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Doctoral in Educational Counseling

Educational counseling programs prepare you to pursue a career as a career counselor. School counselors help students understand and overcome social or behavioral problems by providing them individual and group counseling. They also work with students to help them develop various skills and guide them to pursue realistic academic and career goals.

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In educational counseling degrees, you will learn how to help students develop social skills and succeed in school, in addition to assisting them with the process of making career decisions. A number of programs are offered in this area of study. Depending on your personal career goals, you can enroll in bachelor, master or PhD programs in educational counseling. A doctoral in educational counseling is the highest degree you can pursue in this concentration.

Doctoral in Educational Counseling Program
A doctoral in education counseling is an advanced program that helps you get an in-depth understanding about school counseling. This program is designed for those of you who want to pursue a career as advanced practitioners, clinical supervisors and counselor educators in clinical and academic settings. The program emphasizes research, teaching, and professional service. It also focuses on leadership in national counseling associations and organizations. Imparting knowledge about the changes in today's communities, the program prepares you to serve as advocates of change.

In a doctorate program in education counseling, you can choose a specialty area such as rehabilitation counseling, school counseling and mental health counseling.

Admissions Requirements
Candidates who want to enroll in a PhD program in educational counseling should have a master in counseling or closely related field. They must also have an aptitude to solve critical human problems. Other requirements for admission may vary by school.

Coursework in Doctoral in Educational Counseling
A PhD program in educational counseling familiarizes you with the theories entailing the principles and practice of counseling, consultation, career development and group work. You also get an insight into instructional theory and methods relevant to counselor education in addition to pedagogy related to current social and cultural issues as well. The design and implementation of quantitative research methodology and qualitative research, models and methods of assessment, use of data as well as the role of racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage are also an important part of this program.

Career Outlook
As there is a lot of demand for school counselors across the nation, pursuing a career in this field is certainly a wise decision for your career. A PhD degree can help you secure the most lucrative jobs in academic and clinical settings.

Counselor educators can find employment with university counseling centers, school districts, private/group practice, counseling departments and counseling psych departments. They can instruct students at undergraduate, master, and doctoral level besides counselling them.

Online Doctoral in Educational Counseling
Students who cannot enroll in regular classes in educational counseling can enroll in online schools. These institutions offer online PhD degrees in this field as well as hybrid programs that involve both in-person and online instruction. These programs can be particularly helpful for working professionals seeking a career for improving their career prospects.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long does it take to get a PhD educational counseling degree?

A:The duration of a PhD degree will greatly depend on the institute you enroll in. Most doctorate programs have a duration which ranges between 5-8 years. A doctorate program will typically entail coursework, research and a dissertation. Find out more about the duration of a PhD program from prospective schools.

Q:What are the admission requirements for a PhD educational counseling degree?

A:The admission requirements may vary from college to college. You may have to submit the following documentation: GRE scores, bachelor and masters degree transcript, letters of recommendation and a personal essay. Some colleges may have a strict GPA requirements all applicants must meet. Check with prospective schools to find out more about admission requirements of the program.

Q:What can you do with a PhD educational counseling degree?

A:You can work as a educational counselor or school counselor, or even pursue research positions in post-secondary institutions. The degree can open up many diverse career opportunities in the academic sector. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, school, guidance, educational, and vocational counselors made a median annual income of $53,370 in 2014.

Q:How to get a PhD degree in educational counseling?

A:To successfully complete a PhD in educational counseling, you will have to meet the degree requirements which typically include: completion of coursework, independent research study, and completion of a dissertation. The degree completion requirements may vary slightly from college to college. Get in touch with prospective schools to find out more.

Q:How fast can you get your PhD educational counseling degree?

A:A PhD in educational counseling may usually take 5 to 8 years to complete. If you are looking for a shorter route, you can go for an accelerated doctorate program. Accelerated PhD degrees may take as a little as 3 years to complete. However, you will be required to work hard and take more than the usual course load each semester.

Q:How many credits are required for doctorate in educational counseling?

A:The credit hour requirements for doctorate level programs typically range between 90 and 120. Students enrolled in this program are required to earn a minimum number of credits to qualify for the degree. Credits can be earned by taking courses, projects, and assignments each semester. You can find out more about credit requirements from prospective schools.

Q:Where can you work with a doctorate in educational counseling?

A:A PhD degree in educational counseling can lead to variety of career paths in the educational sector. You work in colleges, universities, schools, academic organizations and commissions. The work environment and job position you may qualify for will depend on different factors such as your area of specialization, skill and certification.

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