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Certificate in Educational Leadership and Administration

Overview of the program
Educational Leadership and Administration, as the name suggests, is the administration and management of educational institutions including, schools, community colleges and junior schools

Structure and duration of the degree program
A Certificate of Educational Leadership and Administration is a one-year program with three courses which are to be taken one at a time. The points can then be transferred to a diploma which takes another year to complete.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework of Certificate of Educational Leadership and Administration prepares students for the management of educational institutions through introduction to theory. Coursework includes organizational theory, planning and decision making, supervision and evaluation, school site administration, education, culture and learning and education policy among others.

Admission criterion and graduation requirements
There is no specific criterion for admission in Certificate of Educational Leadership and Administration, not even a high school diploma, but some prior knowledge of the field through work experience is a plus. To complete the degree, 30 credit points are to be finished. Students usually use the certificate program as a basis for further study.

Career prospects and salary info
Certificate of Educational Leadership and Administration prepares students for entry-level administrative positions in educational institutions and other private organizations. It can also be a good basis for further studies. Those who want to work immediately can work only with schools, colleges and community colleges but also with inmates. Substantial work experience can get you better jobs and pay even without further education.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is it possible to complete the certificate of educational leadership online?

A:Yes. The universities listed on our website offer some of the most comprehensive and well-designed educational leadership certificate programs, which can be completed online from any location in the world. The students are offered enough flexibility to take online lectures, online tests and complete their certificates without attending any campus based classes.

Q:How long does it take to complete a post master’s educational administration and leadership certificate?

A:Post masters educational administration and leadership certificate is for students who already have a master's degree. This certification can be completed in 12 months and includes 6 courses worth 18 credits. It also includes two internships which forms an essential part of this course. These requirements are an overview, however they may vary with different institutions. Students interested in this certification can search our website for a list of institutions.

Q:What is being taught in Certificate Educational Leadership?

A:The individual is taught theoretically the principles of running and managing an educational institute. The course includes supervision and evaluation, education policy, education, organizational theory, school site administration, planning and decision making and culture and learning. To get admission in this certificate, one does not even require a high school diploma, anyone can join it.

Q:Will an educational administration certification help me apply for better jobs in the field?

A:Yes, you can boost your income potential and take your career to the next level by earning a certification in administration. Certification programs are designed to certify individuals in a specific task or job. Employers are now looking for individuals who have acquired these credentials along with bachelor or master's degree programs.

Q:Can you name the required courses in a certificate in educational leadership and administration?

A:A certificate in educational leadership and administration will cover a range of courses that are fundamental and advanced in nature. Some of the required courses include: functions of higher education, leadership, history and trends in higher education, and more. The curriculum may vary a little from place to place. Take a look at our page for more information.

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