Careers in Elementary Education

If you enjoy working with kids, an elementary education career can be a suitable line of work for you. Elementary school teachers teach young students the basics of different subjects and prepare them for future schooling. They plan lessons, assess students and monitor their progress. Elementary teachers' work also includes preparing students for standardized tests and communicating with parents.

As the demand for elementary teachers is on the rise, pursuing this profession can be a smart decision. As an elementary school teacher, you can work in public schools, private preschools or childcare environments. Most elementary school teachers are required to work the 10-month school year and you get two months off during the summer. Depending on career goals, you may also choose to teach summer programs to make additional money. You will have to work school hours most of the time but occasionally you may have to stay back to meet with parents or perform other administrative tasks.

The income of elementary school teachers may vary by location, experience and qualification. Generally, these teachers can make $48,000 to $76,000 a year.

Requirements for Elementary School Teachers
To pursue a career as an elementary school teacher, you need to earn a degree in early childhood education. You can obtain an associate or bachelor's degree in this field. The coursework in these programs include an array of topics that help you learn how to teach young children in an effective manner and manage them within and outside the classroom. Some of the courses of study you can obtain include technology in education, child psychology, general psychology and diversity in the classroom. You may cover topics such as child development and growth and early language development.

Aspiring elementary school teachers need to complete an internship program as well. This teaching experience provides candidates with a chance to get a hands-on experience in classroom settings before they enter this profession.

Additionally, you may also have to obtain a master's degree after receiving your teaching certification. A master degree in this field may take 1-2 years to complete. The program allows you to master the skills you need to foster children's academic and social development. In addition to classroom instruction, you will also get a chance to learn through field projects and student teaching.

Elementary school teachers also need licensure in order to pursue this line of work. As the requirements for licenses may vary by state, you should get in touch with your state board to find out the exact requirements. Generally, in order to get a license, you need to have at least a bachelor's degree. You must also acquire supervised experience in teaching and a teacher preparation program.

Online Programs
In addition to traditional schools, online institutes also offer programs for aspiring elementary school teachers. Pursuing an online degree is an effective way to enter this line of work. Classes in online degrees are managed remotely. Learners can study at flexible schedules and complete a program at their own pace. They get ease, flexibility as well as affordability by enrolling in the online programs in elementary education.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What different degree programs are offered at elementary education degree schools in Sarasota Florida?

A:Sarasota is located in the state of Florida. There are a few higher education institutions that offer specialized elementary teaching degree programs. Students can opt for the following degree programs in this field: associate of arts in elementary education, bachelor in elementary education, maser in elementary education, and doctorate degree in education.

Q:Why is it important to earn a Elementary School Teacher Certificate in Florida to work as a elementary teacher?

A:Without a teaching license or teaching certification it is not possible to become a professional teacher in any state. After earning at least a bachelor degree in elementary education, Elementary teachers are required to earn an elementary teaching license and certification. The state board of teaching and education is responsible for the licensing and certification of all teacher graduates. Licenses can be attained upon clearing the certification exam.

Q:What are the top jobs for Elementary Education degrees?

A:There are a variety of jobs available for the people with an Elementary Education degree. The student with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Elementary Education can become a tutor, teach students specific programs such as SAT etc., and work as a freelance writer or an editor for reviewing content.

Q:While looking for elementary education salary, I came across a Master's degree in Elementary Education. Tell me about its future prospects?

A:A Master's degree in elementary education can help develop the career prospects of those already in the field of teaching. In most states across the country, a Master's degree is necessary for a teaching position in schools. If you have this degree or are thinking of pursuing it, there are the areas of employment open for you: Elementary school teacher, Elementary school principal, Curriculum designer and Elementary education consultant.

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