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Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and instruction is an area within education that entails instruction in curriculum design and development. Students in curriculum and instruction programs learn how to use the best ways to educate. It also helps learners find out the latest trends in teaching. As technology has become an integral part of the modern world, many universities hire curriculum specialists to enhance the learning and teaching with the help of new technologies such as streaming videos, software and more.

Students with interest in the education sector can pursue a career in this field. According to CNN's Money Magazine, being a curriculum developer is one of the 50 Best Jobs in America while Forbes has placed the profession in its list of Top 10 Jobs for Work and Family Balance.

As curriculum developers, you will be responsible for developing curriculum and selecting which textbooks should be used for different classes. You will also have to train teachers and evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs.

Educational Requirements
To become a curriculum specialist or instructional technologist, students must at least have a master's degree in curriculum and instruction or in a related field. This program may take 2-3 years to complete and provides students with learning opportunities in a variety of topics such as instructional theory, curriculum design, and collecting and analyzing data. A bachelor's degree from a teacher education program or in a related field is required to enroll in a master's degree. These professionals may also need to have license.

Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction
Students can also pursue certificate programs in curriculum and instruction. These programs have been developed for students that are interested in enhancing their teaching and supervision skills. Learners can choose an area of specialty in this field such as educational technology, literacy and educational leadership.

The program provides students with the tools to develop and implement instruction that meets certain standards and facilitates learners to achieve their highest potential. The program structure also helps learners understand how to make their learning environment interesting and meaningful.

Admissions Requirements
To enroll in a certificate program, students must hold a high school diploma. They are also required to furnish a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. Other requirements may vary by school.

Some of the courses student can pursue in curriculum and instruction certificates are language and literacy learning, language development and remediation, foundations of reading, diagnosis and remediation, race, gender and social justice, global and multicultural education and educational policy and leadership. The courses may also include fundamentals of management in educational organizations, financing educational systems, and legal issues in education.

Career Outlook
Employment of curriculum specialists is expected to grow by 20% by the end of this decade. These professionals can find rewarding opportunities in a variety of settings such as elementary and secondary schools, educational support services, junior colleges, universities and professional schools. The salaries of curriculum and instructional professionals range between $33,000 and $93,000 a year.

Most of these professionals work the year-round, going without have summer breaks. Curriculum specialists may also have to meet with teachers and other staff before and after school sessions.



Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Name a few areas that will be studied in Certificate In Curriculum And Instruction programs?

A:Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction programs cover a range of areas. These include the following: critical literacy, curriculum development, language and cultures, remediation, global and multicultural diversity, the use of technology in education, legal issue sin technology, advanced education, teaching methodologies, user interface development, analysis and design, and leadership skills.

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