skills that are needed in a managerial capacity.

What are the most commonly offered degrees related to educational leadership & administration?
In general, people who are interested to work in educational leadership positions will complete their undergraduate degree in a specific academic discipline. They then tend to get a master’s degree in educational leadership & administration. It is felt that educational leadership & administration material is better understood at the graduate level once people have additional maturity and work experience. People are sometimes able to work in educational leadership & management administration without directly relevant degrees. In this case, the kind of work experience they have is enough to prepare them for relevant jobs.

Pursue leadership roles in the education sector with educational leadership degree.
educational leadership degree
Specializations in educational leadership & administration
In general, educational leadership & administration degrees attempt to be broad and general. In this way, they are able to prepare graduates for a wider variety of roles in educational leadership than very specialized degrees.

But you can customize your program depending on the kind of electives you opt for. Common electives in educational leadership & administration programs include courses on teaching science and mathematics, the use of technology in the classroom, the history of educational reform, financial management and dealing with gifted children.

Career opportunities and salaries in educational leadership & administration
Those who enter educational leadership & administration positions can earn anywhere between $40,000 and $80,000 a year depending on their seniority, skills and work experience. Those who have had several years of teaching experience at a school and gradually demonstrated expertise in academic planning and human resource management are the best placed to have rewarding careers in this sector.

Another way to enhance your career is to actively participate in relevant conferences and workshops. Education is a rapidly changing field. Admissions seem to become more competitive every single year. New challenges are introduced as the United States looks to maintain its competitive edge over other nations through education. This includes the designing of new curriculums and devising new schemes to motivate students and make the learning process rewarding for them. Educational institutions are keen to hire those people who are willing to keep working on modifying and improving their skills on the job.




States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



Employment per thousand jobs

Location quotient

Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

California 16600.111.2618.1337720
Florida 11300.141.6817.9737370
Illinois 9600.161.9217.937240
Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which institutes offer Educational Leadership Administration degrees?

A:There are various institutes listed on our website offering the Educational Leadership Administration degrees. Most prominent institutes are: California Coast University, Penn Foster School, Strayer University, Kaplan University Online, Quinnipiac University Online, Northcentral University, Liberty University Online, and the George Washington University.

Q:Which are the most popular online Educational Leadership Administration degrees?

A:The Online Educational Leadership Administration degrees can be pursued in various areas of specializations. These include: educational management, educational leadership, teacher leadership, educational specialist in teaching and learning, K-12 education leadership, community college leadership and various others.

Q:Can you name the most popular career fields in education leadership?

A:Earning a degree in educational leadership leads to director level and managerial level job positions in the education sector. The most popular job positions that can pursued with this degree are: principles, assistant principles, superintendents, administrative heads, educational researcher, curriculum developer, and academic officers. The income of the above mentioned jobs vary slightly.

Q:How can I set goals for educational leadership and administration programs?

A:In order to set goals for educational leadership and administration degree, you need to do an extensive research into the criteria for application. Once you have done that, have a look at all the schools offering this degree. When searching for schools please make sure that they are certified. An easier way to go about this is to have a look at our website, it offers a number of institutions offering this degree.

Q:what job can i get with a degree in leadership and administration?

A:A degree in Leadership and Administration can lead to a lucrative career within the corporate world. Depending on your level of education, you can find yourself working for a multinational company, running or managing a department. As a leadership and admin degree focuses on how to manage people and office affairs, you will find it easy to get a managerial or administrative position within a large number of companies.

Q:What courses are included in the educational management administration PhD curriculum?

A:There are a number of courses included in the educational management administration PhD curriculum. Some of the courses included are Introduction to Educational Administration, Principals of Management, School Community Relations, Education Finance, Education Law, Information Systems Management, Conflict Management in Education and School Supervision. These are just some of the courses included in the curriculum. For a more detailed outline, students are requested to search our website.

Q:How do I enroll in educational leadership and administration degrees?

A:The admission criteria for educational leadership and administration degrees will vary from place to place, and will depend upon the level of degree you plan to enroll in. For a bachelor degree in this field, you must have a high school diploma and a few letters of recommendation. On the other hand, you will need a bachelor degree transcript with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 to qualify for a masters degree in educational leadership and administration.

Q:What is taught in educational leadership degree online?

A:Online educational leadership degrees cover a variety of courses in order to prepare students for management and leadership positions in the education sector. Some of the courses that are offered include curriculum planning, the use of technology in teaching and in the classroom, effective teaching methods, etc. Students are also taught important skills such as managing finances, communication skills, analysis skills, etc.

Q:What are educational leadership degree programs?

A:An educational leadership program prepares you for high level management positions in a school, district or other educational division. This program will help you build skills and develop innovative solutions for complex issues faced by educational institutions nowadays. You will also learn about the legal aspects of education. With a degree in educational leadership, you may qualify for positions such as: assistant superintendents, principals, personnel directors, business managers, professors etc.

Q:What are some of the benefits of educational leadership degree programs online as opposed to on campus?

A:The primary benefit of pursuing an educational leadership degree online is flexibility. Individuals who are working professional or have family commitments can earn this degree at their own pace. Online programs are not as rigid and do not require individuals to be physically present in a classroom. Studying at your own pace may also help you prepare for exams better.

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