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Associate Degree in Photography

Photography is a creative field requiring professional level education to become experts. Students interested in getting education in photography can start off by getting enrolled in the Associate Degree in Photography. It will allow them to have introductory level knowledge with a certain extent of hands on experience. The associate's program in photography is a specially designed degree giving direction to students having passion for photography and aspiring to become photographers. The degree fosters their natural ability to take pictures and encourages creativity in their work. It brings out the true hidden artist inside the students. They are made to work in different areas of photography such as portrait, landscape, graphical, technical, and many more.

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Associate's Degree in Photography
The Associate in Photography is a two year degree program when opted in a campus based institute. However, students looking to complete it in more or less than the mentioned duration, they can get enrolled in the online program and complete it at a pace of their own. Students get to make their own class schedules and take the class from anywhere in the world with a single internet connection. Most often, students doing jobs or residing in faraway rural areas get enrolled in online programs.

There are two types of courses being offered in the photography associate programs. These include core and elective courses. Core courses are introductory programs acquainting students with the basics of photography such as introduction to photography, digital imaging, color and design, and history of photography. On the other hand, electives are specialized courses of photography. These may include:

  • Commercial Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Digital Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Fashion Photography
  • Applied Design Photography
Photography Careers
The Associate in Photography degree allows students to enter the workforce at the quickest. They can easily secure entry level positions in the photography industry. Students can become visual artists, photo editors, photojournalists, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, and /or freelance photographers. They can start working after completing the associate's photography degree; however, will only be able to secure beginner level jobs. In order to advance further in their career, they will have to opt for further education.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell me an associate in photography comprises of which important subjects?

A:Associate photography courses will allow you to have foundational knowledge with certain hands on experience. Core and elective courses are offered in photography associate programs. Courses can differ according to institutes; however, the core courses generally include photography, digital imaging, color and design, and history of photography. Specialized courses include commercial photography, portrait photography, photo journalism, and fashion photography.

Q:What is the duration of the associate degree in photography and what are the admission criteria?

A:The associate degree is typically a two year on-campus program, but they time length of the degree can be varied if taken online. The admission criteria for an associate degree in photography are; students will need the completion of a high school diploma or an equivalent GED qualification while some schools may also require letters of recommendation or a minimum cumulative GPA requirement.

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