Master in Elementary Education

Elementary education refers to the study of the principles of teaching in the context of young children (ages 5-12).  A Master of elementary education program sensitizes students as to the varying educational needs of multiple sub-groups that together make up ‘young children’. This program involves looking at curriculum design and incorporating changes as and when the need arises.

Program Structure and Coursework
A Master of elementary education is one year in duration. Those wishing to pursue a Master’s in elementary education must have an undergraduate degree at the time of enrolling. Candidates with prior teaching experience are preferred. This program expands the knowledge and practical skills of students.  During the course of the program, students cultivate strong leadership and communication skills. Students choose from a number of taught courses. These include:

Principles of teaching and learning
Critical perspectives in elementary education
Curriculum and gender
Curriculum and culture
Differentiated curricula for special students

Careers in Elementary Education
A Master of elementary education helps advance the careers of educators. In some states, this degree is a necessary pre-requisite for teaching in schools. A Master of elementary education can find employment across both public and private schools as a:

Elementary school teacher
Elementary school principal
Curriculum designer
Elementary education consultant

A Master of elementary education can expect to earn anywhere between 40,000 and 90,000 U.S Dollars a year. Incomes vary depending on the position occupied. In addition, incomes rise as teaching experience increases.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which qualification is compulsory for becoming the Elementary Education Consultant?

A:To become an Elementary Education Consultant you need to have a Masters in Elementary Education degree. Throughout the United States this is the standard to be able to use the designation.

Q:Which courses are taught in the Master in elementary Education degree program?

A:The Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Elementary Education enables you to work as an expert educationist. These degrees are aimed at equipping you with the knowledge of ideal teaching methods that are needed to address the diverse student population at elementary level. Courses taught in these programs include, advanced educational psychology, instructional design, foundations of reading instruction, teaching the language arts, and curriculum development.

Q:I was reading about the employment with Master Elementary Education prospects and came across the Curriculum Designer posts. Who is a Curriculum Designer?

A:There are scores of opportunities of employment with Master Elementary Education degree program. One of these is the Curriculum Designer post. Curriculum Designers specialize in developing and organizing the curriculum for a subject or multiple courses. These individuals work in the educational boards and state monitored universities, so that an updated and revised course is taught to the students. With Masters in Elementary Education you can also wish to start your very own elementary level institute which is a noble cause and also a profitable one.

Q:What are the prerequisited to get enrolled in the best Masters programs for elementary education?

A:Students wishing to get enrolled in the best Master in Elementary Education degree program need to have completed the undergraduate degree in a related field and must have some level of work experience. Some universities also require students to have completed the undergraduate degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.0

Q:One of the best Masters programs in elementary edu mentioned a course in Foundations of Special Education. What is included in this course?

A:The course on Foundations of Special Education would be mentioned when searching for best Masters Programs in elementary education. This course deals with social, legal and historical foundations of special education. Students get an opportunity to understand trends and legislations that have directly affected special education in schools throughout history. The impact of diversity and technology is also discussed in this course.

Q:Searching for careers with masters in elementary education mentioned Education Administrators. What are these professionals required to do?

A:Education Administrators would be mentioned when searching for careers with masters in elementary education. These professionals are required to manage educational institutions. Administrators are also required to make sure that the faculty is properly trained and the institution is operating smoothly. Students interested in this profession are recommended to search our website for more information.

Q:May I undertake my masters in elementary education over 2 or more years, rather than within one year?

A:You will need to check with each individual college to see if they are happy for you to extend the duration of your program. This may depend on whether or not the course is available online, as online courses typically allow you to complete a program at your own pace.

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