Educational Counseling Degrees

About Educational Counseling
Educational Counseling is the field of counseling in which an educator works in the elementary, middle as well as high school to offer competencies to the K 12 students in academic, college access, personal endeavors and career prospects. Some of the major areas of consideration for educational counseling include annual planning for each of the students, developmental counseling of school curricula as well as individual and group counseling.  

Some of the other terms used in the field of educational counseling include Guidance Counseling and School Counseling, which all relate to the same profession. Different countries have different requirements for the educational counselors. In the United States, the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) is the major body of accreditation for the Counselor School and Educational Counseling programs. This is an international body.

Educational Counseling Programs
Educational Counseling degrees are compulsory to be able to practice counseling in this field. You can find associates as well as bachelors level qualifications in this field. Some of the very finest schools in the country offer this qualification and also instantly hire their top graduate to serve in their own institutes. Some of the major areas of study in the Educational Counseling programs include:

  • Foundation Building – understanding the educational beliefs as well as philosophy of counseling and how the competencies ate implemented on each student
  • Delivery System - comprehend how the lessons as well as the group and individual counseling is delivered in optimum fashion
  • Management System – using the calendars, time management, role agreements and building the action plan
  • System of Accountability – audit of the program of school counseling, report sheets, performance evaluation procedure and understanding the key competencies.  
Online Educational Counseling Degrees
You can now also study various other programs under online Educational Counseling degrees. These are the perfect partners for employed individuals, single parents and other students who suffer from time constraints. You can be rest assured to get the most optimum education at some of the most affordable rates and in the comfort of your home. With the virtual classroom look and 24/7 help desk, online Educational Counseling degrees are nothing short of the traditional classroom.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you briefly explain Educational Counseling careers that can be pursued with counseling qualifications?

A:Educational Counseling degree programs lead to counseling careers. These focus on helping students in different phases of educational programs. Counselors are required to encourage students to apply for appropriate career paths, provide support, and assist in various studies related issues. This will require superior communication skills and observation skills in this field.

Q:What skills do students develop by pursuing educational counseling degrees?

A:There are several skills that the students may be able to develop or enhance by pursing an educational counseling degree. This degree includes comprehending counseling techniques, understanding that different students have different needs, delivering useful council to students in an efficient manner, time management skills, creating schedules and action plans for students, and designing student report sheets.

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